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The origin of Tower Guard

A game made in 5 days! I though I was fast when I made Line FX, but this is crazy!
So where did this game come from? Well, I've been writing a series of tutorials for Game Maker, and this is the latest game that I will be teaching others how to make. These tutorials are not online at the moment, I may post them at some time in the future.
This game had two main teaching purposes;
1.) Teach people how to make a mouse-based interface
2.) Teach people how to make an IOS game with Game Maker.
Ever since Yoyogames started selling Game Maker made games on the App Store, I thought it would be a good idea to teach people how to make a game that complied to their IOS Baseline Spec.
This is why the game says things like "tap the screen to start", it is as if it were being played on the iPhone.
I've made 3 other games for tutorials in the past, but this one was the first that seemed worth publishing. If there is any interest whatsoever, I will post these other 3 games.

All about Tower Guard

Quite obviously, this is a Tower Defense Game, just like the hundreds of other ones currently available to play on the internet. I can't even say that this has any special features that will set it apart from thoe other hundreds. But hey, it was made in 5 days, so rather then go on about what this game doesn't have, here's what it does have:

  • Two Towers which can each be upgraded twice or sold
  • 3 different kinds of enemies and 1 boss enemy
  • Shiny Photoshop and Google Sketchup graphics
  • 10 waves of enemies to test your skills against

There's no in-game help menu, but how hard is this to figure out? Click a segment of green and select a tower. Click the buttons to either start a wave, upgrade a tower, etc.

I hope you enjoy this game, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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