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Greetings soldiers of the Revolution! Surely we all remember the legendary RON CTW campaign, we all had fun with them and we thought they were great at the time. But as time went on and we became older, we began to notice some historical inaccuracies that might hinder the experience. This is my personal re-imagining of the campaign, mad without breaking the initial spirit.

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  • New nations: Danes ( replacing poles ), Hessians, SIcilians, Venetians
  • Poland now ( sadly ) controlled by Russia
  • A LOT of diplomatic changes at the start. Most notably Portoguese now a vassal of the British and Sardinians indipendent.
  • Changed some territory ownership at the start
  • A couple of new events. Beware of Russian landgrabbing when you defeat the other european powers!
  • NO more superPope in Italy.
  • Scenarios tweaked a bit to make them more challenging.
  • Jena is now winnable! Hurray!
  • Player now encouraged to take the historical route and fight all of the historical battles
  • And much more...

Awaiting your feedback and eventual bugs/errors. Please note that english is not my native Language and i may have done some grammatical errors in the localization.


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