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List of major changes done to the mod over the course of many revisions.

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This list may be incomplete due to the massive amount of changes. However, it will cover most of major ones leading up to V3.3.

  1. Trench Gun are only given to Medic class
  2. Engineer class is now Officer class
  3. Medic is only class without landmines
  4. Artillery given to Support class
  5. Drum PPSH replaces mobile 30 cal on Russian Support
  6. Extra Grenade slot is now flame grenades and separate slot for Gas Grenade
  7. Mobile 30 cal and M34 given 75 rounds to better compete against Drum PPSH
  8. Sprint given to Mobile 30 cal and Mobile MG34
  9. Removed Deployable MG's, Sten MK V, MP41, tommygun and MP40II (Dual Mag)
  10. Mod no longer crashes on Pure due to removal of rotating message
  11. All gametypes updated to work with new Gas Grenade slot
  12. Recoil adjustments for Mobile 30 cal
  13. Removed dead code in _weapons.gsc file
  14. Removed Sticky Bombs as they were buggy
  15. Removed TNT as it didn't plant right, and Engineer class is now Officers.
  16. Officers have access to only unscoped rifles
  17. Medic class is SMGs and Trench Gun for selection.
  18. Remove of unneeded sound files from removed weapons.

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