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Does game theories and mysteries spark your interest? Find out about the mysteries tucked away in Boot Hill Bounties

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One of my favorite things about video games are the mysteries left unsolved sometimes. Before Game Theory was making a dozen videos theorizing about the hidden lore of Five Nights of Freddy’s I was theorizing about the hidden meanings in Silent Hill 2.

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So I wanted to make sure there were a lot of interesting mysteries teased in Boot Hill Bounties as well. Sometimes you can say more with a mystery than by explicitly explaining something.

And while the main story is pretty straight forward, there are tons of hidden mysteries that the most observant player may pick up on.

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I also love Easter Eggs in games. One thing I am most proud of in Boot Hill Bounties is how every detail in the game is packed with world-building lore that adds that much more personality to Bronco County. Easter Eggs are more subtle and often hidden details that most players will miss.

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Sometimes the Easter Eggs and Mysteries blend together, and so I call them “Mystery Eggs.” Unfortunately, I can’t talk about any Mystery Eggs here, lest they unbecome mysterious and easter egg-y.

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But I do want players to know that if you like stumbling across such things in games, then you will be delighted with what you find in Boot Hill Bounties. I hope some of the Mystery Eggs in the game will spark at least a few spicy speculations on online forums.

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 10 07 14

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