Credits: Author the Mod: It@n (Me) - Additional admiralty: HusserlTW - Unit drummers: Rsty Bloodnok - Original flags: JFC - Smoking and blood sounds more improved: Mech_Donald & chudolf - Textures for Ships: Bladerunner - Military units: Xwhyzed & DaNova - Textures military units: ♔ Sir Digby Chicken Caesar ♔

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The mod has been tested to version 1.5.0 build 1332.21992 on windows seven 64bit.

Language of the mod:
English and Italian

The factions have unlocked all a historical description.
- Factions unlocked for imperial campaign 1700-1799:
Mughal Empire, Mysore, Chechenya-Dagestan, Georgia, Persia, Bavaria, Hannover, Württemberg, Denmark, Venice, Genoa, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Portugal, Iroquois Confederation, Confederation Huron, Cherokee Nation, Knights of St.John, Savoy, Pirates.
- Factions unlocked for imperial campaign 1789-1860:
Persia, Mysore, Punjab, Chechenya-Dagestan, Georgia, Mamluks, Bavaria, Hannover, Württemberg, Denmark, France (Republic), Venice, Genoa, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Knights of St.John, Portugal, Mexico, Iroquois Confederation, Cherokee Nation, United States of America, Scotland, Greece, Quebec, Norway, Papal State, Kingdom of Sardinia.
- Factions unlocked for custom battle:
Bavaria, Württemberg, Hungary, Venice, Genoa, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Portugal, Mexico, Iroquois Confederation, Confederation Huron, Nation Pueblo, Scotland, Greece, Knights of St. John, Papal State, Savoy or the Kingdom of Sardinia, Persia, Pirates.

Additional military units per faction:
Infantry of expatriates, Line Infantry provincial, Drummers units and Pikemen for all European factions.
Artillery guard 24 lb, 32 lb Howitzer for the Italian factions, Greece, Austria, Germany factions, Russia, Poland, USA, England.
Horse Artillery from 18lb for all European factions.
Battery 8-inch mortars for all European factions.
- Native Americans: Scouts with rifles, hunters, Artillery (Enhanced), Musketeers (Enhanced).
- Iroquois, Huron, Cherokee: Warriors mounted.
- Iroquois: Mohicans warriors.
- Pirates: Sailors free, General Marine, bloodthirsty pirates, Pirates, Smugglers, Mortars Smugglers, Brethren of the Coast, Raiders, Eastern Mercenaries, Pirates of the Code, Blackbeard, Pirates Sparrow.
- Wurttemberg: All base units + Swiss Infantry, Rifles Kökényesdy, Feldjäger zu Pferd.
- Bavaria: Jager Prussian, Line Infantry superior, Hungarian Hussars, Uhlans Austrian, Hessian Grenadiers, Feldjäger zu Pferd.
- Denmark: All base units + Marines, hakkapelitta, Mountain Troops.
- Sweden: Drabat Guards, Grenadiers Swedish, Swedish Line Infantry, Regiment foot "Narke-Värmland," Ukrainian Cossacks, Ukrainians riding, Cuirassiers.
- Genoa: Ranger, Infantry Switzerland, Granadiers, Guards Tuscan, Genoa Cavalry, Cuirassiers, Guards noble Tuscan, Carabiners chosen, Company of Marina.
- Knights of St. John: Hunters, Infantry order, General of the Order, hunters on horseback, Cavalry order, Knights of Malta. (It will be unlocked for all factions conquered Malta).
- Kingdom of the Two Sicilies: Brigants, Hunters, Legion of Tiragliatori, Infantry Swiss, Italian Guards, King's Guard, Hussars, Cuirassiers, Carabiners chosen, Cadets of the Royal Navy, Garibaldians. (The latter only if the faction becomes the Republic).
- Italian States: Papal Guard, Cardinal-General, Carabinieri chosen, Grenadier Guard, Horse Guards of the Pope, Gendarmerie, Pontifical Swiss Guard.
- Portugal: Corso Terrestre Guerrillas, Militia Portuguese Cazadores, Grenadiers Portuguese Infantry de Marina, Portuguese Cazadores.
- Scotland: Scottish Warriors, Scottish, Infantry superior of the Highlands, Scottish Nobles ,Regiment of Wales, Royal Guard, Hunters, Cavalry of the Highlands, Grenadiers, Scottish Pikemen.
- Venice: Guard nobleman of Verona, Bombardieri, Croats riding, Uhlans, Ukrainians riding, Cuirassiers, Carabiners chosen, Fanti de Mar.
- Spain: Infantry de Marina, Carabiners chosen, Carabineros Reales, Regiment of Dragoons "Lusitania."
- Savoy: Guards Piedmont, Swiss Infantry, Grenadiers Swiss, Guards Savoy, Legion of Light Infantry, Light Cavalry, Garibaldians. (The latter only if the faction becomes the Republic).
- Russia: Musketeers of the Guard Preobrazhensky.
- Poland-Lithuania: National Cavalry, Ukrainians riding, Royal Guards Poland.
- Austria: Hungarian Line Infantry, Fusiliers Kökényesdy, Feldjäger zu Pferd, horse Croats.
- Prussia: Grenadiers of Hesse, Feldjäger zu Pferd.
- USA: George Washington, Company of Continental Marines, Continental Light Dragoons.
- France: Swiss Infantry, Voltigeur, Compagnie de la Marine, Napoleon Bonaparte (Late Campaign).
- England: Duke Wellington, colonial Light Dragoons, Royal Irish Regiment.
- United Provinces: Marines.
- Mexico: Bucaniers, Pirates armed, Fusiliers, Line Infantry Mexican, Mexican Cavalry.
- Greece: Army mixture of European and Ottoman Company with mortars, artillery from 64 pounds, Rifles, Janissaries, Anime bold.
- Persia: Musketeers, Warriors with sword, Janissaries Persian Royal Guard of the Janissaries, Hashashin, Cavalry Clibanaria, Immortals, Immortals riding, Warriors Delamites, Light Infantry qizilbashi.
- Mamelukes: Israel, Musketeers Felah, Warriors Felah, Grenadiers Cemaat.
- Ottomans: Warriors Janissaries, Anime bold, Grenadiers Cemaat, Janissaries of Seimei, 32 lb Howitzer.
- Mogul Empire: Guards qizilbashi, shooters qizilbashi, Cavalry Rajput, Rajput Archers, Horse Guards zamindari, zamindari Swordsmen, Cavalry zamindari, Light Infantry qizilbashi.
- Maratha Confederacy: Cavalry Rajput, Rajput Archers, Horse Guards zamindari, zamindari Swordsmen, Cavalry zamindari, Mercenaries qizilbashi.

For those who conquer:
Scotland: the unit is unlocked "Scots".
Anatolia: the unit is unlocked "Great cannon".
Egypt: the unit is unlocked "Janissaries of Cairo".
Hungary: will unlock the unit "Hungarian Infantry".
Malta: the unit is unlocked "Knights of Malta".
Russian territory: the unit is unlocked "Cossack Militia."

Additional marine units, with historical description:
- All Factions: Frigate with heavy carronades
- Spain: Galleon war, Geleone lightweight, Spanish Galleon, Santissima Trinidad, Salvador Del Mundo.
- Portugal and Mexico: Galleon light.
- Pirates: Queen Anne's Revenge, Fortune Royale, The Black Pearl, Light Frigate, Jackdaw, The William, Whydah Gally, Ranger. (On the flagship of the fleet there will be pirate Blackbeard)
- Venice, Genoa, Knights of St. John: Indiaman armed
- United Provinces: Galleon light, Vrijheid, Delft.
- England: HMS Royal George, HMS Swallow HMS Shannon, HMS Glatton.
- France: Ocean, Orient, Bucentaure
- Kingdom of the Two Sicilies: The Monarch
- USA: USS Chesapeake.
- Russia: Anna Imperatritsa.
- Sweden: Galleon, Galleon light.

Additional buildings with historical description:
-Admiralty for: Denmark, Italian States, Tunisia, Damascus and Saxony.
-Added the ability to build the workshops of potters.
-Several new buildings for Native Americans.
-Knights of St. John: Harbour of Malta, Grand Master's Palace.
-Kingdom of Two Sicilies: Royal Palace of Naples.
-Venice: Marine Academy.
-Savoy: Royal Palace of Turin.
-Genoa: Naval School of Genoa.
-Wurttemberg: Council of War of the Court.
-Scotland: Castle Scots, Parliament in Edinburgh.
-Greece: Parthenon.
-Portugal: Naval School Enginer.
-Denmark: Frederiksborg Castle.
-Papal States: Vatican.
-Persia: Mosque of the Shah.
-Baviera e Hannover: Gran Imperial Palace .
-Norvegia e Georgia: Gran Royale Palace.
-Chechenya-Dagestan: Gran Pasha Palace.

- Fleet colors with their faction to: United States Of America-Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, England, Spain-Portugal, the United Provinces, Russia-Poland, France, Genoa and Venice.
- Fixed Bug vanilla which concerns the power of naval guns.
- New icons for the fleet. New units of sailors for the U.S., France, Spain, Venice, Genoa, Portugal, United Two Sicilies, England, Russia.
- Reduced costs for the maintenance and recruitment of the naval fleet.
- Increased morale and resistance for ships.
- Indiaman built in a single shift.
- The unit of the General has a higher life.
- Animations for units improved dramatically.
- New Textures for land-based military units, horses and artillery.
- Ability to Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Kingdom of Sardinia to become republics with the Italian flag unlocking the regiment of Garibaldi.
- Army Scottish fully improved.

- Factions Native Americans improved markedly, with its own technologies and new buildings.
- Scout for Native Americans and Shamans.
- Native Americans can now create trade by sea and boats.
- Campaign imperial battles and more challenging to highest difficulty.
- 10 New technologies for all factions.
- New LoadScreen by CaptainCOX.
- Graphics and NTW.
- Battlemaps NTW.
- Ability "Sabotage Army" for Assassins, Libertini and Scout.
- Cavalry more effective in battle.
- Regiments larger, from 160 to 240 units.
- Initial training properly, with the right disposition of the troops.
- Diplomacy and trade improved.
- CAI & BAI improved.
- AI battles more realistic, the enemy keeps getting better the front line.
- Guns and Cannons with greater range.
- Garrison defense of the city made up of militia, pikemen and armed citizens.
- Strategic map with fine detail and realistic.
- Battlefields with sharper graphics.
- Introduced the night battles.

- Colored map for diplomacy and choice of faction.
- HUD brown color (default is colored marble), HUD tribal for Native Americans.
- Flags replaced with the original.
- Historical Events unlocked even for minor factions.
- Guns, Muskets and Cannons with improved sound and realistic smoke and explosions improved improved.
- Music in the background totally changed, both for the battles that the strategy map.


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