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A brief description about the changes which affect the visuals, gameplay and practically all fundamental elements of the game.

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A lot has changed since I first posted about StormTorn. Let's see a brief explanation about the main differences:

The game was originally planned to be hex and turn based. However, for to be able to put the correct emphasis on the mystery of the unknown, and the exploration, I decided to change the game area to be continuous as well as the time. Naturally, as this is a single player game, the ability to Pause the game will be implemented.

To support this, the islands are also procedurally generated, so they will have unique shapes. This will help the player to feel more immersed.

The player will have a much deeper control over the map generation.

Climates and seasons will provide a variance that will make the life of the merchant much more interesting.

Combat and Adventuring (and possible other aspects of the gameplay) will be resolved with a dice based minigame. Naturally, it will be more complex than using two dies - tactical consideration will also be part of these games.

According to the current plans, the game will be published on Steam in 2016. Various demos and betas will be shared before that. Stay tuned.

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