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This is the list of changes that i made in the mod

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Its long cuz most changes are only modified values (not scripting)
*(this is the history log, from first to last)*
Remember that you can post questions, opinions, ideas and that sort of things in the forum section

__________ ___V0.1___ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________
> Important dialogs will show like clear sky (included cutscenes)
> Added by atmosfear (this is the basic instalation, not hi-res, due to framerate and memory problems)
- Better weather sistem, to be more realistic and various
- Atmosfear blowout, now blowouts are better looking
- Adds that the NPCs that cant make it to hide, are turned into zombies at the end of the wave
- Better atmosfear sounds (enviroment)
> Added by smrter:
- Some respawn points (anomaly, mutants and some npc) (this is what i like most of this mod... and the weapons :3)
- more anomalous areas (some with artifact respawn)
> Removed the anoying loud steam sound at scientist's bunker
> Removed the nightvision loop sound
> Removed the bip sounds when a NPC enters in the detector area
> Added nightvision to the seva suit
> Better blood
> Knife range increased
> Better sounds for weapons
> All weapons and armor can be fully upgraded
> Max weight is 45 and max walk weight is 50
> Reduced mutant and NPC corpses removal to 12 hours (why do you want them longer? lag?)
> Tweaked some mutants, some more fast or more resistants
> Less ammo and health items from enemies (mind that they still loot corpses, so maybe have more things)
> Food and health items values changed
- All foods weight same
- All foods health values changed (still restore health, but less)
- Bandages heal a little (plan to add another bandage that stop bleeding better but dont heal)
- Antirads now get you dizzy (a bit)
- Medkits now have special efects for they name and have increased duration but heal less (also more expensives)
- Basic medkits (orange) only heal and stop bleeding (little)
- Army medkits (blue) heal and stop bleeding more than the basic but less duration
- Scientic medkits (yellow) help more vs radiation but heal and stop bleeding a little less than army ones
> Made quest items dropable, now you dont need to carry those items all the time
> Tweaked traders prices and stock
- Traders now buy low and sell high
- Traders stock has been lowered, so now they sell less ammo
- Normally stalkers are the best buyers (pay more), but they wont buy too damaged items (Item cond=7)
- Traders will buy more damaged items, of course, they pay less (Item cond=5)
> Smaller stalker physics boxes (to dont get traped a lot)
> Reduced run, walk an limp speeds a little
> More range for flashlight, but smaller, also a bit more realistic color
> Removed NPC markers in minimap (enemy, neutral, friend an dead)
> Now stalkers will react to your achievements

__________ ___V0.2___ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________
> Crosshair is now a dot
> Ammo has been reduced and cost and weight has been balanced acording
> Less start equipment, anyway you always find better equipment fast
- Ceremonial makarov is now more usefull (sorta)
> Now stalkers have less money to trade (1/2)
> Weapons in bases allowed (still have to hostler weapon to enter)
> Weapons dont zoom when aimed (less)
> Armors and helmets Tweaked
- Some prices changed
- Some resistences tweaked
- Some artifacts slots for some armors that dont have any (at least 1)
- Exo now can be equiped with a helmet (weight same + weight of the helmet)
> Transparent inventory, now you can see whats hapening in the world while browsing into your inventory (sorta)
> Minimalist hud (EDITED)
- Now the life and stamina bars are shown in the middle lower screen
- Static icons like broken weapon, radiation, etc are shown in the lower left screen
- Boost icons like health, weight, etc are shown in the lower left screen (above static ones)
- Warning icons psy, fire, radiation and chemical are shown above the life bar
- Ammo/weapon related are shown below stamina bar
- Removed minimap
> Nimble's protecta now its a better weapon (sorta)
> No zoom on weapons (maybe a little, but dont as far as before, now as if you move a little your head)
> Removed blowouts warning (removed the mission, but left the near area of cover marked on your pda)
> Some new anomaly spawns
> Max artifacts in anomaly set to 1 (harder to get artifacts)
> More mutant spawns (more mutants mean more waste of ammo, since mutants dont give any reward)
> Removed tracers (if you want them back, just delete "gamedata\textures\fx\fx_tracer_weapons")
> Removed grenade and hit marks (if you want any back, delete "gamedata\textures\ui\ui_hud_(granade or hit)_mark)

__________ ___V0.3___ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________
> Added new weapon "mossberg 590" shotgun, nimble sells one too
> Added first aids (one for each medkit), they heal half than medkits
> Added clinical bandage, that only stops bleeding
> Added toolbox (repairs your most damaged equiped item, also, it will repair it randomly)
> Added new mutants with respawn points (fracture, zombies, cats, etc)
> Armor upgrades cost 50% more
> Weapon upgrades cost 50% more
> No more free repair at pripyat
> Stalkers now can bleed
> Reworked damage values
> Reworked armor defences
> Anomaly areas are more dangerous
> Crow fix
> New sounds
> Max carry weight is 40 and max walk weight now set to 45
> Armor gives an extra carry weight
> A bit more dangerous mutants

__________ ___V0.4___ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________
> Economy re-hardcored
- Trader trade prices hardcored, and dont spect any discount from them
- Artifacts are the only worth thing to look after
> Modified flashlight
> More new sounds
> Stamina tweaked (now energy drinks are really usefull)

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