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The Nepalis are hill people residing in the foot hills of Himalaya. With many small kingdoms come many different ethnicities that are together called the Paharis. In the medieval period, this region was called Khas Desh by the Khas people who had a kingdom whose territory extended to Kashmir, part of Tibet, and Western Nepal.

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"The hill people residing in the foot hills of Himalaya are collectively known as the Paharis. Though Nepal was first referred to as Kiratadesa, the ancient tactician, Chānakya, is the first person to use the name referring to the Nepalis. However, they still weren't a monolith. Various ethnicities and states sprung up in the region. In the medieval period, part of this region was called Khasdes. The Khasi Gorkha kingdom later unified Nepal and much of the Pahari people creating an empire that extended to Kashmir and parts of Tibet in the North West and to Sikkim in the East. The well defensible fortress of a nation of the Gorkhas couldn't even be conquered by the mighty British empire."


Nepalis are a Monk and Monastery Civilization. They get their theocracy and block printing researchs free, so monk rush is a viable option. Their monks move 10% faster, and their monasteries heal nearby villagers. They are also able to train Bhikshus from Town Centers that are special monks that can dodge projectiles and able to heal and convert but unable to pick relics. Researching Abode of Gods spawns 2 relics at their castle, thus always making them the key to relic victories. They and their allies can get +5 population space from monasteries. Their unique unit is Gosain which is a peculiar mercenary ascetic that is not visible on minimaps and generates gold when attacking enemy units. After researching Kukri Knife they are able to deal bonus damage when fighting uphills so now they are the boss of fighting in rugged terrains. Their Trebs are able to move faster and are cheaper to purchase. They are able to train Steppe Lancers without the Elite upgrade and Cavalry Archers which can be fully upgraded only missing the ring archer armor. The lancers can be quite effective in use with Battle Elephants.


Unique Units

Gosain = Infantry Unit trained at Castle, invisible on Minimap, generates gold while fighting enemy units.

097 50730

Bhikshu = Monk that can dodge projectiles, trained at Town Centers

143 50730

Unique Technologies

UniqueTechCastle DE Abode of Gods = Spawns 2 Relic at your Castle.

UniqueTechImperialDE Kukri Knife = Your units do bonus damage fighting uphill.

Civilization bonuses

  • Theocracy and Block Printing is free
  • Trebuchets move 35% faster and 15% cheaper
  • Monks move 10% faster
  • Monasteries heal nearby Villagers

Team bonus

  • Monasteries provide +5 population

In-game dialogue language


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