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Quests, mostly every game in the world has quests. and so does this game, from finding items, search for people, to slay evil enemies. but there is more then just that !

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This game knowns many different quests, like searching for items, people, slay monsters, survive in creepy caves or protect a village from attacking.
in most games, all quests are 1 direction, you know where you can find it, and bring it back. This game uses a different system. There is always more then 2 ways to complete a quest. The hard way, easy way, cheating way, bribing way, or simply hack and slash. and each way has their own reward and bonus. so for example you gained the quest to protect people from attacking.
you can do that in the following ways:

1= stay there and wait for the attackers. ( reward will be EXP and items)
2= Use summoning spells while you are resting. ( reward will be EXP only)
3 = simply let them rot ( reward will be the attackers will help you and give you items and unlock more quests)
4 = help the attackers instead of the ones your supposed to help ( reward will be money and EXP)
5 = Simply bribe them ( reward will be EXP, money and items)
6 = Lie your way to tell them your weak and a coward ( reward will be nothing)
7 = learn them how to protect theirself ( reward will be money and a top rank of their village + more quests are unlocked)
8 = simply dont talk to them so you dont even get the quest.

So as you can see there are many different ways. and each way has a result either good or bad.

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