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Karnataka is the home to numerous empires that swept up massive swathes of land across the Deccan, Tamilakam, and even raided the Gangetic plains. The powerhouses such as the Chalukyas, Hoyasalas, and Vijayanagara were global superpowers of the time.

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Karu Nādu which either means 'elevated country' or 'black country' named after either the increasing elevation or the black cotton soil, exists in the lower reaches of the Deccan. With its unique geography, we've seen Konkan region kings by the coast, native power houses within the mountainous Malēnādu, the southern kings that border Kongu Nādu in the Tamil country, and the northern kings who contested for power in the upper Deccan with various Deccani kings. This region is the home to massive empires such as the Chalukyas, Hoyasalas, and Vijayanagara that asserted power in all directions. The earliest attestation of the Kannada language is observed in the Kadamba period while the Kannada literary culture was started in the upper Deccan by the Kannada speaking Rashtrakutas who ruled from what is now Maharashtra. The language and culture was revered by native and non native kings alike, and the linguistic Kannadiga identity was built through the ages. The lands of Karnataka was protected by its most loyal and prominent generals that kept the enemies at bay with an aggressive stance, so much so that the rump state of Mysuru survived even till the 20th century.


Kannadigas are an aggressive civilization. Fear not to aggressively strike your enemies as you are able to defend and quickly recover yourself from any devastation at home. Their houses cost -10 wood saving you the resources to invest in other areas. It is an great idea to invest your early resources on scout rush as your cavalry upgrades are free and researching arson affects your stable units as well thus letting them burn down everything faster. To assist your fast moving army you can also recruit cavalry archers. Adding to this you can also train tanky Eleohant Archers and Battle Elephants. Your infantry is no less either. Researching the Nayankara System allows your Nayakas to manage your armies more efficiently to make them take up 0.9 population so you can make more of them. Your unique unit Karnatabala is the pride of your army, as it spreads fear in the minds of enemy unique units, doing bonus damage against them and is unconvertible by monks rendering them useless and able to regenerate health over time. In the Imperial Age you are able to build Workshops that heal nearby buildings. Researching the City of Victory allows you to build massive fire towers and makes your defensive structures like walls, gates, towers auto repair over time. The prosperity of Vijayanagar attracts traders from abroad allowing your allies to research market techs instantly.


Unique Units

Karnatabala = Cavalry unit that is unconvertible, regenerates health and has bonus against other unique units.

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Unique Buildings

Firetower = Powerful tower that spews fire at short range.

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Workshop = Heals nearby buildings.

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Unique Technologies

UniqueTechCastle DE Nayankara System = Infantry Units take 0.9 population space.

UniqueTechImperialDE City of Victory = Can build fire towers and all towers, walls and gate regenerate health.

Civilization bonuses

  • Houses cost -10 wood
  • Cavalry armor upgrades for free
  • Arson upgrade affects Stable units
  • In Imperial Age you can build Workshops that heals nearby buildings

Team bonus

  • Market techs research instantly

In-game dialogue language



Tech Tree

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ಜೀರೋ ಏ.ಡೀ. ಆಟಕ್ಕೆ ಇದನ್ನು ಹಾಕಬೋದಾ?

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This game is about Medieval Period so we cannot put 0AD in it...

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