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A messy changelog with a lot of the changes missing, I guess it's better than nothing, right?

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Vanilla Fixes

* Included a fix for extravagant_robe_01_b, which had a gap in the back of the robe.
* Delyna Mandas will no longer carry two glass stormblades.
* Ranes Ienith will no longer carry two glass jinkblades.
* Fixed Imperial Tavern window UV issue
* Faras Thirano, an enchanter offering enchanters services is no longer the owner of ALL the items in Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn Lower Level (including everything in the treasury lol).
* Riekling Raider now uses the correct set of sounds (instead of werewolf).
* Yak gro-Skandar, The Rat In The Pot, will no longer walk barefoot.
* Removed ownership from all items in Shara (NPCs are hostile).
* Ajira will no longer sell Heather and Willow Flower since these are part of one of her quest "Four Types of Flowers". Also fixed an issue where the player were
unable to find Willow Flower in the correct location.
* Urzul gra-Agum, an orc warrior in Valenvaryon, was set as level 1. This appears to be a typo as this character is wearing a full set of orcish armor.
* Fixed all doors in Valenvarydon as they weren't properly attached to the door frames.
* Rising Force: Bargain duration was set to 30 instead of 8 (now 10, see below).
* Fixed two scripts connected to Bulfim gra-Shugharz and Lette.
* Added ownership to locked doors in Vos.
* Fixed an issue with Mzahnch entrance, which wasn't properly attached to another mesh.
* Fixed an issue with the topic "Golden Saint", where it's said that Golden Saints are "winged females", which is untrue. Removed "winged".
* Added a fishing pole to Foryn Gilnith's shack, as it's mentioned in dialogue that he's supposed to be a fisher.
* Caravaners (Silt Strider operators) will no longer fall of their platforms.
* The bar in the Eight Plates tavern, Balmora, was floating above the floor.
* Fixed a door in Andasreth which wasn't properly attached to the frame.
* Added 'Recall Ring' to the appropriate leveled-list.
* Trueflame, Odd Dwemer Weapon and Barilzar's Mazed Band enchantment values have been set to 0 so that the player doesn't accidentely enchant these, and break quests.
* All items/containers inside the Dagoth Ur Facility were owned by by Asha-Ammu Kutebani and Bodean for no apparent reason.
* Removed a big root in Sethan's Tradehouse which was partially floating in the air, revealing an open part of the mesh.
* 'Warchief Durgoc' should be 'Warchief Durgok'. ID's relating to him use k, such as his shield.
* The entrance to Uulernil's House, Pelagiad, was not properly connected to the house.
* Removed extra spaces from the message in the script "DoorBarricaded".
* Orrent Geontene, Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages, didn't wear any shoes.
* You can now rent a room at Sethan's Tradehouse, Tel Branora.
* Added missing "gloveScript" to Bal Molagmer Left Glove.
* Bormir, an archer, had no arrows.
* 'com_chest_11_k01' was supposed to contain 5 randomly generated items, but the Bloodmoon expansion modified its contents to be just one random restore potion.
* Raviso Andalas, Molag Mar, will no longer offer trading services (He didn't have anything for sale).
* Nalion, Gateway Inn, will no longer offer trading services (He didn't have anything for sale).
* 'Ring of Wizard's Fire' now causes Fire Damage instead of Drain Health.
* Fixed a few Nords running around naked (not the ones whom had their clothes stolen).
* Varo in Varo Tradehouse will now offer a bed for rent.
* A description under the topic Balmora describes the Commercial District north of the river and Labor Town south of the river. This is incorrect and should read west and east of the river.
* Shulki Ashunbabi in Gnisis no longer has moon-sugar for sale.
* Telvanni Guards in Tel Mora are now all female.
* Corrected a dialogue topic saying that: "The iron warhammer has a single head with a balancing spike to penetrate plate armor". This is incorrect. The iron warhammer has two heads.
* "Crazy Batou" is not longer "essential", as he's not related to any quests, and killing him does not have any negative consequences.
* Fixed incorrect water height in the following cells: Vivec, Telvanni Underworks and Vivec, St Delyn Underworks.
* Marayn Dren, Balmora Guild of Mages, will no longer sell summon spells. Summoning is illegal in Vvardenfell (I'll probably revert this "fix" in the next update).
* Added missing Shrine of St. Rilms and Shrine of St. Llothis to the Temples in Suran, Molag Mar and Vos.
* Added an Orcish Battle Axe to Dur gro-Grambak's inventory (He had no weapon to defend himself with).
* Key to Worm Lord's Tomb was placed below ground level and thus inaccessible to the player.
* Ashumanu Eraishah, Suran Tradehouse, will no longer sell Moon Sugar and Skooma.
* Llaren Terano's corpse will now persist (carries "Ice Blade of the Monarch").
* Rols Ienith's corpse will now persist (carries "Rotheran propylon index").
* Crazy Batou's corpse will now persist (carries "Bloodworm Helm").
* Umbra's corpse will now persist (carries "Umbra Sword").
* Ajira will now sell potions of rising force, as described in her dialogue.
* Robe of the Lich enchantment was "cast on use" instead of "constant".
* Removed vampire script from Jeanciele Macile. He's not a vampire.
* Warlock's Ring now restore health (as described in lore).
* Removed the spell "Dagoth's Bosom" from Senise Thindo.
* Fixed 0 level locks in tombs, caves and dungeons.
* Added missing enchantment to "Dart of Judgment".
* J'Ram-Dar should be a Khajiit, not an Argonian.
* Removed several missplaced "floating" barrels.
* Removed the spell "Ash Feast" from all NPCs.
* Removed ownership from Percius Mercius' chests so that you are no longer considered a "criminal" for chosing to accept your reward after finishing the quest "Kill Hard-Heart".
* Included a fix for the Chuzei Helm, which wasn't properly aligned on the z-axis, making it look wierd on the player and on npcs.
* NPCs "cattle_imp_f01" and "cattle_imp_m01" was set to race "Nord" instead of "Imperial".
* Removed barter and repair options from Dagoth Fervas.
* fabricant_summon, fight: "90" -> "50".
* "Nomeg Gwai" and "Molag Grunda" will no longer have a soul value. This change is based upon the following quote: "I have spoken to Molag Bal through his statue in the shrine at Bal Ur. He tells me that he does not have the cure for my vampirism, but he will get it for me if I do him a favor. His daughter, Molag Grunda, has been consorting with a Frost Atronach named Nomeg Gwai. If I can kill the two of them, returning their souls to a realm where Molag Bal may punish them, Molag Bal will give me the cure."
* Alfe Fyr, Beyte Fyr, Delte Fyr and Vistha-Kai are now marked as "essential". Previously you didn't get a warning for killing these NPC's, which could make the quest "Find a way to cure the dreaded Corprus disease" unsolvable.
* The front door to the temple in Suran used a Hlaalu style door instead of a Velothi style door (Thanks to "cml33" for the fix).
* "steel_cuirass" and "steel_cuirass_ancient" were missing their biped object(chest) female armor data "A_Steel_Cuir_Female.
* "bonemold_tshield_hrlb" used the wrong biped object;"towershield_bonemold" instead of "towershield_redoranm".
* Removed Orcish Tower Shield from Umbra's inventory; Umbra wields a two-handed sword.
* Fixed incorrect door sounds:
- Wooden Door Close 1 Fx \ trans \ drcreak_opn.wav -> Fx \ trans \ drcreak_cls.wav
- Wooden Door Open 1 Fx \ trans \ drcreak_cls.wav -> Fx \ trans \ drcreak_opn.wav
* Removed duplicated tower section and a corner post piece at the Wolverine Hall.
* Removed duplicate quest container (ahnassi_drink) from "Ahinipalit".
* "Ten Pace Boots" now render properly in third person.
* Fixed several issues in Helas Ancestral Tomb.
* Removed several duplicated quest containers.
* Removed Imperial Shield from Saprius Entius inventory, which was not needed since he's wielding two-handed steel warhammer
* Removed duplicate container "crate_01_limeware_uniqu" from Vivec, Arena Storage.
* Removed 6 duplicate Iron Shields in random_iron_fur_armor leveled-list.
* Fixed a floating doorway in Tel Mora.
* Fixed two floating shack-doors in Tel Branora.
* Added common_ring_01_mge to Caldera Mages Guild (scripted ring).
* Removed three Ash Curse spells from Senise Thindo, which she wasn't supposed to have.
* Added missing Netch Tower Shield to random_armor_netch_leather leveled-list.
* Added missing Bonemold Tower Shield to random_armor_bonemold leveled-list.
* Added missing Glass right/left glass bracer to random_armor_glass leveled-list.
* Added missing Iron Helm to random_armor_iron leveled-list.
* Added missing Steel Boots to random_armor_steel leveled-list. .
* Removed 'ownership' from several banners in Foreign Quarter Canalworks.
* Wild "Bull" and "Betty Netches" will now have a chance of carrying the disease "Serpiginous Dementia", as described in lore.
* "Elanande's War Axe" didn't have its enchantment attached in the cs
* "Racerbeak" didn't have its enchantment attached in the cs
* "BM_hunter_battleaxe_unique" used the incorrect icon.
* "BM_reaver_battle_axe" used the incorrect icon.
* "Nordic Battle Axe" used the incorrect icon.
* "Iron Long Spear" used the incorrect icon.
* Deleted extra space between "Frost" and "Atronach" from the following entries: "atronach_frost_bs", "atronach_frost_bs00", and "atronach_frost_dead".
* Included a fix from "Gez", correcting a bad animation loop (causing a horrible noise) for the "Hunger".
* Included fixed kf-meshes by "EJ-12", to restore rat attack sound and slaughterfish sounds.
* Some NPC's in "Hlormaren, Underground" were set as friendly, but they should be hostile.
* Corrected several flora topics that gave the player the wrong information.
* "Andilu Drothan", "Vivec Foreign Quarter", will no longer sell "Skooma".
* "Apprentice's Mortar & Pestle" had the wrong icon and mesh.
* "Heifnir", "Dagon Fel", will no longer sell "Moon-Sugar".
* The "Shalk" had the wrong "Scream" sound assigned to it.
* "Rerlas" scrib and rat didn't drop any ingredients.
* Activator "Sound_pipebreak" used the wrong script.
* "Gravetar" had the wrong mesh and icon.
* Fixed several missplaced floor tiles in "Sethan Ancestral Tomb".
* Steel Shard/Spark/Viper/Flameslayer used the wrong mesh - "Nordic Claymore" instead of "Steel Claymore".
* Adjusted a travel marker inside "Dagon Fel, Onmi Hard-mouth's House". Player gets stuck in a basket.
* Iron Shard/Spark/Viper/Flameslayer used the wrong icon - "Steel Claymore" instead of "Iron Claymore".
* Iron Spear/Shard/Spark/Viper/Flameskewer used the wrong icon "Steel Spear" instead of "Iron Spear".
* "Iron Stormsword" used the wrong mesh and icon - "Silver Longsword" instead of "Iron Longsword".
* Adjusted a travel marker inside "Tervur Braven's shop, Vivec". Player gets stuck in the desk.
* "Ygfa", Pelagiad, Fort Pelagiad says she makes spells but there's no option to create spells.
* "llaals Ores, Tel Aruhn, Underground", was incorrectly set as "Miner" instead of "Slave".
* Iron Shard/Spark/Flamemace used the wrong Icon - "Steel Mace" instead of "Iron Mace".
* "Peacemaker", a silver staff, wasn't properly marked in the cs as a "Silver Weapon".
* "Redas War Axe" used the wrong mesh, "Steel Battle Axe" instead of "Steel War Axe".
* Dwemer Bracers/Pauldrons and Glass Bracers will now use the correct meshes.
* Iron Right Gauntlet and Iron Left Gauntlet had diffrent enchantment points.
* Imperial/Indoril/Templar Belts will now use the correct icon and mesh.
* Added a missing script, "bearheartscript\" to "BM_bearheart_UNIQUE".
* "Steel Throwing Knife" will now use the correct icon and mesh.
* Adjusted several spells so they doesn't auto-calculate.
* It will now snow in the "Thirsk Region", 10 % chance.
* Imperial Templar Pauldrons will now display properly.
* "Netch Leather Shield" will now use the correct icon.
* The dome at "Marandus", were floating.
* "Arille" will now sell cheap restore health/fatigue potions, as described in his dialogue.
* "Arielle" will no longer sell "spoons", "bowls" and other useless misc items.
* Nix Hound Fix - Fixes a wierd death animation.
* Grahl Eye Fix - Fixes a texture error.
Imperial Guards and Captains were refered as "Guard" and "Guard Captain". Corrected to Imperial Guard/Guard Captain.
* One centurion spider used the wrong blood texture - "Red", instead of "Gold". Also removed its soul value.
* Adjusted a travel-marker in Murberius Harmevus's House that sometimes leave the player stuck.
* "Draugr" and "draugr_co_3" didnt have the proper spells and immunities.
* Left/Right Glass Bracer changed to Glass Left/Right Bracer.
* Two potions of Paralyze were incorrectly named "Night Eye".
* Madres Navur in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* "Bound_Helmet" changed to "Bound Helmet".
* Junal-Lei in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* Angoril in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* Skeleton Archers now drop Bonemeal.
* Moved a lamp at the Redoran Smith, Vivec. Sometimes the player would get stuck in it upon entry.
* Sorkvild the Raven's body will now persist, as he's the bearer of the Mask of Clavicus Vile
* Fixed a travel-marker in Sadrith Mora that left you stuck.
* "Ex_co_ship_trapdoorb" in Frostmoth docs have been replaced with "Act_Ex_DE_ship_trapdoor". "Ex_co_ship_trapdoorb" is scripted colony door and a part of Bloodmoon's mainquest.
* "chargen_plank" is duplicated in Frostmoth, so when the script "CharGenClassNPC" runs, "chargen_plank" is randomly removed from either Seyda Neen or Fort Frostmoth docks.
* The "Five Fingers of Pain" spell used to "damage health". I've changed this to "drain health". Also raised the spellcost from 7 points to 20.
* Gondolier's Helm were marked as "medium armor". I don't know about you but since when did a straw-hat protect you from anything?
* goblin_shield_durgok_uni were incorrectly named "Goblin Shield", when it should have been "Durgok's Shield".
* Mornsu Omalor, a Dark Elf in the cave of Nammu carried 12 (!) bows, but only one arrow.
* Dolmesa Sarano, a Dark Elf in "Halit Mine" were incorrectly set as hostile.
* Zallit Assattadaishah, a Dark Elf at the Ghostgate should be an "Ashlander".
* Removed the smoke from Gorak Manor, there's no active fire inside.
* Removed several chimneys' in Pelagiad, some houses had no fireplaces.
* Changed the name of the small "Drum" to "Guarskin Drum" to fit with the other, larger drum.
* Some pieces of the Imperial Chain Armor set had the wrong AR value, fixed from 20 to 12.
* The Imperial Chain Armor Pauldrons had the wrong weight which made them count as "Heavy Armor".
* The Mace of Slurring didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Karpal's Friend didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Sword of Agustas didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Wind of Ahaz didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Removed Daedras' from "Kogoruhn" and replaced them with house encounters.
* Removed the shield from High Fane Ordinators, since they wield claymores.
* A few containers that should only hold clothes had gold in them.
* Steel Fire/Storm/Frost/Poison-sword used the wrong enchantments.
* A stair in Ald-Ruhn, Guild of Mages were missplaced.
* The Adamantium Axe were misspelled as "Admantium".
* Large Dwemer Goblet were misspelled as "Dewmer".
* The Slavepods in Sadrith Mora wasn't locked.
* Added a shrine to Molag Mar, Temple.
* Dorisa Darvel were supposed to have books about the Nerevarine, but she didn't.
* Dagoth Endus had no sounds associated to him.
* The Nord Leg had a missing enchantment.
* The "Chiding Cuirass" held no charge, so it was impossible to use the enchantment.
* Fixed an enchantment error with the "Crosier of St. Llothis". In vanilla game this weapon's enchantment would hurt the player instead of the enemy.
* Indaren Ancestral Tomb is occupied by Daedra, but should be occupied by undead according to a note found on the dead body of Tyronius, (sc_Tyronius).
* Fixed a few chests that had 0 locks, thus making them impossible to open.
* Changed the name of "Long bow" to "Longbow".
Changed the name of "silver_staff_dawn_uniq". This staff's real name is Staff of the Silver Dawn, though it appears as Silver Staff in the game, corrected.
* Changed the name of "silver spear_uvenim". This staff's real name is Uvenim's Silver Spear, though it appears as Silver SPear in the game, corrected.
* In 'The Plan To Defeat Dagoth Ur' (bk_vivecs_plan), the line that reads "A mortal Kagrenac may then be destroyed by mundane means"
should read Dagoth Ur instead of Kagrenac. Thanks to Lendrik for noticing this issue.
* A door in the Balmora Council Club were replaced by "in_hlaalu_door" instead of "rent_balmora_council_door".
* Fixed a massive load of landscape seams and made changes where some textures might look odd or out of place.
* Ten-Tongues Weerhat (Mournhold) will no longer sell "exquisite_shirt_01_rasha", which were a quest item.
* You will now be able to talk to the Ash Vampires (as intended by Beth) before you face them in battle.
* Her Hand's Shield had diffrent AR value than the rest of the set, corrected.
* Royal Guard boots and greaves had diffrent AR value than the rest of the set, corrected.
* Dwemer Coherer is no longer sold at Mebestiana Encke's shop.
* "Brallion's Exquisite Ring" value 40 > 240 to match the rest of the exquisite rings.
* "Borwen", removed faction: "Ashlanders".
* "Shat gro-Shazog" & "Orbul gra-Lumob" have been given weapons to fight with.
* "Gulfim gra-Borbul" in Gorak Manor had no pants.
* "Rulfim gra-Ogdub", a prisoner in Buckmooth Legion fort had no clothes.
* Sirollus Saccus were supposed to provide training options, now he does.
* Black Arrow, Volume 1 -> Black Arrow, Volume I
* misc_dwrv_artifact30, weight 0.01 > 0.10.
* Horned Lily will now respawn.
* Holly Bush will now respawn.
* Changed Cell name (-6,17): “Ashlands Region” to “Druscashti”.
* "Gah julan" and "Teegla" are now wearing slave bracers.
* Removed "auto-calculate" from "Ungeleb" in Mournhold, Magic Shop.
* Scroll Of Element Frost/Fire had wrong font size, corrected to "2".
* "Erval" in Pelagiad had no AI package.
* Removed auto-calculate from Sjoring Hard-Heart since it messed up his stats.
* "Dul gro-Dush" in Gnisis, class warrior > guard.
* "Yakov" (the Altmer slave in the Suran Slave Market) didn't have a slave script attached.
* "Staada", a golden saint encounter were improperly set as a creature instead of daedra. Also marked "corpse persist".
* "Lich Barilzar" had a soul value of 30, which probably is a typo since he's such a powerful foe. 300 seem like a more reasonable number.
* Spiggans now have a chance to drop heartwood.
* Netch_Giant_UNIQUE, scale 1.0 > 1.2.
* Adamantium pauldron, enchantment 100 -> 30 (typo).
* King's Oath , fire damage self > touch.
* Arrow of wasting shard_en, effect weakness to shock > weakness to frost.
* Arrow of wasting shard_en, effect shock damage > frost damage.
* Life Force > Drain Life Force.
* Rally Beast from, target > touch.
* Demoralize Beast from, target > touch.
* Strong heal companion from, self > touch.
* Five fingers of pain, from demoralize humanoid > poison.
* Curse Endurance from, target > touch.
* Absorb intelligence [ranged], absorb attribute: agility > intelligence.
* Absorb luck [ranged], absorb attribute: agility > luck.
* Absorb willpower [ranged], absorb attribute: agility > willpower.
* Hand of Azura were improperly named Hand of Dagoth.
* Witbane, drain attribute: agility > intelligence.
* Fixed an enchantment error with the Ring of Equity where the player wouldn't be able to take use of the rings powers.
* Variner's Ring, weight 1 > 0.10 (typo)
* Expensive shirt Mournhold, value 1 > 15 (typo)
* Relocated a travelmarker inside the East Empire South Warehouse that would cause the player to stuck between a stool & a crate.
* Fixed a misaligned wall in Sandas Ancestral Tomb.
* Fixed a travel marker inside Zalits's Yurt that would cause the player to get stuck in a fireplace.
* Fixed the Ald Redaynia Interior which had a lot of misaligned wall-pieces & messy rocks.
* Fixed a floating brazier in Kushtashpi (Deadric Ruin) & fixed the misaligned door.
* Raised the ground in Bal Fell to fix a floating stair-piece.
* Fixed a lot of floaters inside Mat Cave.
* Fixed some floaters inside Andre Mauls's tower & a floating dwemer wall-piece just by the entrence. Also adjusted the tower to match the exterior.
* Fixed a chest inside Ravel Ancestral Tomb that previously had no lock, which made it unable to open. Also fixed some small mesh errors.
* Removed a ladder inside Ashinabi: Smugglers'Den. There was no way you could use this ladder if you fell down the hole inside the cave.
* Raised skraeling shulki's Tent in Gnisis, now she will actually see the player & play the proper greeting.
* Fixed a door inside Kitabael's Hut that would cause the player to get stuck in a fireplace
* Fixed a missing wallpiece inside the House Of Earthly Delights.
* Fixed the stone bridge outside the Wolverine Hall. It used to clip with the Fort entrance.

* Fixed an issue with the Ald Deadroth Shrine's blessing: "Blessings of the Fourth Corner", which granted the player Fortify Willpower for 14400 seconds instead of 1440 seconds.
* Added railings to the upper section of the Heart Chamber, making it less likely that Dagoth Ur falls of the platform and into the lava below.
* Yadba gro-Khash, an orc in Valenvaryon, was set as neutral to the player instead of hostile.
* Included a fix for broken Goblin knockdown animation.
* The Riekling Minion was misspelled (Riekling Minon).
* Fixed a couple of missplaced doors in Sadrith Mora.

Creature changes

* Almost all creatures have been tweaked or buffed, especially Daedras/Ash creatures, to make the game a greater challange for high level characters. This includes tweaking attributes, skills, spells, resistances etc.
* Several creatures that used to be hostile are now neutral. This includes for example cliffracers and mudcrabs.
* All blighted creatures now have unique textures. This will make them easy to spot and avoid if necessary.
* Removed reflect from a most creatures.
* Removed ingredients/equipment from summoned creatures.

Setting changes

* Elemental shields were supposed to deal damage to enemies that hit you in melee combat, now they do.
* Players minimum speed is now a bit higher at lvl 1. Also reduced the max-speed so the player can't run super-fast at higer levels.
* 50 % higher chance to catch a disease by diseased creatures.
* Increased the speed of thrown weapons and projectiles by a large amount
* Increased the amount of damage you take while suffocating from 3 to 5 damage each second.
* Arrows and throwing weapons will travel faster, thus making them harder to dodge.
* NPC's will have much lower disposition if you have your weapon drawn during conversations (-15 points).
* Traders will be more suscpicious to you. You need a high personalty rating to get better prices.
* Your disposition will be harder to raise through bribing NPC's.
* NPC's won't greet you from a distance. You will now have to stand close to them.
* Increased the amount of money you have to pay for committing a crime.
* 50 % chance to recover projectiles from bodies (From 25 %).
* You will no longer be able to survive jumping of buildings or cliffs.
* Guild cheasts will respawn monthly (From 3 months).
* Vendors will resupply their stash of gold every 72 hours (From 24 hours).
* Training is now much more costly.
* Running will now drain 0.5 points less each second while running.
* Enchanted items recharge much slower
* Doubled the amount of magica for NPCs and creatures.
* It's now more costly to remove your bounty through the Thieves Guild Services.
* It's now harder to pick locks and disarm traps, some traps are also more deadly.

New Features

* The player will now regenerate a very small amount of health each minute.
* You will now need Hospitality Papers to receive any services in Sadrith Mora.
* You will now need a Muckshovel to "harvest" muck.
* You will now need a Minerspick to get glass, ebony & adamantium.
* Now it will snow in the Hirstaang Forest (20% chance).
* You will now encounter Durzogs' in the West Gash, Centurion Archers in Dwemer Ruins and Liches In tombs
* New Imperial Travel Agents that will take the player to various destinations around the Island. They will also provide the player with diffrent types of maps.
* Shops and some other places will now close night-time between 8 pm/8 am.
* You can now buy portable campfires and bedrolls from various traders around the Island.
* You'll now take damage if standing in a fire or really close to it.
* All "practice dummies" are now animated, and can be used to train some skills.

Weapon/Armor changes

* Tweaked weapon damage for all weapons.
* Tweaked the "reach" for all weapons. A spear should naturally cover a bigger radius than for example a sword.
* Gave "Volendrung" an enchantment similar to the one in Daggerfall.
* Gave "Auriel's Shield" an enchantment similar to the one in Daggerfall.
* Gave "Auriel's Bow" an enchantment similar to the one in Daggerfall.
* Gave "Foeburner" a fitting enchantment dealing fire damage.
* Stalhrim armor pieces and weapons were refered to as "Ice" in-game, changed to "Stalhrim".
* Dwemer weapons were refered to as "Dwarven" in-game, changed to "Dwemer".
* You will now be able to "hit" ghosts using Adamantium weapons.


* Tweaked most enchantments to either make them more useful or less powerful. Also tweaked the cost to cast these enchantments.
* Tweaked most spells to either make them more useful or less powerful. Also tweaked the cost to cast these spells.
* Reduced the value for most weapons/armor and misc items to reduce the overflow of money in the game.
* Most special characters/creatures and other types of enemies are now much stronger than in vanilla Morrowind.
* Summoned creatures have had their soul value set to 0. This mean that the player will no longer be able to exploit summons to get valuable soul-gems.
* Exclusive ingredients like pearls are now less likely to appear in the gameworld.
* Player made potions are now 50 % less valueable.
* Reworked leveled-lists so it won't be as easy to get hold of Dwemer, Ebony, Glass & Deadric items/armor/weapons.
* Hundreds of doors, chests, desks etc have been locked in order to make it harder for the player to gain access to valuable items.
* Many creatures, undead or humanoids had the wrong spells or resists which made them either too strong or too weak.
* You are no longer able to enchant items, armor & weapons with Chameleon, Invisibility, Drain Attribute, Fortify Attribute and Sanctuary.
* Tweaked enchantment cost for most in-game enchantments.
* Replaced the patroling Ordinators in all great house vaults with stationary ones. This will make it much harder to steal what's inside.
* Some skills are now a bit harder to raise, especially weapon skills, alchemy and athletics.
- Athletics: In vanilla MW you level up too fast just running around. Not a huge tweak but at least enough to make it balanced.
- Alchemy: I cut the progression rate by 75 %. I feel that Alchemy is probably the easiest spell to raise in Morrowind.
- Long Blade, Short Blade, Blunt, Spear & Marksman: A slight nerf in progression rate.

New Dungeons

Balmora's Underworld, by "Fulgore"
Get lost within the depths of Balmora's Underworld. Take a walk through the sewers: let the Thousand Lanterns Market take your breath away or why not explore the abandoned canals? Witness criminal factions fighting against each other and common folks going on about their daily lives. Discover the way to access the massive cave system that lies deep below Balmora. If you're lucky enough, you may live to witness Bthumynal, the legendary lost Dwemer ruin and its secrets within. An epic adventure awaits you, Outlander.

Outpost Renius, by "Fulgore"
"Somewhere in the Ascadian Isles, not too far from Pelagiad, on a hill overlooking Lake Amaya, there's an old small keep known as 'Outpost Renius'. Some months ago all contact was broken with the troops garrisoned there, a patrol was dispatched to check the situation. Everyone, from the pettiest prisoner to the highest ranking official, was found dead. After hearing sinister voices and steps, the place was sealed and abandoned. Do you have what it takes to venture inside and discover what happened to the people in there?"

Dren's Hidden Caverns, by "Fulgore"
Vvardenfell's bad guy just got worse. Explore what goes on in the caves below Dren Plantation.

Valenren, by "Fulgore"
An old sunken dunmer stronghold somewhere near Seyda Neen.

The Deadlands
Travel through a Daedra Gate and face the ultimate challange in a Daedra Realm!

Ashmoth Legion Fort
An abandoned fort situated in the Molag Amur Region. Discover what happened to the soldiers stationed there, if you survive that is.

The Rift
Find a way into 'The Rift', and obtain a powerful new artifact.

New Armor

* Trollbone Armor
* Colvonian Gloves
* Morag Tong Armor
* Adamantium Towershield
* Adamantium Round Shield
* Golden Saint Armor
* Imperial Templar Shield
* Imperial Captains' Helmet
* Royal Guard Shields
* Redguard Headwraps

New Weapons

* Adamantium Dagger
* Adamantium Longbow
* Chitin Longsword
* Daedric Crossbow
* Daedric Longspear
* Dwemer Bolt
* Dwemer Dagger
* Dwemer Great Axe
* Dwemer Longspear
* Dwemer Longsword
* Dwemer Staff
* Dwemer Crystal Axe
* Dwemer Crystal Claymore
* Dwemer Crystal Mace
* Dwemer Crystal Staff
* Ebony Crossbow
* Ebony Dagger
* Ebony Dai-katana
* Ebony Halberd
* Ebony Katana
* Ebony Tanto
* Ebony Wakizashi
* Glass Spear
* Imperial Claymore
* Imperial Longsword
* Imperial Dagger
* Iron Throwing Star
* Silver Battle Axe
* Silver Crossbow
* Silver Longbow
* Silver Saber

New Artifacts

* Thruthseeker
* Voidguard
* Willbreaker
* Stinger
* Nightbane
* Forsaken Blade
* Queen of Bats (vanilla)
* Ward of Phnem
* Wall of Cyrodiil
* Emperor's Defence
* Face Of Kagrenac
* Crown of Torment

New Creatures

* Ash Scorpion
* Ash Betty Netch
* Ash Bull Netch
* Swamp Betty Netch
* Swamp Bull Netch
* Centurion Spider variations
* Fire Clannfear
* Draugr Berserker
* Draugr Deathlord
* Dremora Lord of Divinity
* Dremora Lord of Inspiration
* Dremora Lord of Terror
* Earth Atronach
* Electric Slaughterfish
* Frost Monarch
* Goblin Shaman
* Riekling Berserker
* Riekling Nightstalker
* Riekling Raider
* Riekling Shaman
* Riekling Warrior variations
* Rift Guardian (Unique)
* Rock Crab
* Shalk Blueback
* Shalk Greenback
* Crippled Skeleton
* Skeleton (Dunmer)
* Skeleton (Orc)
* Skeleton (Indoril)
* Skeleton (Imperial)
* Skeleton (Nordic)
* Skeleton (Fur)
* Skeleton (Imperial Archer)
* Skeleton Mages
* Slime
* Swamp Troll
* Wormmouth (Unique)

New Ingredients

* Wickwheat Muffin
* Nether Salt
* Troll Slime
* Telvanni Resin
* Void Essence
* Wind Salt
* Guar Meat

New Books/Scrolls

* Forging A Heavy Duty Blade
* Tale of The Devious Trader
* Sorkvild the Raven's Journal (2 Vol)
* Sword Components
* Blacksmithing Tools
* Scroll of the Bonedancer
* Scroll of the Saint
* Scroll of Elemental Fury
* Scroll of Errodation
* Scroll of Firewind
* Scroll of Undying Fury
* Scroll of Unending Terror
* Scroll of Elemental Protection
* Scroll of Blazing Fire
* Scroll of Blind Faith


Do you have a problem with floaters, seams or just that some areas look and feel ”boring”? Well no more. With Rebirth I've tried to eliminate these issues, giving each area a unique look without overworking it. There's also far less seams and floaters which obviously will make the gameworld a better place to live in.


* New models and textures for all trees in Morrowind.
* New models for all the rocks in Morrowind.
* New models for Dwemer Ruins, Dwemer Buildings, Hlaalu Buildings, Telvanni Buildings and Imperial buildings.
* New unique models and icons for magical trinkets, weapons and armor which used to have generic models.
* New models for various furniture, armor, weapons, misc items etc.
* New Beast animations by Dirnae.

And more!


Wow. What a decent changelog!

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trancemaster_1988 Author

And like i wrote in the summary..its not even close to the whole story.. :P

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I can't believe you're still working on this mod with such dedication. Amazing!

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New animations? Since when did you start doing this..

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trancemaster_1988 Author

I added the animations a long time ago. A lot of people doesn't know about the improved Beast animations by Dirnae and that's a shame since they're awesome. That's also why I included them in the first place.

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that is always appreciated, animations. I think I've heard of new animations used for NPC's but I can't remember what it was called.

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WOW! I don't even know what else to say... this is great work! Like somebody said on another page, I'm going to have to dig out and re-install Morrowind just to experience this. Previously I never got past the first couple of hours... maybe now I'll be able to. (Never knew of TES until Oblivion GOTY came out, but that time Morrowind wasn't exactly new. Didn't get around to it until after Oblivion was like second home.)

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So where is the whole story?

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Soon TM

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Not being able to soul trap summoned creatures is ridiculous. One of the tips in-game was about that...

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