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Register for the upcoming Contra 009 Final Patch 2 Tournament (2v2) organized by Jundiyy!

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• Contra 009 Final Patch 2
• 10K starting cash
• Tournament Mode ON
• You MUST turn up on time.
• All the games do NOT have to be played in one day, let the players know how long you can play before starting.
• Use the launcher VPN or radmin server to connect to players.

Network: 2v2Feb2020
Password: Contra009P2

• If players don't load then the players will choose same armies and positions.
• If a game ends in a crash/disconnection or a mismatch and there is no clear winner, the game will be replayed with same armies and positions.
• If both teams cannot decide who would have won then save the replay and upload it, the tournament referee will decide who would win. Do NOT wait, carry on with the rest of the games.
• NO CHEATING, any type of cheating will be dealt with severely and you will be instantly disqualified from the tournament, and possibly from any near future tournaments. GenTool (cheat detecting program) will be used to watch the replays and find any cheats.
• Defeated players must leave the game.

• Random reverse armies on the same map (this means you choose random armies, after the game ends, you both swap armies and positions with the opponents for the next game on the same map).
• The same map can't be chosen in the same round.
• BO5 for Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 (Best of 5 games)
• Finals and 3rd pos BO7
• Team 1 in the brackets to choose the first map then Team 2.
• Deciding match will always be a mirror (see below).
• Tiebreaker (e.g. score is 2-2) then you must play the last match using the armies below and maps below.
• Maps for the final round and 3rd pos will be pre-selected.

- Round 1 - Tank/Laser - Map = Aries Woodland
- Round 2 - Assault/Nuke - Map = Lion Heart
- Semi Finals - SuperWeapon/Toxin - Map = Lone Eagle

- Finals/3rd place:

Games 1 & 2 Random Reverse - Map = Tournament A
Games 3 & 4 Random Reverse - Map = Tournament Tundra
Games 5 & 6 Random Reverse - Map = Tyrant's Vengeance
Game 7 - AirForce/Stealth - Map = Southern Falcon

• You must SAVE all replays, winning team must upload to the REPLAYS room.

• Only official maps allowed from this list:

- Aries Woodland
- Armed Neighbourhood
- Dark Mountain
- Defcon 4
- Fallen Empire
- Flooded Plains
- Lion Heart
- Lone Eagle
- Maguso
- Manic Aggression
- Overland Offensive
- Series 7
- Southern Falcon
- Supply Crisis
- Tournament A
- Tournament B
- Tournament Coastline OR Tournament Island OR Tournament Island Christmas (only one of these can be selected per round).
- Tournament Tundra
- Tyrant's Vengeance
- Unity A

• Games need to be played within a week or you may be DISQUALIFIED.

- Round 1 ends 16th February 23:59 GMT
- Round 2 ends 23rd February 23:59 GMT
- Semi Finals end 1st March 23:59 GMT
- Finals ends 8th March 23:59 GMT

LINK TO CONTRA DISCORD (you must sign up and interact with players there):

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