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Some of the Changes in the Repolished Versions (Standalone and Submod) that affect Brytenwalda 1.41

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I proceeded to change several things in game, so in no particular order:

-Restored Heavy Armor leg values changed/buffed way up by TML. The rationale TML explained in his change is solid, and he truly hated playing Legchopper on Horsemen, but I see that over all the awesome
changes he did to items and the scripts themselves (The salinae is actually good now and the troop wage change is fair) this quite never clicked with me much since it breaks from the "historical" perspective.

What I did was simply restore the Original Values and then proceeded , for some flair, to reorganize the WEIGHT of most of the medium/heavy armors (nothing that great, variations is at most -4 to +4. You will see them ingame, and implemented a new formula for armors affecting only the regular mailcoats which were simply, statwise too "good" rendering most other armors just cosmetic choices, and as much as I want, Warband wargaming is still a bit too abstract to properly capture realism.

So the Formula is as follows: from a "balanced" Mail Coat, they should be now all 45 to Body 9 Leg Armor (total of 54 Points), and even with this change, they still outvalue most of all the heavy non noble/kingly/wolf loricas, meaning almost 70% of the rest of heavy armors in game, rendering them in the end as I said "cosmetic" choices. You can as usual be welcome to disagree and edit values using Morgh, but after some playtesting on my part this feels quite right. To further differentiate armor and in this particular case mail coats, I have played a bit with these 54 points in the distribution. My rationale is that having almost same looking armors with the same clonestamped values is ... odd for a mod of this caliber and dedication, to me anyway hence this "fix".

-Restored some of the lost cloaks ingame: When I was browsing the meshes when doing my color fix, I discovered a TON of unnasigned cloak textures floating around. In essence I made ALL regular cloaks have a
single UNIQUE texture plus added at the end of the item List 6 more cloaks (item numbers 1419 and up).

To avoid item bogging the list I just replaced some of the "NATIVE" tagged items to keep the list the same
size, since Brytenwalda is full of "native" non used items in the item list that can serve as holders for many many more new items/meshes, so no need to ADD new items, just replace holders.All cloaks are now
merchandise too, including the new ones.

-Added a new type of glove, with new texture called Coarse Linen Gloves, a fingerless linen glove for those like me that prefer a more rough (and historical) look on companions/avatar. Unlike the one size fits all Leather Gloves at +12Body armor, the coarse linen gloves are like the Wrapping Boots of Gloves in style, same value as leather, but rougher looking. They give +12 Body armor, since Gloves are in this mod just an extra body armor value item and have no actual tiers, rendering them for my purposes a
cosmetic choice with this addon.Proceeded to seed them in the troop list inventories to some Bandits/npcs only.

-Created a Lieutenant type troop, called the "Utlagi" (old word for Outlaw) that now goes on merry plundering, robbing and stealing with the "Band of Murderers and Thieves" and "Looters" that when captured/recruited can upgrade to a Slaver. I enjoy bandits in most games, and here I think this low tier
leader was a needed.

-Bandit Leaders and Utlagi can now wear Goat Caps/Boar Fur/Boar Hat. Goat/Boar hats were previously Pagan priests exclusive, but bandit leaders quite fit the idea of a bit savage men willing to do anything, plus the "Boar Fur" item is a beautiful item that is simply unassigned to ANYTHING at all ingame (in Vanilla
Brytenwalda) in single player, so added it to them for a chance of it perhaps once every Haley comet Passing dropping. (and considering my luck, probably tattered) , also made it possible for this lost item to
be added to a merchant with a very very low chance of it appearing in some territories.

-In the Revised Map included in TML´s submod, p_village138 aka Arderydd was placed in such a way to be landlocked inside a pocket, meaning nothing could get in or out. I fixed this by moving the village slightly east, no more Mutant Inbred Cannibals from the Hills that lost touch with civilization happening ever again.

-Restored 6 of the textures to female naked pict women bodies that Sept Women use. For some reason ALL the female naked pict bodies were using the same 4 textures on the 10 bodies for women. After restoring, I added some meshes to them to create Female Pict Bodies that have Cloaks for artistic reasons, I kinda find wasteful having the textures un assigned floating in the textures folder and .brf´s

-I enjoy Sept Women, they are very nice looking and unique Light Infantry, but they are so
rare and hard to find I decided to create this tragic tale of sadness whereupon Soldier Wives , some of them from brave Pictish Soldiers went on spiritual quests of vengeance and sorrow, having had their husbands
killed in battle. This means now that Soldier Wives can upgrade to Camp Defenders OR Sept Women. They will remain rare as you can only get them by recruiting from prisoner stacks, and then upgrading them from the Villager Woman tree for some "balance", but you get the idea, instead of the odd rare chance of actually finding Sept Women in prisoner stacks.

Did I mention Sept Women now look better in their cloaked/NEW bodies?

-Upped the Damage of Spears, they are more deadly now. As a side note, I really enjoy the new damage values for spears inspired by Vidamir,lowered value for axes and improved value for Swords that TML
implemented. Spears as they are now are still quite bad for the AI to use but at least when they swing and hit before dying to the axe spamming horde the thrust will actually do decent damage, making battles
now quite more fun (and deadly). I skipped Vidamir spear animation due to the fact it is quite awkward to my tastes, but you are free to check it out at

From what Vidamir did on his spear buff I took inspiration for my own personal tweak to them. Formula is as follows:

1)1H Spears are categorized in Light/Medium/Heavy
2)Weight determines this category, 0.1 to 1.5 units is light, 1.6 to 2.9 units is Medium 3.0 + heavy.
3)Light Spears swing at 100 to 102 speed, Mediums from 97 to 99, and heavy ones 94 to 96
4)Damage goes from 33-35 for Light, 36-38 for Medium, 39 to 41 for Heavy, ultra short light spears 29 to 30
5)Values were placed taking into consideration original brytenwalda values plus this formula, altering weight and damage accordingly

This makes spears do less damage than vidamir´s changes but they have inner consistency for my calculation methods while still making spears MUCH MUCH more useful than vanilla Brytenwalda.

-Taking a tip from an old mod that made Merchants more fun, as in having better stock, I decided to do the magic of simply ticking the "MERCHANDISE" tag on SEVERAL clothing/armor items. So yes, you will see much more items on display now on merchants. Go ahead and discover them! No, no Kingly/Noble Armors with abundance of 150, fact is, I decided to make most of the armor worn by bandits/certain troops non-merchandise and quite unique looking to spice things up! Go loot man! Looting is awesome :D

Like many others there were several cloth items that were neither noble nor kingly that were taken off from merchants for no reason I can actually understand. There are still some shields out of reach, some
specific looking armors and clothing but these should be gained from looting, but the rest of regular farmer clothing/godelic tunics and caps/hats simply had no reason AT ALL to be barred from merchants. Most
Noble/Kingly/Unique items are still off the grid.

-Reworked all starting gear for Companions, simply kitting them from the start in more "region" friendly gear. Connor is now truly irish looking, and Brian ismore flashy (and gaelic), same with Ciniod/Onuist/Bridei (man I hate the big baby in diapers skin Ciniod starts with, considering the amount of AWESOME looking naked pict bodies) and many others.

Since their starting gear was pretty DRAB and GENERIC I think they needed a bit of a spark of fashion consciousness. As usual, you can strip them naked and make them wear whatever you want, but
I like these little details, and no, they are not starting out with Dena/Frank Gear, check them out, they look fabulous :P (some of them anyway, some retained some of their original drab looks for consistency/personal stories) , also remember the TML changed ALL NPCS to level 1 and with the same Stat distribution as yours btw.

Don´t despair though, if you want Ubermen with 60 in all stats it´s just a click away with the export/import companion option remember?

-Due to the way I was editing the brfs the game actually asks of it to have a valid "no_head" mesh for the NO HEAD helm, which I promptly slapped offin MeshLab and textured fleshy, so now you can have a true NO HEAD helm of nothingness in your head, making you look like a headless chicken. yay!

Same with some of the meshes in the inert items at the beggining of the list which I replaced too and that the game started to ask for.

-I have included a replacement that contains 21 new banners created by me that are pictish in design, just drag and drop and overwrite or ignore. Your choice, located alongside all other extras in

-Several instances of Item description "polishing" in the items_kind1.txt, since having 5 types of red mail
coat was confusing when I tried to see what mesh belonged where, also cleaned several other instances of confusing naming conventions (all cloaks have a UNIQUE name), mostly for internal use, but felt this was
needed to be posted here, I left MOST original Item_ID names as they were. Though I do understand that for simplicity´s sake you can have all cloaks named cloak and all mail coats mail coats, it kinda detracts
from the spirit, for me anyway.

-Several instances of Armor (mostly Mail Coats) has been remeshed to contain "addons" like cloaks,
to add visual variety.

So bandits will be more colorful now, same as some Mercs and high tier army units. Amazing what you can do with already built in resources, some time and a bit of imagination, love Brytenwalda! :D (And remember to show your support by writing on the Brytenwalda forums showing your support for them!)

-Loricas are considered in game as heavy armor, yet offer only basic 45 to body and 4 to legs, to compensate for the previous mails, I lowered their weight, so you could run faster in a HEAVY ARMOR Lorica. Im the kind of guy that enjoys infantry movement. They are now a possible choice of
armor when going on foot in the heavy armor category. I was tempted to try to "rebalance" all other armors, but I left all other armors as they are in original Brytenwalda to account for armor varieties and
qualities, but I felt the regular mails needed a severe "tweak" because no matter what game I was playing they were simply the best choice, ALL THE TIME, as usual my disclaimer that this is my personal opinion and
you are always able to restore or modifiy values using Morgh´s :D

-Due to the current cosmetic addons to heavy armors I had to slightly alter the loading order of the brfs in the module.ini swapping the load order of capasycabeza.brf and capasycabeza2.brf to load BEFORE
armaduraspesadas, in case you want just the new armor looks and want to extract that from this compilation, so a friendly heads up 8)

-Restored a non used mesh assigned to a Hood, in this case a Green Hood, then seeded amongst troops that use colored hoods

-Fixed the annoying north horse skin swapping upon receiving a prefix of Spirited or Heavy.

-Fixed several counts of non hero/non troop/non killable npc´s having double
gear taking space in their inventories (just polishing)

-Seeded cloaks, including some of the new ones to some NPC Merchants/Travelers/Static Tavern Npc´s

-Seeded Straw Hats/Boar furs/Leather Caps to some Village Leaders (more variety)

-Added some visual aids gathered from around the Web, credits at beginning of readme, their work rocks!

-Fixed typo of "Bronce" mails to Bronze and variations thereof

-Assorted typos in item descriptions fixed, more polishing in varied clothing items.

-Fixed Mystic Merchant dialogue, it was in a bit broken english, changed to a more colorful text :D

-Draft horses and North Horses now follow a special naming convention at the end : Colt, Mare, Steed, Stallion, which implies simply their relative SIZE in the battlefield, Colts beings the smallest and Stallions the largest, all other stats are in essence the same, like Vanilla Brytenwalda.

-Draft horses and North Horses have had their names changed. For ease of reference all "Location" horses are north horses and all "Dr*" are Draft Horses (consistency and cosmetic reasons)

-Cleaned some unneeded string sequences in the item_kinds1.txt when describing each object, as they no longer apply to Brytenwalda as a whole and assume they are leftovers from others mods or compilations.

- The pertaining to a long mail coat has been redone, it originally had some fleshy like coloring that made it look awful, reskinned to make it look like a full body mail and added a red cloak to make it stand more since it´s a very rare heavy armor.

-Certain tunics had badly mishappen specular maps making them shine in places they should not be shining. so proceeded to "clean" the specular for a more non shiny look, (just polishing)

-Reincluded the shield .brf some people have been reporting as missing from their installs or
corrupted or missing meshes from various non official Brytenwalda full package mods around the web (escudos3.brf)

1.01 (Funky Horse Update)

-Horse Skin swapping upon attaining Heavy or Spirited prefix Fix

1.02 (Forgetful Merchant Update)

-Missing horses from horse Merchant items lists fix

1.03 (Shy Shields Update)

-Missing .lodX from Shields3.brf/assorted LOD work causing specific shields/items to dissapear after a short distance fixed

1.04 (Beautified Trainer Update)

-Scenes in the Trainer camp/Lake/Village, The Quarry and Monid Crobh having mismatched/floating items/flora/stones fix , a lot of them were
highly misplaced (seeing trees growing sideways in the air is kinda shocking!) :D

1.05 (Pine Deforestation Update)

-Certain troops missing armor pieces fix (Mercenary Captain/Tavern NPC´s:Travelers/Ransom Brokers/Bards , Cantaber Iuventus) These troops now will spawn with armor pieces they should be spawning with.

-General rework of fixed tavern NPC´s generic names for easier identification and future polishing/editing, using qualificative adjectives of mood: Angry/calm/curt/etc (Ransom Brokers, Bards and Travelers)

-Added new .lods to several of the Bl-type shields (those I missed in 1.03) in shield3.brf to avoid them popping out of existence when watching units
carrying them and walking/riding away from them. Added up to 4 .lod´s to all those shields, this is a more inclusive work than the one done in 1.03 and now adds
more .lod´s than before making the shields stand out better at much farther ranges.

-Fixed Villager Woman troop trees by having subsequent troop upgrades be able to shoot their included bow and arrow with skill, as their listed skill was set to 0 in vanilla despite having enough Power Draw to wield them.

-Added two new bandit troop types to add variety to bandit spawns and have a legal way to obtain the named Eye-popping" bow in game. These are the Fliming, the Archer Bandit and the Wearg, an Elite Archer that MIGHT carry the Eye-Popping bow.

-Rework of certain tavern npc´s clothing/face codes to avoid making them look like clones of each other and represent a wider variety of people present in the current time frame the mod portrays, these faces will be wildly different to the stock ones, and appear to randomize a bit over their initial face code for extra fun, did the same to the "Hores" because they looked too alien with their huge almost unieyes staring at you from the bottom of their soulless bodies.

-Fix of ALMOST ALL scenes in static areas of the map that had mismatching trees/rocks/items floating around or at unseemly angles. This has been the most time consuming part and have invested over 6 hours per day(for a week) slowly looking around for them. THERE MIGHT STILL BE some floating pieces around, so please report them if you see them for future fixes. A HUGE Thank you to Kraggrim from the Taleworlds Forums for his almost OCD Behavior in spotting some of the nasties and "beta-testing" the early scenes for further tweaking. As a matter of appreciation he is now included as a Random Tavern Traveler in the world called: "Kraggrim the Thorough, and works as regular traveler. Thanks man!

-Altered the Flora that calls on the tree meshes to avoid Pine trees appearing in places there should be only rocks, this is a strange form data/mesh set imported from the Graphics Pack and it has finally been cleared. There will no longer be pines popping up in the oddest of places in Great Britain, this leads to the next
change ....

-Most of the Pines in Great Britain have been obliterated. Historically , there were no Pines of any type (except a not very warband pine looking Irish pine) in the current time frame the mod portrays. These have been replaced with more generic looking trees.

-Altered some party templates to include the new two bandit troops, The Fliming and Wearg will appear now in Bandits Gang and the Wearg in Band of Thieves and Murderers roaming spawns.

-Altered the coefficient and rgb outputs of some bare shoes to avoid having them look like shiny waxed legs of unsexiness in random troops/npc´s.

-The Dreaded Ram Bug fix has FINALLY been solved, thanks to Motomataru publishing a fix years ago and Kraggrim kindly compiling it and giving away the changed text in the scripts.txt, right now ALL Castle scenes that have a Ram will now , given enough manpower batter away all THE DOORS! This means these castles are now very
breachable so plan accordingly. During Playtesting the scene had a nasty Cart placed too close to the defender´s gathering point, making some of them stuck in a No AI MESH area. Decided to eliminate the offending cart, it works much better now. Bear in mind that although you will get some defenders in this scene climbing down the stairs to gather OUTSIDE the fort, this is part of the defender spawn mechanic that mixes infantry with archers near the wall gap.
It´can´t be avoided, so consider them a bunch of overbearing zealots that want to die stopping the Ram of Doom that will now break away the doors of their safety ... in my case I consider those guys are just drunk and don´t know what they are doing XD

-Thanks to Kaggrim from the Brytenwalda Forums I have added sheep now as an object in the item_kinds1.txt, for future use/updates , also planted 2 of them in the "Your Lair" Scene in the Goat Pen to show them to the world if you curious.

-Altered the Personal Camp scene a bit, moving the Cart so it actually touches the ground plus seeding some grass/bushes and replacing the tent texture with a more dark/rustle/stain infused one.

-Mynyw and Abbercurnig Monasteries battle scene spawning location changed, even though I believe monks back in the day were pious and church raiders actually ruthless men, I dont believe any of them were Aquamen willing to fight underwater battles without breathing equipment, so no more Waterworld underwater scenes.

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