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Chaos - Physics (I generation ready). Points and surface physics, skin and bone objects based on them.

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XenoN Core Chaos Module

The universe of the engine, consists of elements such as:

  • Substance - the main elements of matter, having mass, energy and range; equivalent atoms.
  • Covalence Force - The forces holding the substances in a given distance from each other, the equivalent of the muscles, bones.
  • Force - The forces to moving substances; equivalent of the velocity, momentum, acceleration.
  • Surface - Flat surfaces, covering the body of the object to be imposed on the substance; equivalent of the skin, walls.
  • Global Force - Global forces to moving substances, which affect equally to each substance; equivalent of gravity.
  • Black Hole - Object gripping each other substance, from the environment. Capable to teleport substances to the other black hole, which having a negative gravity force.
  • Wave Force - The force of the wave nature, propagated from or to a source point; equivalent of the explosion, implosion, waves on water.

All these features allow you to create an accurate representation of nature.
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