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This is my unofficial change log that I use when I am finding and getting rid of bugs that are in the mod. They are in sequential order so you can get an idea of how I progressed in making this mod. The first few ideas/changes are the beginning of the mod. Enjoy!

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Some of the 'Approved' changes are old and are not necessarily in the mod itself. But this gives you a general idea of what it was like.

Zombie Mod modifications (Unofficial Change Log)

[ ----- Means that this change is in the mod. ]
[ XXXXX Means it was a bad idea or can't be done. ]
[ ????? Means I have no idea what I was talking about. ]
[ Means I haven't tried it yet. ]

----- Reduce the number of zombies from 70 to 50. Should help with lag.

----- Remove ladders (not from maps but from static objects).

----- Redo AI so they attack static vehicles.

----- Make sure zombies don't have kits to lay down.

XXXXX Make sure all players don't have kits to lay down.

----- Have bots always run.

----- Unlock all unlocks

----- Change PAC weapons to EU.

----- Redo kits.

----- Zombies get unlimited run with quick recharge.

----- Remove zombie knives

----- Give zombies fire to attack.

XXXXX Zombies auto-heal until 100%.

----- Players auto-die until 0% if health is below 50.

----- Add extra clips to all weapons.

----- Remove zombie helmets.

XXXXX Make sure barrels and boxes have networking code built into them. With physics.

XXXXX Change the static_av to a multi-quick fire system.

XXXXX Static_av has 20 rounds per clip. unlimited clips long reload.

XXXXX Change the Pilum to the static_av with a big blast.

XXXXX Change Pilum ammo to just 2 rounds, 1 round per fire, 2 rounds per clip, 2 clips, long reload.

----- Change weapon names.

XXXXX Add commander abilities.

XXXXX Change EMP strike to a smoke radiation cloud.

XXXXX Change orbital strike to mine layer.

XXXXX Add massive fog to maps.

XXXXX Give zombies an unlimited camo.

XXXXX Give zombies and players a self-destruct at extreme close range.

----- Change the static_aa so it's like a minigun.

XXXXX Add radiation grenades to kits.

----- Change the EU AV into a grenade launcher (use motion mine bait). Quickly fires 8 grenades sequentually with a 5 second timer. Right click to zoom.

----- Change the motion mines so they attack zombies.

----- make sure static_aa has an extreme slow response to movement.

XXXXX AAV's are back but this time they are out to kill players, making it even harder!

XXXXX Make zombies run extremely fast.

XXXXX Have a kit that is spawnable on the battlefield that is a special kit with WOMD!

----- Fix the knife range.

----- Fix the knife stuff.

----- Put a supply object inside zombies.

----- Make repair HOFF a flame thrower

----- make sure ammo supply is extremely slow.

XXXXX When a zombie does, it gives off a bright light.

----- Fix the materials for the flames and collision meshes.

----- Fix the green goo fired from the zombies.

----- Change the black hole effect.

----- Change the EMP grenades.

----- Fix the AV rifle deto effect.

----- Do something with the RDX Shotgun.

----->Add extra sentry gun, 2 more shields, and 1 extra sonar device.

----- Create a flare gun.

----- zombies need more fire effect

XXXXX try prone zombies?

----- auto healing to soldiers and not kits?

XXXXX flare gun instead of barrel maker?

XXXXX Make sentry guns enterable?

----- RDX shotgun lighting tool?

????? RDX shotgun effect lights everything up, find out why.

XXXXX shield needs bouncy

----- take shield lightening effect for flare.

----- zombie bodies only have a time to live of only 1 second.

????? Reduce the hand-held rearm time.

-----reduce the number of shock grenades.

----- engineer zombies need to be super accurate with the goo gun.

----- get rid of goo gun hud.

----- Give each light a disadvantage.

----- Shorten the LRPAC radius and less ammo.

----- Get rid of zoom on goo

----- Make lrpac have less light.

----- Flare Gun needs shorter reload.

----- Shield has largest range. 120 meters

----- Flare has medium range 85 meters

----- Recon has smallest range. 45 meters

XXXXX Redo sounds with my crazyness.

----- have knife do damage to other materials.

XXXXX Put in creepy sounds.

----- Weapons to the face = insta kill.

----- Weapons to the body = fail.

----- Fix sniper head shots.

----- Remove Radar Grenade.

----- Remove the extra stuff from the soldiers kit.

----- Remove motion mines.

----- Have flame thrower give off a light.

----- Remove drones and replace them with other objects to light up the battlefield.

----- Have rock on rock music be a zombie name.

----- make the shield light a brighter/lighter blue.

Colors Used:

Red - RDX Shotgun Flare
Blue - Shield
DarkBlue - Pilum
Yellow - Fire
Green - Zombie Goo
White - All around light.
Orange - Throwable flares.
Purple - EMP Mine

----- Commander projectile needs to be slower

----- Recon drone needs to be auto full

----- fire missing on flame thrower...

----- Blue effect failed on pilum.

----- Remove all tracers

----- drone needs to light up everything

----- orange smoke grenade needs to last a long time.

XXXXX have orange smoke grenade bounce.

XXXXX have throwable mines to place around the map or grenades.

----- Emp mine is white...?

----- Alt horn smoke or light.

XXXXX Create a new barrel projectile inside the barrel file. Therefore 2 seperate barrels.

----- More EMP Mines

----- Crashing on engineer.

----- Firing recon fires a SLOW moving light projectile in the direction of the player.

XXXXX Dao-12 Shotgun

----- Max projectiles for recon light.

----- Turn off gravity on light.

----- Give carbine super zoom.

----- Make WMD at an angle of -77 and slower? Maybe brighter?

----- Do not make shotgun full.

----- Drop drone not lighting up. Needs to be timed.

----- have zombie goo switch when no ammo.

----- zombie goo can not replentish.

----- Pilum too powerful.

----- Make mine field more powerful.

----- Sprint Longer

----- Droppable Supply Boxes.

----- Remove cloak?

----- Super Accurate Sniper Rifles

----- Sniper Rifles should get laser thingies.

----- Unlimited ammo for the grenade launcher.

----- Remove unlimited ammo for the flame thrower.

----- Make shield material 666

----- Make a weapon of mass destruction that is a suicide pack.

XXXXX Make the current WMD less accessable.

----- Remove spawn beacons!!!

----- Remove sonar.

----- Increase Pilum.

----- Make The WMD a suicide thing. Awesome!

----- Do something cool with the EU sniper

----- Fix Mortar Image

----- Decrease mortar velocity

----- Increase heat on flame thrower. Decrease penalty.

----- Remove ANY batch for flame thrower.

XXXXX Give burning barrel to zombies and remove goo!.

----- Fix black hole picture.

----- Fix particle Cannon sounds.

----- Fix the flare image.

----- Remove inner glow on laser except for last one.

----- FInd out why advanced sniper laser is brighter.

XXXXX Fix the laser that stays after a weapon is put away.

----- Make box spawn further away from you.

----- Make barrel lighter.

----- Remove the extra fire OR find the right fire.

----- Supply Box icon still broken.

----- Small Fire fails.

----- Fix barrel from killing you.

----- Fix sniper laser problem.

----- Make barrel heavier.

----- make barrel throw further.

----- Have barrel bouncy.

----- Mimik the settings of the motion mines.

----- Fix barrels, too much drag.

----- Duplicate sniper results and make incriments of 3 instead of 5.

----- Put the picture back on the motion mine.

XXXXX Make sure laser doesn't start showing until a good distance away.

XXXXX Have laser bound to a button?

XXXXX Invisible bullets for the laser sight.

Found perfect fire:

ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_sAmb_fire
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_port_shieldyellow

----- Remove the batch size on zombie goo.

----- Remove the smoke from the burning barrels. It causes lag.

----- Add a particle Gun to the Sentry gun.

----- Modify the eu_aa projectile so it doesn't have the actual geometry, but just the glow.

----- Change the sentry gun so it reflects the particle gun accordingly.

----- 2 weapons of mass destruction:

----- Meteor AND Missile thingie.

----- Fix mine field

----- Fix the carbine and sniper rifle.

----- Change RDX image to beacon.

----- Scope laser does not work.

----- Pilum round goes through buildings and explodes on ground. Not bouncing.

----- Pilum has stupid laser on it.

----- Meteor Spawns TOO high up. It goes away before it can be seen.

----- Rename the new WMD's and the other new weapons.

----- Find out why the sentry drone missiles give off such a big boom.

XXXXX Return pilum back to normal.

----- Do NOT use Eu_AA_Missile anymore. Just does not work. Use tracers instead.

XXXXX Remove the green from the fire.

XXXXX Check on Laser scope - not working completely.

----- Reduce gravity on meteor.

----- Remove gravity on Particle Cannon.

----- make particles faster, much faster.

XXXXX Green laser does not work.

XXXXX Make laser scope MUCH further.

XXXXX Make laser more centered.

----- Create / change all the lighting effects support for low.

----- Perhaps give second weapon to sentry gun? (grenade Launcher)

XXXXX Give evil red eyes or green to zombies (find in tower)

----- Give Shock Rifle the blue effect from the pilum but make it super long.

----- Giving the SentryGun a sentry drone was a bad idea.

----- Shock Rifle Needs standard Zoom.

----- Shock rifle needs slower projectile speed.

----- Shock rifle projectile needs to be fatter.

----- Sentry Gun needs fatter tracer.

----- Sentry Gun needs to display every shot.

----- Find out why the beacon blew up after healing me.

----- Find out which light blinks fastest.

----- Put a centerof mass below the beacon.

----- Have multiple lights going up the beacon's top.

----- Make Ammo boxes Go BOOM when zombie gets close.

----- Find out why the sentry gun projectile is now LONGER.

----- Reduce gravity to 0.5 on shock rifle

----- Rename AHUB

----- Put Delay on AHUB.

----- reduce AHUB distance.

----- Something is causing engineer to crash. A new projectile perhaps?

----- Shield does not show up on list. Create a thingie for it.

----- Double the speed of the shock rifle.

----- Change loading music.

----- Add Camp G to co-op.

----- Find out why bots are spawning on both sides.

----- Remove vehicles from verdun.

----- Make ALL fire have the yellow effect.

----- Remove fire from exisiting weapons.

----- Fix maps.

----- camp G lightmaps failed.

----- Make sure all flags in Camp G are cappable.

----- Put Cold Breath on everything.

----- Get rid of smoke on barrels.

----- Sentry Guns not working correctly.

----- Mobile Defibrillator

----- add christian gamers to the welcome message.

----- Limit ammo packs

XXXXX spawn beacons fall through structures. (NO IDEA WHY)

----- Fix the effects server.

----- Fix Camp G

----- Fix Verdun

----- Have mine deployer only deploy one at a time.

----- Sonar causes client freeze. Remove Sonar

----- Fix Crazy Glitch with Grenades.

----- Support Single Player... Whoops!

----- Change version to 1.1

----- Support ALL single player maps... WHOOPS AGAIN! Remove vehicles and such.

----- Change lighting settings for Verdun.

----- Give Camp G single player support

----- Sonar fails.

----- Remove spread on mine field.

----- Have helipads heal players.

----- make sure dummy repair thingie is also changed.

----- Crashes on support - change item index of dummy.

----- remove meteor replace with magnum pistol revolver thingie (one shot kill)

----- Give pistols more damage.

XXXXX Make sure single player has NO auto balance.

----- Make a note to server admins... Auto balance HAS TO BE OFF!!!

----- Give magnum to assault.

----- Put back in game logic.


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