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Here you will find the current team developing Realism Invictus, a list of former members and acknowledgements to all the significant contributors to our mod.

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Current team members

Team members who worked on the current version (in alphabetical order of nicknames on our forum):

· AbsintheRed – Ambrus Nagy (Hungary)
· Hian the Frog – Yann Dubois (France)
· Josh – Josh Sjoding (USA)
· Walter Hawkwood (Russia)

Former team members

Former team members (in alphabetical order of nicknames on our forum or on CFC):

· 12monkeys (Germany)
· Anaztazioch(Poland)
· Ankenaton (USA)
· charly1977 (Germany)
· Cruel (Brazil)
· el_zozo (France)
· Houman (UK/Persia)
· israfil (Canada)
· jaynus
· Kristine
· Mexico (Slovakia)
· Nightravn
· Phatlip
· PTFeilong
· Tahnkout (Turkey)
· Vitez (Poland)

Thank you very much, for without your input, Realism Invictus would never get where it is today!

Very special thanks

Very special thanks to people who have contributed their work directly to our mod, by helping develop some of its specific parts (in alphabetical order of nicknames on our forum or on CFC):

· Arian (Netherlands)
· Bakuel (USA)
· ChaffCommander Coffey
· Dertuek (France)
· Jinzor (UK)
· Lib.Spi't
· ostar
· Palaiologos (Greece)
· Routalempi (Finland)
· Stolenrays
· Ungomma (Russia)

Special thanks

Special thanks go to the people who have provided a great deal of help to us testing our mod and giving us lots of useful feedback (in alphabetical order of nicknames on our forum):

· Ahnarras
· AntmanBrooks
· Ambassador
· amrod (Hungary)
· arizzi
· aod (Brazil)
· awh1979
· BareJag (Finland)
· Burebeesta
· cfeyyaz (Turkey)
· civman110
· Darkphoenix
· Erfeo
· Freakwave (Netherlands)
· gforce (Canada)
· HannibalBarca (France)
· haroon
· Harrier (USA)
· Iamwinterborn
· Ignacio (Argentina)
· Jayman1000
· Lord Brooks
· MatteM (Sweden)
· Narxysus
· nicrolyte (USA)
· pioswa
· plasmacannon (USA)
· riesscar
· rkade8583 (USA)
· sami_snow
· Sathar (USA)
· sazhdapec
· Shimicakan
· Shuikkanen (Finland)
· spleskan_kur
· SR-71 (Spain)
· Sukkels88
· Taylor (Cuba)
· teks (USA)
· Terkhen
· Tingyun
· tmk
· RonZeroRange (USA)
· vamperium
· VenGence (Canada)
· [Y]
· zoob (Germany)

Thank you very much, for with your help, innumerable bugs were found and fixed, and the mod was balanced in a way that would not be possible without your input.

We would like to thank the following CFC members whose work was included in our mod or otherwise helped it grow (due to the length of the list, I am certain that we couldn’t list everyone; the mod is a true product of Civ4 modding community):

abbamouse, AchillesZero, AlazkanAssassin, ambrox62, Aranor, ArdRaeiss, asioasioasio, baal_isidro, bernie14, Bhruic, C.Roland, Cafegio, Chalid, Cham, Chamaedrys, charle88, Chugginator, coffee_junkie, ComG, dacubz145, danrell, Deliverator, Deon, Dom Pedro II, embryodead, ermelinho, esnaz, Expositus, Frontbrecher, GarretSidzaka, GeneralMatt, Hell's Angel, heroes182, Hunter, Janboruta, Jinzor, JustATourist, Kathy, krowtrobot, LittleRedPoint, Master Lexx, MaxRiga, Mumin, Mylon, naf4ever, nautil, Nevermind, Nicholas Hawkwood, NikNaks93, Notarzt, Optimizer, Patricius, Ploeperpengel, Polycrates, Rabbit White, Ramzay1945, Refar, Robo Magic Man, RogerBacon, sepamu92, Sevo, seZereth, sharick, Snafusmith, Snaitf, Stone-D, SupremeOverlord, Thalassicus, The Capo, The Conquests, TheFourGuardian, TheLopez, tlucky4life, Tremo, veBear, villo, Von Zeppelin, Willowmound, Wolfschanze, Xenomorph, zenspiderz, Zerver, Zuul, zwei833.

Additional thanks go to the creators of BUG mod: Alerum68, Cammagno, EmperorFool, NikNaks, Ruff_Hi and everyone else credited in-game in BUG section.

Additional thanks go to the creators of PerfectMongoose map script for Realism Invictus: Rich Marinaccio aka Cephalo (original creator), LunarMongoose (adapting for Civ 4), Antmanbrooks (tweaking for RI).

Additional thanks go to the person responsible for countless interface improvements adopted by RI: Platyping.

Additional thanks go to the author of Marcus Aurelius portrait used in RI:

Some artwork and music was taken from the following games (every single of them is very nice, so give them a try!):

· 0AD,
· Age of Empires 3,
· Age of Mythology,
· Anno 1404,
· Anno 1701,
· Axis & Allies,
· Blitzkrieg and other Blitzkrieg Engine games,
· Crusader Kings 2,
· Empire Earth 2,
· Empire Earth 3,
· Empires: Dawn of the Modern World,
· Endless Legend,
· Europa Universalis: Rome
· Europa Universalis 3,
· Europa Universalis 4,
· Grand Ages: Rome,
· Kohan 2: Immortal Sovereigns,
· Making History,
· North and South Pirates,
· Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War
· Sid Meier’s Colonization,
· Sid Meier’s Pirates!,
· Sid Meier’s Railroads,
· Supreme Ruler Ultimate,
· The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind,
· Victoria 2,
· Wargame: Airland Battle and other Wargame titles,
· Wind of Luck,
· World of Tanks

Additionally, many units are directly based or inspired by these user-created mods to Total War, C&C: Generals and Mount & Blade game series:

· Broken Crescent,
· Brytenwalda,
· Europa Barbarorum,
· European Wars,
· Lithuania Mod,
· Magyar Mod,
· Napoleonic: Total War,
· Ogniem i Mieczem,
· Peace Mission,
· Rome Total Realism,
· Rusichi,
· The End of Days,
· Visual Reality Mod,

Special thanks to King Louise Assurbanipal from Total War Forums and ZoldGorynych from Sich: Total WarS forums.

Parts of the mod created by the Wildfire Studios (the makers of 0AD) are licensed and used in RI under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

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