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I was interviewed a while ago by gben of regarding Twisted Insurrections spot in the Upcoming Mod of the Year awards. Check out the interview here.

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gben of ::: Questioner
Aro of Twisted Insurrection ::: Answerer

Technical Aspects

1) What's required to play your mod?
A: Twisted Insurrection runs stand-alone and does not require either Tiberian Sun or Firestorm.

2) Does your mod come with a simple installer/uninstaller package?
A: Upon the mod release we will definitely put together an Installer/Uninstaller package to make things much more simpler for those whom are interested in playing the mod.

3) How big is the download file of your mod?
A: I Can't determine the final filesize for Twisted Insurrection at this point in time, but it should be no more than 200MB in the final run.

4) Is your mod SP or MP focussed?
A: Good question. Twisted Insurrection's original and will always remain as the primary focus is a fully working and fun campaign (which is being heavily worked on by myself and Q45, a TI map artist). This upcoming campaign has been TI's focus ever since day one and we will do all we can to make it as fun as possible. The mod also focuses heavily on Multi-player gameplay, as the graphics we used are extremely advanced considering Tiberian Sun's times, we'll be including two different game modes on start-up: Singleplayer Mode and Multiplayer Mode. Singleplayer mode will have much more fancy effects as singleplayer modes don't normally cause any problem with lag. Multiplayer more will use all the same graphics of course, but will be more optimized so it runs faster for online play. We aim to perfect both SP and MP play.

5) What options are available for MP play?(LAN, Internet, do you require EA accounts?)
A: Well you can play both LAN or Internet. For LAN play we like to use Hamachi as it's a simple and easy way to get LAN working and it runs much better than Internet(XWIS) play in our opinion. You can also play Twisted Insurrection on XWIS but requires another Tiberian Sun Installation. Tutorials on both methods will be given upon Twisted Insurrection's release.


6) If there was a classic Westwood-style installation video while we were installing your mod - what would information would you be telling the fans as they loaded the game? What is the premise and background of the universe of your mod?
A: The information we'd provide would be mainly story-based. Twisted Insurrection takes place just after Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun never happened. This time around, Nod were Victorious rather than GDI. In otherwords, Twisted Insurrection follows up from Nod's Victory at Tiberian Dawn.

7) In terms of your source material: is your mod attempting to continue the fiction, replace the fiction, complement the existing fiction?
A: We're aiming to replace Tiberian Sun's fiction entirely seeming as that story never happened in Twisted Insurrection, though we are trying to keep a small bit of the Tiberian Dawn feel.

8 ) In terms of mechanics: is your mod trying to recreate the gameplay in a new engine? Are you trying to take the same units and tell a new story? Are trying to create a whole new gameplay experience?
A: We are creating a whole new gameplay experience, we aim to give Twisted Insurrection it's own feel and style, nothing like that of TS, and so far we have accomplished that.

9) Why should fans download your mod?
A: If people are interested in great Singleplayer play as well as excellent Multiplayer play, Twisted Insurrection is definitely the mod for them!

10) Who is your target audience
A: Anybody whom has interest in the older C&C's or are looking to try new things for old games.

Mod Experience

11) How long have you been working on your mod?
A: I've been working on Twisted Insurrection for just over 2 years.

12) How many of the original founders are still working on the mod?
A: The original founder is myself and I still work extremely hard on the mod. Some original Team members from the early early days are still around too, though not all of them.

13) What is the number of your core/regular staff?
A: We have many people working on Twisted Insurrection though out of the active and hard-working members of the team there are a good 10 people hard at work on Twisted Insurrection.

14) Is your mod considered released or are you still in beta stages?
A: Twisted Insurrection is un-released as of yet, but a beta/full release is imminent.

15) Estimate in percentage the completion of your mod?
A: I really couldn't put an estimate on full completion, though structure graphics is the only real concern at the moment, I'd have to go for around 70-80%.

16) Do you have goals in terms of number of downloads/players online etc
A: I just hope to see as many people downloading and playing Twisted Insurrection as possible. It would be excellent to go into an online lobby one day seeing loads of Twisted Insurrection games open.

17) Any noteworthy reviews/mentions by third-party magazines, websites, EALA?
A: I have previously been asked to join a CNCNZ Roundtable discussion representing Twisted Insurrection for a Classic Modding Question barrage. No mentions in Magazines however, Twisted Insurrection has been noticed and mentioned by APOC in the past.

Moddb Experience

18) Number of years at Moddb?
A: Again, just over 2 years.

19) Number of times reaching top 100?
A: This is the first time any of my projects have reached the Top 100 on ModDB and the first time in History a Tiberian Sun mod has reached the the Top 100.

20) What is your highest rank in the awards?
A: I'm uncertain at this point in time.

21) Do you have a goal for 2009/2010 awards?
A: Hopefully win Mod of the Year. I know it's very adventurous for a Tiberian Sun mod to compete with some of the Half-Life and even C&C3 Mods that are out there, but we've made it this far, and you know what they say: "Nothing ventured, Nothing gained"

22) Did you plan a major patch release or Publicity effort to coincide with the awards?
A: Well I have always done well in the Publicity skills criteria and continue to update Twisted Insurrection media and information whenever possible. A release wont come until later on in the year so a release for the awards is out of the question.


23) What is the singular achievement you are most proud of in your mod?
A: Now, it is being the first Tiberian Sun mod ever to reach the Top 100 upcoming mods on ModDB.

24) What is the one thing you are still trying to perfect or implement in your mods?
A: Both graphics and game-play, Twisted Insurrection proves you can have both. Graphics are always being re-worked and constantly game-play tweaks and planning is always being done behind closed doors, there is very rarely a day of inactivity in our staff forum.

25) Where do you see your mod in 12 months time?
A: Released and hopefully very successful.


26) Additional comments or information you like to include.
A: I'd just like to thank everyone who voted for Twisted Insurrection and an even bigger thanks to the loyal Twisted Insurrection fans for supporting us! The biggest thanks goes to my amazing team to help me get Twisted Insurrection where it is today. And of course, thanks to CNCNZ for the interview.


rofl another interview.. XD

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