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A quick overview of the changes made to the mod. Starting at Version 0.42.

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Version 0.xx

Version 0.72

  • massive changes to the troops and trooptrees, new units, like the Vaegir Light Cavalery or the Sarranid Veteran Axeman
  • some new mercs
  • Lords random character is now influenced by theyr culture, swadians and sarranid tend to be more religious for example
  • Crusaders Way to Expiation - OSP Pack included
  • Ottoman Civilian Clothes included
  • new transport quests for the major
  • native quests now for guard captain and spy master
  • buy and build dialogs nearly fixed
  • trade screen now with heading for every row
  • player inventory storage is limited again
  • buildings now have a buy- and buildprice and maintenaince cost
  • reworked tax system
  • calculation of citizen happines reworked and shown in towns menu
  • ability to vote for city council members in your citys
  • ability to kill city council members with shady persons in the taverns
  • Bugfixes: Errors in market presentations, missing textures in arena
  • renamed vaegir lords
  • renamed nord and swadian troops
  • city council members can be asked for information about theyr character
  • city council members can be converted to the belief of the player

Version 0.71

  • changes to town menu, now with infos about population and recalculatet relation
  • small changes to troops
  • rhodok lords have new titels
  • kill counter for companions and lords in combat summary screen
  • community buildings (city hall, city baracks, hospital...) can now be upgraded via dialog with the city council
  • city guards can now be recruited
  • Tournament Play Enhancements by Windyplains implemented
  • many changes to animals and animal products
  • iron smeltes now need iron ore and coal to produce iron
  • charcoal kilns now produce coal from wood
  • sugar beats can now be refined into sugar in a sugar refinerie
  • changes to the initial seed of goods and prices

Version 0.7

  • minor changes to the nord trooptree and the cult of the westwind, new merctypes
  • fixed a bug in the horsetramplig script, now horses fear camels, and other smaller bugfixes
  • added "Ye Olde Tavern Strumpets" and other ressources
  • "Game of Thrones"-Featureset NPCs try to kill each other or make presents, citycouncil members get killed and replaced, lord get hurt, can backfire on the person who started it
  • Sarranids got a new weapon, the grenade
  • a total count of 120 companions is now recrutable (~40% female), wih the spezialists from the more companion mod and some regular ones (lvl1-5)
  • your maximum army size now grows with every fief you hold
  • ordo calradia troops now sometimes use special battlecrys (bad quality just for testing)
  • added 6 new partyskills that affect the party during fights (more melee damalge and so on)
  • 3 new minor faction (based on the 3 religions)
  • "Book of Law" - 16 laws that can change your kingdom
  • added cooking party skill, reduces food consumption 5% per skillevel
  • different speeds for sea traders and pirates, sailing skill affects player speed as ship
  • new names for lords from the nord. swadian and rhodok kingdom
  • renamed citys of swadian and nord kingdom
  • hunting enabled for goat, donkey and camel herds
  • enabled buying and selling for the new buildings, added in 0.5, in vilages and towns

Version 0.6

  • new trooptypes and changes to the trooptrees
  • religious npcs now get religious troops sometimes
  • added kingsguard troops to kings, based on the size of the kingdom
  • more diverse civilian npc in towns
  • named npc partys and npcs in towns
  • all npcs and player have a character and religion that influences theyr behavior and opinion of player
  • updated the kontor price setting presentations so automated trading in villages and town is possible again
  • new interiors for banks and churches
  • added hunting for deers, wolfes and boars

Version 0.5

  • completly rewritten code to support 65 tradegoods (24 in native), on 4 markets, new distribution of good on map
  • no longer savegame compatible
  • added new items from Floris - Basic
  • added More new Companion-Mod companions
  • added first testin version of the city-council featureset, which allows more interaction with a city

Version 0.42

  • changed colors of faction
  • presentation player caravan manage changed, now allows for automatic transports from villages to other villages and towns
  • added dialog for trade caravans
  • updated OSP SeaTrade code
  • Budget presentation changed, updated rent income and other changes
  • presentations keinPlan_player_city_trade and kontor_trade changed spice price slot from 750 to 250
  • replaced all "itm_" requests in the code of dialogs and menus to use new inventory system
  • menu_village now has 2 new options to repair looted villages
  • merged diplomacy tresury and bank account, changed diplomacy dialogs
  • bank_menu and sub-menus have been changed
  • simple trigger interest on deposits changed
  • moved city report from kontor menu to city
  • added new options to center_manage menu
  • made changes to pre_join menu
  • made changes to cattle heard menu
  • added prisoners to workforce calculation in triggers
  • also added garrisons to food consumption trigger (they count as poor people)
  • NPCs building up trigger changed
  • added new constants and slots for city improvement feature
  • genesis simple trigger updated
  • food conversion simple trigger updated
  • changed timer from simple trigger item prices from 2 to 12 hours
  • script initiate_economic_information has been updated
  • select_most_profitable_town and most_profitable_coastal_town updated
  • script do party_center_trade, game_event_simulate_battle and village_set_stage updated
  • guild master and village eldar dialogs investment_choose_enterprise and eldar_investment_confirm updated
  • updated diplomacy code to version 4.3
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