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|| Black Mesa 2D ||
|| Cheats not Hack ||
||---> By_0-L-A-F <---||

+==+Cheats are in the Following+==+
God mode:
The God mode will a say hook, if you'll say "God 1" you will be invincible.
The Noclip wwiill be hard though i need to have some help if non can help so im gonna put it on serveraction2 hook.
Help!!I need someone to help me with this, if you say "Noclip" you can now press F2.
Impulse 101:
This is so easy though i already have that script.
Actually i will not do this its already in the server options.

ll Don't Hack use Cheats instead! ll ENJOY :)


What about Impulse 76? In my HL2D i plan to make an Impulse 76 to spawn Hgrunts :P

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hyakushiki09 Author

HMMM Yes maybe i can put that after all some of the rp maps had npc create on them, maybe i can edit that.

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