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We have some news of the galactic CORPorate type. Check out all the new updates below. There are new updates coming soon as we are gearing up to start our Greenlight campaign and possibly Kickstarter.

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C.O.R.P. Takeover

We have been working on the C.H.I.M.P.S. tech for over 2 years now and thought it was a good time to contact some big wigs.

Sooo… we sent a message into space.

Not long after we were contacted by an intergalactic robot corporation.

C.O.R.P. (Corporation of Robotic Planets)

sharksharkshark will continue to develop CHIMPS, but the technology has been relinquished to CORP for it’s immediate intergalactic use.

First, CORP requires CHIMPS technology to leave the testing world, EARTH, and explore CORP owned planets. These new planets contain lucrative planetary information for CHIMPS to gather.

Second, CORP requires new upgrades to the CHIMPS technology. Upgrade details will be listed as they are developed.

S.H.O.T. (Shooting Hook of Travel)

CORP requires SHOT to handle the landscapes of CORP owned planets. SHOT length has been increased. SHOT weight has decreased allowing GBOT units to turn in eight directions.

T.R.A.P.S. (Trapping and Releasing Ape Planet Surveyors)

TRAPS have been developed for CORP owned planets. New CORP approved design contains an accurate CHIMPS deployment mechanism and updated available CHIMPS indicators.

M.O.D.E.M. (Method of Data Extraction Module)

P.A.D.S. (Portal Activation Device System)

Transferring data has never been easier then with the new upgraded MODEM devices. New surface material is compliant with SHOT upgrades, and also contains overheat level display indicators.

PADS now have an upgraded display, letting operators know if MODEM is deactivated or in use.

P.O.R.T.A.L. (Planetary Orbital Retrieval Teleportation Arrival Light)

CORP owned planets are too far to travel using conventional space travel systems. CORP requires GBOT units to be deployed via PORTAL technology. CORP requires the return of GBOT units after a complete CHIMPS upload. Operators who misplace their GBOT unit will be required to transmit additional CHIMPS data.

T.R.E.E.S. (These Really Are Trees)

SHOT seems to respond well to wood logs and trees on this CORP owned planet. The trees seem weaker than the ones back on EARTH, and with a few hits the tree breaks apart. Legend has it that these trees might contain GEMS in them…..

S.O.U.N.D.S. (Best Fwends)

CORP requires us to mention our sounds and music are by Best Fwends. They’re really great, you should check them out here!

With these new CORP requirements, we will able to get a KICKSTART on CHIMPS and GREENLIGHT its progress in the near future, so stay apprised.

Latest video test, with only partial upgrades added, can be found here: TEST VIDEO

Look out for more CHIMPS

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