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The Center of power of Deccanis resided in the dry plateaus of Deccan. Deccanis were formed by the amalgamation of a multitude of cultures: Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gondi, Persian, Yemeni to name a few. Deccanis were considered seasoned fighters with fortifications that were loaded with artillery, among which there is the longest cannon in the world Malik-e-Maidan.

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"The name Deccan has an ancient derivation that originates from a local Prakrit which equates to the South. Various megalithic cultures resided in the dry plateaus of Deccan that eventually gave rise to powerful polities. Various cultures from the Karnata, Maharashtrian, and Telangana realms have vied for power here and amalgamated with each other along with various native tribes of the region, including the Gonds. Owing to their wealth derived from trade and local resources, they've garnered a lot of attention and immigration from Persia, Yemen, and even the Horn of Africa who contributed to the Dakhni/Deccani culture. Deccanis were considered seasoned fighters with fortifications that were loaded with artillery, among which there is the longest cannon in the world Malik-e-Maidan."


Deccanis are a gunpowder civilization, their bombard towers are cheaper and their handcannoneers regenerate health and have faster speeds when around bombard towers. To boost their economy they get extra boar in the start of the game which if carefully gathered can help them a lot in early aging ups. Their main focus should be to rush in aging up process as most of their advanced features come late. By researching Malik-e-Maidan their castles upgrade into a Bombard Castle firing a bombard shot in each burst of fire along with arrows. They have two unique units, one is Pindari trained at the Castles. He is a horse rider arsonist who throws fire bombs at enemies that ignore armour. And the second unique unit Shishpar Cavalry is trained at the stables. He is a mediumly armed horse cavalry with a hammer that damages the enemy armour. In Imperial Age they are able to research Bhalaeet Spear that make their spearline units regenerate health and have extra line of sight. They are able to research all techs for free in the University in Imperial Age. Siege Towers are half priced for them and their allies, thus making them a more effective siege weapon into their army. They also are able to train fully upgraded cavalry archers which comes in handy with their fast moving army.


Unique Units

Pindari = Cavalry unit trained at Castle that throws fire bombs, ignoring armour.

105 50730

Shishpar Cavalry = Cavalry unit trained at Stable that damages enemy armour in each hit with its hammer.

303 50730

Unique Technologies

UniqueTechCastle DE Malik-e-Maidan = Upgrade Castles with a Bombard Cannon Shot.

UniqueTechImperialDE Bhalaeet = Spearmen regenerate health and have extra line of sight..

Civilization bonuses

  • Start with 1 extra Boars
  • Bombard Towers are 15% cheaper
  • Bombard Towers boost health and speed of nearby Hand Cannoneers
  • In Imperial Age your University comes with all techs free to research

Team bonus

  • Siege Towers are 50% cheaper

In-game dialogue language



Tech Tree

Deccanis 1 1 1

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