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Changelog 2.0 version EOD Classic BF1942. Game, new vehicles, vehicle modifications, new weapons, new maps, etc

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Changelog 2.00

Release date: Jan. 01, 2010

new Intro
ingame credits updated

new vehicles
Tango Riverboat

vehicle modifications
helicopters: re-added spin effect
(if helicopter is heavily damaged, pilot loses control)
the code had been lost in some of the last releases

MI-4A & MI-8A: AT rockets added
MI-8A: Co-Pilot & 12mm Cannon added
B-52: water damage fixed
SA-2 rocket: increased entry radius
Corsair A-7: increased torque
PBR Napalm: ingame name fixed
Type 63 AA: increased MG radius
BMP-1: added small slewing range to rocket

most vehicles have got new sounds and explosion effects
some vehicles have got improved physics

new weapons
SKS Bayonet (NVA)

weapon modifications
M16 magazine size increased from 25 to 30
most weapons have got new sounds and effects

misc modifications
repaired viewdistance of some buildings

new maps
Operation Chopper
Operation Irving
River Bend
The Valley
Tour of Duty
Way to Bien Hoa
Urban Warfare

new maps converted from BF 1942
these maps have been totaly rebuild and are no 1:1 conversions !

Battle of Britain
Battle of the Bulge
Coral Sea
El Alamein
Invasion of the Philippines
Iwo Jima
Liberation of Caen
Market Garden
Omaha Beach

overworked maps
Dawn at the rice paddies
Heart of darkness
No Escape
The Rockpile

all maps
fixed pathfinding issues
fixed flag settings

misc map changes
Aftermath fixed Bunker2 entrance, fixed ingame map
An Lao Valley removed Temple & Lumbermill controlpoints
Baytown Multiplayer bug fixed
Brown Water Navy fixed a MG position
Charly's Nest Multiplayer bug fixed, removed helicopters
Dong Hoi fixed ingame map
Face to face fixed a wreck with no collision physics. Replaced tanks with APC's. Fixed viewdist.
Fixed fixed a MG spawnposition
Gazala fixed tickets, CTF fixed, Multiplayer bug fixed
Hidden Lake Valley fixed some flying trees
Hue Thien Mu fixed loadscreen
Jocoseness fixed COOP crash
Jocoseness Rats fixed COOP crash
Jungle Mission fixed some wrong placed trees, fixed ground textures
Khe Sanh fixed a mediclocker
Lang Son Multiplayer bug fixed
My_Son removed some plants to prevent lag
Na San fixed a ladder
No Escape fixed a 'flying' radio
Operation Hastings replaced a ropebridge for AI
Operation Kingpin decreased viewdistance to prevent lag
Operation Union fixed a plane spawnposition
Pacific Railroad fixed an ammobox position
Que Son Aftermath fixed heightmap
Que Son Valley fixed a stone
River Patrol fixed spawnpoints at bridge ruin
Run Through The Jungle fixed some mediclockers
Sa Pa replaced bofors with ZPU-2/Quad-50, fixed plane positions
Saigon City fixed bot names, added parachutes, added a sniper pickup kit at church
Stream Multiplayer bug fixed
Swamp fixed a ladder
Than Hoa Wetlands fixed flying punji sticks
Tunnels of Cu Chi fixed ticket counter, fixed outside map area
Why fixed some object spawns

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