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The Peripheral Consciousness is a Level 3 structure which provides many options that allows the Core to gain valuable insight on enemy positions.

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The Peripheral Consciousness is built by the Core Level 3 Construction Vehicle. Once constructed, it offers the player three operating modes on the left-hand side build menu to choose from: Line-of-Sight, Radar, and Radar Targeting. Only one of these options can be activated at a single time, and each one uses a differing amount of energy. To activate an option, the player has to left click the option on the left-hand build menu.

Core Peripheral Consciousness

The Line-of-Sight option, once activated, reveals LOS in an area of map roughly equivalent to the radar range of the level 1 radar tower around the structure. This area could encompass a large portion of a small map, providing the player valuable information on enemy troop movement. This is especially useful against Arm assaults as it is an effective counter to the Arm Tantalus's map-wide jamming option.

The Radar option provides radar coverage over a massive area, effectively the entirety of most decent-sized maps. Giving the Core player information regarding the movement of enemy mobile units and the position of their bases. However, this option does not provide Sonar, so underwater units are hidden. An effective counter to this option would be the Tantalus's map-wide jamming.

The final option available to the Peripheral Consciousness is the Radar Targeting option. This option replaces the original Radar Targeting Device from OTA. By activating this option, the player enables his units to fire at all hostile units that appears on the Radar map, much like the functionality of the radar targeting device.

When the player wishes to turn off any of the options, all he has to do is right click the option currently active. To switch to another option, the player must first deactivate the option currently active.

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