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Chaos Space Marines Unit List. Do you hear the voices too?

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  1. Heretic;
  2. Cultist Squad;
  3. Renegade Guardsmen;
  4. Chaos Sorcerer;
  5. Chaos Space Marine;
  6. Raptor Squad;
  7. Khorne Berserkers;
  8. Ogryn Berserker;
  9. Chaos Lord;
  10. Chaos Rhino Transport;
  11. Chaos Attack Bike;
  12. Defiler;
  13. Stalk Tank;
  14. Hell Talon;
  15. Chaos Predator;
  16. Brass Scorpion;
  17. Horror Squad;
  18. Possessed Squad;
  19. Obliterator Squad;
  20. Daemon Prince;
  21. Bloodthirster;
  22. Heldrake (next patch).
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