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The most important changes in the version 0.7. This is a less detailed changelist than the previous one.

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The overall changelist of rules

general economy rules improved (now Ore Refinery costs 1500 credits) + Allied Ore Processor makes money like Oil Derrick
Soviet economy strengthened by improving War Miner's ore storage ability
Spies made uncrushable
RCS at almost full work:
ammo for most of vehicles
small arms fire efficiency against buildings and vehicles decreased (i.e. infantry cannot take out vehicles and buildings so easily anymore)
faster ROT (Rate Of Fire) of tanks, but slower reload of their ammunition (Hit & Run adn suprise tactics finally online!)
a few other changes, such as tank projectiles are no more (only explosion animations)
several corrections and changes of animations, debris, etc.
several new air units
all 3 factions have airpads
and spy sats too

Warning: the Soviet nuke sile/nuke superweapon causes critical errors, it will be fixed in the next, 0.75 version

The short detailed changelist

War Miner's storage space for ore increased from 40 to 65
Industrial Plant aircraft cost multiplier decreased to 80% from 100% (i.e. 20% cheaper aircraft)
Allied Ore Processor makes cash out of remnants of ore, i.e. 250 credits each 30 seconds
Each Ore Refinery costs 1500 credits
Ore Refineries, Ore Processor and Miners create ore debris after destruction

Now spies are too smart to be crushed by common battle vehicles

Gattling Tank cost changed to 800 from 600

Displaying debris animations now works
Added afterburn effects of aircraft and some missiles

Yuri Bio Reactor cost icreased to 1100 from 600 (on account of its power production easy upgrading by infantry)
Initiate cost increased to 300 from former/planned 150 (because they have weapons good enough against both infantry and vehicles)

... and much, much more.
Probably there will be an article containing detailed units' table + characteristics + stats, which replace the need for changelists.

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