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I finished the modifies for SPEARHEAD. You can read some useful information about the most important changings.

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The SPEARHEAD expansion is ready for coop, you can read about the changings below
(I'll upload after the successed testings)

Mission 1 - Normandy
Map 1: Final Tank removed. The map doesn't work on dedicated server.
Map 2: friendly bots are removed, the last door for the boat is open.
Map 3: friendly bots are removed. Tank removed, because it didn't work in coop.

Mission 2 - Ardennes (snowy maps)
Map 1: friendly bots are removed.
Map 2: --- map is not available in coop ---
Map 3: modified begin scene, no need to run for medic. The bombing and the axis attack starts, when you arrive to the captain or the second player joins (don't ask why, I don't know) One of the players has to bring a panzerfaust against the tanks, because you cannot pickup it from the ground. (idiot game...). In the first axis-wave you have to kill 35 (!) attacker before you have to go to the left frontline. Don't forget, if an axis player run through on the fron-line trench, you'll fail the mission > and the map will restart automatically. After the restart the spawnpoints won't work, but don't worry, there are no long distances on the map.
Map 4: the bombing part at the begin is cutted out, because its impossible the stay alive. Every other thing is working.

Mission 3 - Berlin
Map 1: friendly bots are removed, MOST BORING MAP EVER!!!
Map 2: --- map is not available in coop ---

I'll try to fix the missing or still non-work scripts + continue the work on AA and BT

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