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Team roster for the development of Nexus: Battlestar Galactica

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Nexus: Battlestar Galactica
By: Nexus BSG Mod Group
Release Version: Beta 4.1


Battlestar Galactica mesh/texture: jstubbles
Battlestar Columbia mesh/textuer: jstubbles
Basestar mesh/texture: jstubbles
Colonial Viper MK II: Supernova/Katratszi and EvilleJedi
Cylon Raider MK II: Supernova/Katratszi and EvilleJedi
Colonial Viper MK VII: Coxxon
Cylon Heavy Raider: Coxxon
Battlestar Pegasus model: Marchello/jstubbles
Battlestar Pegasus texture: jstubbles
Raptor: Rob/Starfleet
Miningship: Rob/Starfleet
Colonial One: Rob/Starfleet
Texture Adaption all Meshes: Rob/Starfleet
Mod Programing and Game Changes: BSG Mod Group
Balancing and Playtesting: BSG Mod Group
EFX: jstubbles

Music: Taken from re-imagined series soundtrack and used without intent of redistribution or monetary gain. All rights reserved to the respective artists and publishing houses.

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