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The purpose of this post is to give a little extra insight into the world of Company Colossal and its inhabitants.

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Isla, Lilly and Jazmyn are best buds who like to spend time competing in the mech bot battles every Thursday. Little do they know they have a silent observer who’s keen to take on their special skills. Also, little do they know that something big is about to happen in their heterotopian city named Forge. Nor are they aware that they’re about to be thrown into interplanetary war which will test every bit of their special attributes alongside and against some very fascinating characters.
Get your game faces on. Things are about to get ridiculous.


Did you read the sentence above about things being ridiculous? Well, Company Colossal is a hybrid game of Tower Defense and Top Down Shooter – independently and simultaneously.
Let me draw you a picture… in words. In one level you’re escorting a giant robot through a city, shooting incoming enemies, a cut scene brings you down onto the giant then, Bam! You’re looking over a section of the giant planning out where you’ll build your defending towers. Intense!

Company Colossal is very story driven, so much so that it has a large amount of quality voice over and animation to keep you deep in the story’s universe over the 30 levels.


Did you read the section above about there being quality voice over? Well, here at Pixelpickle Games we use only the finest voice actors in our ingredients.

VOBand CompanyColossal

Company Colossal is very fortunate to have the voice talents of Gemma Laurelle, Genevieve Sibayan, G.K Bowes, Kevin Powe, and Colin Smith.



Skills - Robotic engineering.

Interests - Mechanics and Hero Comics.

Age - 15

Char - Sassy, High energy, Sudden short bursts of rage.

Physical Att - 1.25m tall, Female, Short, Energetic, Likes wearing bows.

Very expressive in her face and gestures.



Skills - Strategist.

Interests - Collecting japanese erasers, Game review videos, assembly guides.

Age - 17

Char - Level headed, a little shy of people she's attracted to.

Physical Att - 2m tall, Female, Glasses, Blue hair, Taller than the other girls and slim.



Skills - Programming, Hacking.

Age - 17

Interests - Game review videos, Destruction.

Char - Sarcastic, Reserved among groups of people, Open among those she's closest to.

Physical Att - 1.6m tall, Female, Glasses (only wears them when in deep code), Red hair.

Can get very expressive and emotional if people don't understand what she's talking about. Sometimes finds it hard to find the right words.



Skills: Eating anything while remaining cute, learns by watching others.

Interests: Eating, sleeping, playing.

Char - Either hungry or sleeping. Knows he is cute and plays to that strength.

Physical Att - Male (possibly), cute, small, squeaky.

A small cute looking animal acting as the groups pet.

Likes eating Isla's bow collection and tends to only be naughty with her alone which leaves the other character suspicious of Isla's complaints. However he did chew up one of Jazmyn's erasers once, but there were no witnesses.

He has his comeuppance when the girls need him the most, revealing a hidden talent.


Mr. Forge

Skills: History experience and unrestricted knowledge of sorts - Some useful.

Interests: Drinking, tinkering, travel, new gadgets.

Age - Old

Char - Optimistic, Likes to share past experiences, Red wine, Not great at picking the right words, Likes to get in on the action.

Physical Att - Male, Elderly, Skinny yet Muscular, Bearded, Dark skin.



Role - Muscle.

Interests - Eating, chasing squeaky things.

Age - 19

Char - Supportive big brother figure, optimist, Likes to wear glasses even though he has 20/20 - says they make him look smarter.

Physical Att - 3m tall, Male, Big, Muscular, Brutish but with a friendly face.

Harry is introduced later in the story and becomes a loyal friend to the original trio.


The Company Colossal
A small band of reckless, yet smart young adults. Contracted to pilot and escort colossal machines by Mr Forge himself.

The Putin Republic
Vladimir Putin was president of Russia centuries ago. Now nothing more than a talking head in a jar, he's now elected president of the Putin Republic. The people of Russia needed a representative that could steer them away from corporate leadership.

United Corporations of America
A century ago it was joked about. But now it's real. America is run by big brands and catchy phrases. If Putin's head is leading a republic, it's only fitting that Tonald Frump's hair piece is the 'voice' of the UCA.

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)
The power of the entertainment industry was at its peak decades ago and won't accept their strength is diminished, and the MPAA frequently like to remind us of their power. They're heavy hitters with copyright infringement notices; and these days almost everything looks like a rip-off from historical Sci-fi movies.

Forge City
Forge City is its own ecosystem. Connected to the outside world mostly by Youtube videos and television advertising. Built by the proud Mr. Forge and reluctant Prof. Good. The residence go about their days full of big dreams and ready to defend those dreams to the bitter end.

Forge City Defense Force
Forge city has a large defense system. Both humans and robots work side by side to protect the city and enforce the law.

People's Militia for Righteous Vengeance (PMRV)
The locals that lived in these parts long before Forge city was erected were hard done by and the legacy of resentment lives on, now the Good siblings have given them the strength to rise up and fight, vengefully.

People's Militia of Somnolence (PMS)
A horde of people who didn't know the meaning of the word when they joined. However the name is quite fitting with a leadership that is only half-assed interested in planning. And a following that couldn't really be bothered due to lack of essential or irregular sleep; due to TV series and movie marathons.

Underground Mecha Community
Robots, love them or hate them they're here to stay. At Forge city they're all shapes and sizes. In the UMC members like to sit inside them and make them fight for fun and sport. It's illegal and destructive, obviously very popular and the cause for TV show ratings to drop.

Church Goers
A century or so equal a few more bible revisions, it's actually quite hard to keep up with these days.

Martians - Mars colony
A bunch of really, really pissed off people. Convinced to stay on Mars to maintain whatever they can, after everyone else left for Earth or Titan.

Titan colony
When the space race to the red and dusty planet Mars abruptly ended with lack luster ratings, all sights were set on Titan for colonization.

Sernie Banders
Sernie Banders rallies in Forge City. Up against the UCA and MPAA. His followers are vigilant. Some can be seen holding banners on the streets, but most are congregated at the rally, being picketed by the Church Goers.

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