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These are all the modes available on combat arms so far.

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Bombing Run Mode - CL2 This is the final countdown... each round, both teams must battle to capture the bomb, plant, and detonate it at their assigned target site, while the other team not only defends the site, but also tries to steal the bomb back! The team that achieves their objective by detonating/defusing the bomb wins the round. The team that reaches the set number of round wins first wins the match!

One Man Army (Individual Deathmatch) - CL1 You're in there on your own, soldier... it's you against everyone else! Each enemy kill rewards you with one point. When the preset kill limit is reached, the player with the most kills wins!

LAST MAN STANDING - CL2 Each player has only one life per round to kill everyone else before time runs out to win the round and score a point. To win the game, you must be the last man standing at the end of the round. The stakes have never been higher than in this battle of life and death.

Quarantine Mode Regen - CL1 Quarantine Mode is back, better than ever! In this redesigned version of Quarantine Mode, the Infections begin with much fewer HP with which to survive. However, the Infection's HP will be recovered when they are stationary for at least 3 seconds. 10% of their HP will be recovered every extra second they stay still after the 3-second period. Additionally, the number of Host Infections has been adjusted, so the battle between the Humans and the Infected will truly be a fight to remember.

SITREP: The physiological stress and fatigue caused by the ongoing war has left soldiers deserting in droves and showing a lack of respect for their superior officers. In a controversial step to boost mercenary morale, high ranking officers authorized development of a stamina drug using a promising new organic sample. When the final product was being prepared for mass production, the first and only surviving test subject had an abnormal and untested dosage enter their bloodstream. The cause of the accident has yet to be determined, but shortly thereafter, the local security response team sent transmissions warning of a severe physical threat and potential outbreak situation. Before the transmissions were abruptly terminated, they alluded to the remainder of the drug sample left intact in the research center. The research center has been shut down by the Automatic Quarantine System, and an infiltration mission by Special Forces has been called upon in order to retrieve the drug sample.

At the beginning of the game, one or more players will be randomly selected as one of the Infected. Infected Team: Your mission is to infect as many humans as possible. Hit a human with a melee attack in order to infect them. Infect all humans to win the mission.

Human Team: Your mission is to survive. You survive either when the mission timer runs out or you destroy all of the Infected.

Fireteam Mode - CL1 Unlike other missions, this mission is a cooperative based mission. Your team, of up to 8 players, plays against computer controlled enemies. Fallen enemies will drop ammunition and health packs that you can pick up. Your health and ammunition will also be replenished by reaching checkpoints within the mission. If you die, you will respawn when your teammates advance to the next checkpoint.

There are currently two missions available for Fireteam:

CABIN FEVER After escaping the underground research center of NEMEXIS with a virus sample, you are hunted by hordes of infected creatures that have now become unstoppable with new, powerful allies. Desperately fending off their attacks, you finally take refuge in an old abandoned building. The rotting corpses of the infected have surrounded the building with poisonous gas, leaving you with nowhere to run. You must survive this nightmare as you wait for the rescue team to arrive.

The infected will attack in a series of rounds, each round increasingly more difficult. Eliminate all the infected in order to proceed to the next round. Complete all rounds before the timer runs out in order to win the mission. There are three difficulty settings available for Cabin Fever: Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Each difficulty setting opens up a new floor from where the infected creatures can enter the building. When playing on the Hard and Extreme settings, the basement is accessible starting on Round 11. On the Extreme setting, the 2nd floor is also accessible starting on Round 16. The number of rounds also increases with higher difficulty modes.

SAND HOG Mogadishu’s military, the Sand Hog, is suspected of illegally supplying weapons to nearby countries and have been placed on the UAF’s expulsion list. The local government has refused to take action until UAF headquarters provides concrete evidence. An infiltration team was sent in three days ago and signaled that they had obtained some vital Intel, but they failed to make it to the extraction point. They are believed to be captured or killed. Your mission is to infiltrate the mission area and gather the necessary Intel. If possible, find and rescue the infiltration team.

This mission unfolds in multiple stages. HQ will transmit information on your mission as it is needed. These transmissions can be seen on the lower middle part of the screen. Target indicators (which look like downward facing triangles) will also show up on your HUD to guide you to your objectives. Also, your current and completed objectives are summarized on the upper left corner of the screen. Mission and objective timers are displayed in the upper middle portion of the screen underneath your score counter. Complete all of the stages before the mission timer runs out in order to win the mission.

FIRETEAM MODE SAND HOG MAP The Fireteam Mode Sand Hog Map is divided into 4 sectors:

  • Sector 1 - Insertion route
  • Sector 2 - The Temple
  • Sector 3 - The Road
  • Sector 4 - The Town

Sector 1 - Insertion route

Sector 2 - The Temple

Sector 3 - The Road

Sector 4 - The Town

Spy Hunt - CL2 The plans for a top secret weapon of mass destruction have been discovered and the race for their recovery is on! The data was divided into three Intel Cases for safety, and these cases are scattered throughout a war zone. An anonymous client is paying top dollar for its "recovery," and has sent in a mercenary team to recover these cases. You are part of this retrieval team. Whatever your reasons for gaining control of this intel - all the money for yourself, or to keep this info out of the wrong hands - you must beat all the other players to the cases and transmit the data to your contact!

There are two phases to the Spy Hunt game mode. During the first phase, players are divided into two teams: 1) the Merc team, and 2) individual Spies.

PHASE 1: INTEL HUNT Every player starts off initially on the Merc team and must scramble to collect all 5 cases of Intel. Once a player picks up one of the Intel Cases, he/she becomes a Spy.

Hunt down Spies and recover the Intel they're carrying

As a Spy, you will no longer be able see the positions of your former Merc teammates, who will now be hunting you down to take the Intel you've picked up! However, you will be able to see the positions of any other Spies who are carrying other Intel Cases. As a Spy, you must hunt down and kill the other Spies to take their Intel!

If a Spy is killed, he or she drops any Intel Cases carried and will respawn as a Merc once more. Once one Spy collects all 5 Intel Cases, that player becomes a Super Spy and the game enters Sudden Death!

PHASE 2: SUDDEN DEATH During Sudden Death, it's the Super Spy versus all other players with no more respawns!

As the Super Spy, the player must reach the Spy Transmitter to upload the combined Intel, and to do so, he or she will have to fight through all the other Merc players who will be trying to stop you!

As a Merc, you must coordinate with your teammates to take down the Super Spy or prevent the transmission of the Intel until the time runs out.

Sudden Death: Stop the Super Spy from reaching the Transmitter!

Even with numbers on the Mercs' side, it won't be easy. In addition to the weapon plans, the Intel Cases also contain special weaponry and gear for the Super Spy to defend the secret data -- he's not called the Super Spy for nothing! This gear (which the Super Spy automatically equips in place of his/her original loadout) includes:

  • Advanced Armor (500 AP)
  • M134 Minigun (with 900 rounds)
  • M136 Rocket Launcher (with 4 rockets)
  • RMS12 Flamethrower (unlimited ammo)

The game ends when either all the Mercs are dead, the Super Spy has been killed, or the Intel has been transmitted.

Capture the Flag (Classic) - CL2 The enemy's flag is a symbol of his pride, and it's up to you to take it from him! Getting in is only half the battle - getting out alive with your prize is the hard part!

Both Team Alpha and Team Bravo have a Flag near their spawn points. Each team must infiltrate the enemy's base, pick up the enemy Flag, and bring it back their own Flag to capture it and score a point. Your own Flag must be at its starting base location in order for you to successfully capture the enemy Flag. Don't forget to defend your own base as the other team will be trying to the same thing!

If your team's flag is taken by the enemy, killing the enemy flag-taker will cause your flag to drop at the location of his or her death. Touch your dropped flag to return it back to your base. A dropped flag can also be picked up again by another enemy player so be sure to recover stolen flags as soon as possible.

The team that reaches the set goal limit first wins the match! In the case of time-out, the team with the most flag captures will be the winner.

Elimination (Team Deathmatch) - CL1 Your team's mission is simple: eliminate the enemy! All enemy forces must be removed from the area. This mode pits Team Alpha against Team Bravo in a contest to see which squad can achieve the most kills first. Each enemy kill rewards the team with one point. The first team to the preset kill score wins the match!

ELIMINATION PRO - CL2 Teams Alpha and Bravo square off in fights to the death!

Each player has only one life per round to kill all of the opposition before time runs out to win the round and score a point. To win the game, your team must reach the score goal before the enemy can. This battle is designed to reward teamwork and efficient strikes, truly a test of a soldier's skill and precision!

Search & Destroy - CL2 The clock is ticking... literally. Each round, one team must plant and detonate a bomb at the target site, while the other team defends the site! The team that achieves their objective, by detonating/defusing the bomb or wiping out the opposing team, wins the round. The team that reaches the set number of round wins first wins the match!

To plant the bomb, approach either of the two target sites, and press E.

To defuse the bomb, find the bomb after it has been planted, and press E.

Snowball Fight Special Winter Game Mode (Available from 1/14/2009 through 2/25/2009)

For a limited time, get in the spirit of winter and experience what it's literally like to kill in cold blood! COMBAT ARMS is taking snowball fights to a whole new level: freeze your enemies with snowballs and smash them into icy bits before they do the same to you. Snowball Fight is only available in snowy maps (Cold Seed and Snow Valley).

SPECIALIZED WEAPONS In Snowball Fight, all players use the same loadout of special, snowball-fighting gear in lieu of regular weapons:

  • Primary Slot: Snowball Rifle (unlimited ammo) - Fires snowballs.
  • Secondary Slot: Ice Ball Rifle (ammo: 3) - Launches ice balls that explode into a cloud of deadly chill upon impact, freezing enemies and damaging them over time.
  • Melee Slot: Snow Shovel - The only way to actually kill your enemies. Smack frozen enemies with the shovel to score an Ice Crush for the kill, or use it to tag frozen teammates to unfreeze them and save them from the same fate!
  • Support Slot: Snow Grenade Launcher (ammo: 3) - Launches snow grenades that explode in a blast of ice.

Freeze the enemy with your snowball gun...

...and smash them when they're frozen for the kill!

CRUSHING THE ENEMY All players will gradually lose HP when hit by snow and ice. When an enemy's HP is reduced to zero, rather than dying, he or she will be frozen in place. Frozen players cannot move and will begin calling to their teammates for help. If you get to them first, take out your shovel and smash them to pieces to perform an Ice Crush! An Ice Crush is the only way to kill your enemy and reduce the enemy's spawn pool.

You can also use your shovel to release your frozen teammates from the ice before they get smashed by an enemy shovel. Unfrozen teammates will be able to return to the fight without using up a respawn for their team. Remember, all players on your team share the same respawn pool... and the more you save your fellow teammates, the more likely it is that they'll be there to save you! Saving a frozen teammate will also restore a small amount of your own HP.

WINNING Each team has its own respawn pool with a limited number of respawns for all team members. Every kill via an Ice Crush reduces the other team's respawn pool by 1. If your team's respawn pool reaches zero, no one else on your team will be able to respawn. To win, your team must reduce the other team's respawn pool to zero and then crush all remaining enemy combatants.

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