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A quick look into the Tau Marker Lights - one of the Tau's core features that is essential to maximizing squad effectiveness

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In lore, Marker Lights are one of the most important pieces of Tau technology. The Marker Light provides enhanced targeting accuracy for Tau weapons, allowing them gun down any target unfortunate enough to be painted by a light.

How do they work in game?

Much like in lore, Marker Lights help allies accurately fire at marked enemies. This enhanced accuracy is essential, as baseline Tau units usually have slightly less accuracy by default. While marked, enemies will also be revealed in the fog of war. This will last until the mark runs out.

Marks can last up to 10 seconds, and the duration of a mark can never exceed this duration. This means that if a squad is currently marked for 8 seconds and your Pathfinders apply a 10 second mark to that squad, the mark will only be refreshed up to 10 seconds, not 18 seconds.

Certain abilities also interact with the Marker Light. The TX78 Sky Ray is able to launch Seeker Missiles at every target currently marked, for a cost. Quick and efficient marking can lead to devastating barrages!

In short, a marked target:

  • Will be +25% more likely to be struck by incoming ranged fire
  • Will be revealed in the fog of war
  • Can be targeted by Seeker Missiles

Who has access to Marker Lights?

Marks can be applied with the following:

  • Pathfinders
    • Mark Target ability (baseline)
      • 10 second duration mark
    • Marker Drone (upgrade)
      • Targets enemies passively (5 second duration mark on hit)
  • TX78 Sky Ray
    • Networked Marker Lights (baseline)
      • Targets enemies passively (5 second duration mark on hit)
  • XV8 Shas'O
    • Armor #3 (wargear option)
      • Grants the Mark Target ability to the commander
  • XV81 Shas'O
    • Accessory #2 (wargear option)
      • Applies passively when hit by a ranged attack (5 second duration mark)
  • Way of Kauyon (Global ability)
    • For a short duration, designated squad will apply marks on ranged attack hit (5 second duration mark)
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