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Changelog 2.10 version EOD Classic BF1942. Game, new vehicles, vehicle modifications, new weapons, new maps, etc

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Changelog 2.10

Release date: April 01, 2010


new radio commands AA, helicopter, mines spotted / helicopter support
Soldiers decreased solder damage (when running down a hill)
Viewdistance increased viewdistance for all maps with planes
Agent Orange new pseudo weapon for C-130 and Huey (makes no damage !)
Handgrenade improved effects
Napalm improved effects
InGame Menu credits updated

vehicle modifications

A-7 Corsair improved physics
B-52 prevented from flying backwards, improved rear MG and physics
BRDM Water effect added, fixed overturning
BRDM-2 Water effect added
Browning MG Textures fixed
C-130 Agent Orange & Paradrop M551 added
F105 fixed bombs
F4 series improved physics
Loach OH-1 increased sound volume
LogTrap repaired damage system
M-113 series Water effect added
M35 series fixed rear wheels
M3Grant fixed seat icons
M-41 fixed damage by MG
M551 Mesh fixed
Mig-21 series improved physics
SA-2 rocket improved physics & effects, decreased explosion radius
T-63 series Water effect added
Thompson new sound
V-100 Water effect added, fixed overturning
Vehicle radio sounds increased sound volume
Zil131 fixed co-driver seat
SR-71 fixed wreck, improved physics

new maps

Creek Valley
Dragons Jaw
King of the hill
Lost Patrol
Lost Village
Quang Tri City
Search and destroy
Valley Assault
Xa Loi Pagoda

new maps converted from BF 1942

Hat Dich (Salerno)
Ho Sanh (Husky)
Operation Bribie (Anzio)

overworked maps

A Shau
Closefire Night
Mekong Delta
misc map changes
Battleaxe fixed missing soldier spawns
Hidden Lake Valley fixed missing soldier spawns
Kharkov fixed missing soldier spawns
Lang Vei fixed missing soldier spawns
Broken Arrow fixed pathfinding issues
Charly's Nest fixed pathfinding issues
DaNang fixed pathfinding issues
Heart of Darkness fixed pathfinding issues
Market Garden fixed pathfinding issues, parachutes added
Surrounded fixed pathfinding issues
The Valley fixed pathfinding issues
Urban Warfare fixed pathfinding issues, increased tickets +50%, fixed 2 tank spawns
Way to Bien Hoa fixed pathfinding issues
Bocage Mapinfo fixed, reduced number of tanks and planes
Invasion o.t.Philip. Mapinfo fixed
Tour of Duty Mapinfo fixed, fixed a bug at the temple, decreased viewdistance
Dawn a.t.rice paddies decreased bot viewdistance
Drang Valley decreased bot viewdistance, added some stones for coverage
Eclipse decreased bot viewdistance
Hill937-Night decreased bot viewdistance
Ho Chi Minh Trial decreased bot viewdistance
Rice Paddies Night decreased bot viewdistance
The Hill decreased bot viewdistance
Camp Pleiku increased tickets
Depot increased tickets
Battle_of_Hue removed all vehicles
Bulge fixed fog color
Coral Sea added boats to mid island
El Alamein fixed a fence position
El Alamein fixed tree scaling
Agent Orange C-130 added
EoD_Seafight moved a soldier spawn to prevent the bots from using the planes
Helicopter Valley fixed a bug at the hill bunkers
Hill 937 fixed a MG position
Kursk increased light and viewdistance
Main Supply Route fixed a 'flying' sandbag
Midway added helicopters & planes (NVA) and boats (US), improved AI, AA fixed
My Son added 2 VC transport helicopters, fixed an AA gun position
Na San replaced M3 Grant with M-41 tank, Mig-17 with Corsair & Spitfire
No Escape fixed a wall bug at the temple, added a tunnel
Operation Chopper NVA Medic replaced with NVA AT soldier, pathfinding issues fixed
Operation Hastings fixed Mig 17 positions
Operation Prairie fixed some vehicle and soldierspawns
Pacific Railroad Loadscreen fixed
River Bend added two sniper hideouts
The Rockpile fixed some 'flying' stones
The Storm fixed a soldierspawn position
Tonkin Raid added an ammobox and medic crate at ship
Two Bridges added some ammo and medicboxes, new strategies, improved pathfinding

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