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My deepest apologies about not showing any news lately or any update in content, I'm being interrupted lately by my studies, but this weekend I will work on this deeply once I have finished my work. That doesn't mean I'm not working on the mod, I'm still modifying the lines of the actual companions that are added already, attempting to improve their dialogue options making them simpler and more adaptive.

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So, to make a big update, here I'm gonna give you a big list of the companions that may or may not be featured in the mod, some of them are mere concepts that maybe they won't be final, but others will.

  1. Kashkan: This one is done already, she's a sarranid mercenary inspired by the character Casca from Berserk.
  2. Marcolier: This one is done as well, he's a pyrenian bastard noble and former mercenary captian, inspired by the occitan mercenary Mercadier and the sicilian mercenary Roger de Flor/Roggero da Fiore.
  3. Shorzava: Working on it, she's a Vlaadian or Vaegir (not decided yet) warrior, background is uknown but she's pretty infamous, she's taken from my best buddy's D&D barbarian character.
  4. Haldur: Concept. He's an old magorian noble, once a very skilled and famous horseman, but he was revoked of his priviledges for attempting to recover old pagan traditions to Magoria, he's inspired by the god of war and fire of the hungarian mythology Hadúr/Hodúr.
  5. Sarisa: Concept. Daughter of a wealthy merchant family of pyrenia, she grew up having a high education, however, she seeks an adventure outside the boring boundries of her family's business and her studies. She's inspired by the character Saris bat-Binyamin, a jewish andalusian warrior from Historically Wrong Women Warriors art gallery.
  6. Fuhan: Concept. A young warrior woman from the Jin Empire, her father used served in the military and trained her to follow the family tradition of serving in the army, however, her father died and she was rejected at every corner of the Jin Empire to serve either as a regular in the army or a city guard, now she's roaming around Calradia seeking to serve under a lord. Her story is original, but her name is inspired by Lady Hao / Fu Hao, a concubine of king Wu Ding of the Shang dynasty, a woman who worked not only as a consort ruler, but also as a military general.
  7. Kalima: Concept. A young woman from the Phanraj realms, she grew up in a poor rural family family, however, they were captured, tortured and executed after not being able to pay their taxes to their master, an authoritarian and greedy old nobleman, she was able to scape and was accepted in a circle of shadowy figures like professional thieves and assasins, who thought them the arts of stealth and assasination, and after many years of trainning she was able to get her revenge by infiltrating as a possible new slave and murder the corrupt old man, however, word of her crime was spread across all Calradia was spread quickly, now she's hiding in the shadows, searching for a new scapegoat from her crime. Her story is original, but her name is inspired by the Hindu goddess of destruction and death Kali.
  8. Aurelos: Concept. A wealthy nobleman from Antolia, he formerly was owner of many farms that used to produce lot of wealth, however, he was known to have some bad addictions like doing expensive parties and jousting, however, he lost everything after a bet, now he's seeking to retake what is his back, no matter the price and no matter how many will die in the process. He is inspired by the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  9. Gusal: Concept. An old khergit warrior woman, she was a former city guard who was expelled after creating a brawl with her collegues, now she's seeking to either serve under a lord or a mercenary captain. Her story is original, her name comes from the turkic "Güzäl", which means "beauty".
  10. Baudika: Concept. An old fallenwudian warrior woman, she attempted to lead a rebelion against her greedy liege, but it was crushed by the fallenwudian armies, now she's on the loose, hiding in the shadows, waiting for someone to help her hide. She's inspired by Boudica, queen of the Iceni tribe.
  11. Surano: Concept. He's a warrior from the Jin Empire, he was expelled of the army after defying too many orders and an attempt to rebell against his commander after many years killing innocent without any second thought, now he's on a journey of redemption, to only kill the ones who deserve it and save the innocent. He's inpired by Susano-o, shintoist god of the summer storms.
  12. Janz: Concept. He's an old noble from Vlaadia, formerly a commander in the army and low-class noble, he was expelled for his heretic beliefs. He's inspired by Jan Zizka, bohemian commander and one of the main leaders of the hussites in the Hussite Wars.

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