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Comment on which number unit you want! You can select up to all 10 of them!

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1.Viper-Flying spellcaster unit.
2.Spectre-Always invisible ghost like unit.
3.Reaver-Big worm from starcraft 1... if voted, I shall make it so it is not a scrab required attack.
4.Desrruptor-Zerg uber unit to deal with the colossus and thor.
5.Stank-SC2 uber ultralisk found in many arcade games like left 2 die.
6.Wraith-The fail airplane that is good for air but sucks to ground units.
7.Kerrigan-Kerrigan becomes a buildable unit but is weaker than campaign kerrigan which is immortal in sc2.
8.Lokki-The special 2 gunned equipped battle ship for air and the normal sc2 battle cruiser attack for ground. If voted, you can play with this unit in game.
9.Tychus-Tychus becomes a build-able unit in this mod.


Leviathan becomes build-able in game.

If you vote for any of these, I will give them good quality work!


1.I find the Viper being a unit that could break the game easily, it's like a Flying Defiler with a lot more powerful spells.

6.About the Wraith you could import the SC2 graphics of it and make it share reactor and cloak upgrade with the Banshee and thus allow for stealthy air attack against both air and ground having the Banshee as strong anti ground. I vote for this

4. I've never seen the desrruptor zerg unit, could you send me a link?
5. What would you think of the Omegalisk instead though this wont be good if you'd recreate Left to die but it does exist in WoL and is cool to have an overgrown ULtralisk?

7.Istead of Kerrigan in multiplayer could you have some basic infested units, like infested "Civilian" (melee infested terran) and possibly an infested Marine as well, could be made out of infested Barracks.
Voting for infested Terrans (not Kerrigan in multiplayer)

8.Loki, do keep in mind that Burning grounds got a such Battlecruiser, you may not need to make your own. Not sure yet about this

9. Why not Raynor, as when playing the campaign the maps could rename him to Raynor if the mod would have he's name being different, the maps could also change the stats which I think you are well aware of.
Not sure about this either.

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Immortality Author

9.I already added raynor and odin into the multiplayer world. Check the news o.o...
4.Desrruptor unit is a new unit i made. I will show screen shots soon. Meanwhile, it looks like a corruptor except it is a much more legendary looking one. It also includes some viking graphic features.

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Terran units i want:
1.Marine with combat shield
2.Medic with upgrade :improve medic heal
4.Ghost & Reaper
8.Goliath:upgrade can attack air and ground unit at one time like sc2
9.Viking;can shot Splash damage
10.Medivac:unload 1/2 units in themeselves
12.Banshee:upgrade attack splash
13.Batlle cruiser

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1.that's a good spellcaster, even better than defiler. I vote for it.
2.will it replace ghost? Even though, i vote for it too.
3.No no no i had enough with the reaver.
4.I would decide later when i see it.
5.You should consider the omegalisk just like Raygoza said.
6.1 vote if we still have the banshee
7.You should make infested unit just like in the mission in Meinhoff.
8+9+10.Of course, they are awesome.3 votes
Thanks for reading this.

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