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This is the Newest change list for The Template Modification. Take a read and give feedback if you like Most appreciated. Hogo

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UMP Changes

- Added the General UMP Developer Kit Rules files, for full change list see UMP Change.txt

UMP Manual Changes

- Secret Lab has been added to NeutralTechBuildings= Making it appear on Randomly Generated Maps

- Debris Changes, Case Sensitive Typo's, Replaced "DebrisAnim=" With "DebrisAnims=" & Replaced "Maxdebris=" With "MaxDebris="

- Enabled An unused Allied & Soviet Power plant destruction animation they are GTPOWEXP & TSTLEXP

- Map Smudges have been changed to correctly display by using the correct code from the UMP Optional Changes Section

- Partriot Missile Fire Origin has been set so it files 2 missiles correctly at half the orginal damage

- Generic Prerequsites have been changed on the Chrono Legionnaire, Aircraft Carrier & Siege Chopper they now require there Repective Battle lab and Not (TECH)

- Removed Prerequisite Overrides from the Chrono Legionnaire, Yuri & Navel Seal

- Changed all Amphibious Transports to FACTORY Prerequsites to prevent them from all showing if all 3 navel yars are owned, Also Adjusted Allied Landing Craft to match Soviet & Yuri's

- Equivalent buildings' strength inconsistencies, Matched the Chrono Sphere & Iron Curtain with the Genetic Mutator & Matched the Ore Purifier with the Industrial Plant & Cloning Vats

- Sound limits (Spy disguise sound & Floating Disc move loop)Added Limit=2 to SpyAttack & added Limit=4 to Floating Disc Movement

- Elite Flak unit weapon ranges have reduced range when elite, Changed to increased ranges to correspond with elite weapon status

- Elite Flak Trooper AA weapon damage Increased ROF slightly to decrease attack time & added a small amount of extra damage

- Mind-controlling Animals changed the Dolphin & Civilian animals to have the tag ImmuneToPsionics=yes

- Industrial Plant & Grinder reduced all Allied Soviet & Yuri soylents by 25% to stop the Free Money Trick

- Mind-blast IFV Alterted the CRMindControl so that it auto fires and has the same ROF as the Yuri Clone IFV Mode

- Demolition Truck IFV & Terror Bomb IFV now have altered weapons Projectiles and Warheads according to the UMP Optional Fixes

- Demolition Truck omni-fire added Omnifire=yes to the demolition truck so it doesn't have to turn to face the target to explode

- 1% verses on warheads changed the HollowPoint Warheads 1%'s to 0% so that the units wont retaliate to enemys firing at them that they can't really damage

- Mirage Tank didn't have an elite weapon enabled so I have now enabled it and changed the mirage tank to Omnifire=yes so it doesn't have to face the enemy to fire

- Tesla Coil weapon gets a range boost when its powered by tesla troopers, Now the normal Tesla coil attack gains an height range bonus and so does the Psychic Tower weapon

- Prism Tower weapon Prism tower couldn't damage bridges but that has now been altered to match the Tesla Coil

- Magnetron vs. ore harvesters changed magnatrons weapon so it can't attack medium armor which is what the Ore Miners use

- Elite Psi-Commando mind-control the maximum captured units by the Psi Commando is now 4 and the range has been decreased from 14 to 10

- Added BaseNormal=yes to the Tech machine shop

- Anti-air Range Bonus From Height vs. Adjacency removed the Height advantage the flak cannon got over the Gattling Cannon and Patriot missile but increased the flak cannons adjacency

- IFV naming system / UseOwnName Changed the GI Conscript & Spy to UseOwnName=true

- Gattling tank now has its own GattlingTankMoveStart sound

General Changes

- Altered the tank destroyers [AP] Warhead so light armor is now 100% and not a lower value than the Percentage of Medium & Heavy Armor's

- Added EligibileForAllyBuilding=yes to all factorys, all Battle Labs and some other higher & Expensive structures, its also attached to the Tech Buildings Such as the Tech Airpad

- Increased Damage and Lower Rate Of Fire for the Tech outposts weapon

- added HasRadialIndicator=true to all base defenses with a suitable projectile and added it to the Tech outpost

- All defenses are now trainable thus they have primary elite weapons the Tesla coil & prism tower don't have EliteSecondary weapons they have the originals

- Create Logic Revamp the list now consists of
IFV, Prism Tank & Allied MCV
Flak Track, Apocalypse & Soviet MCV
Gattling Tank, Mastermind & Yuri MCV

- Secret Tech Lab has been slightly altered


- Added DebrisAnims=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4 to all 3 Refinerys so when they are destroyed they spread a small amount of Ore around the area they were destroyed

- Added arctic Alernative arts have been added to the GI, Conscript & Initiate

- Added an elite Dragon line trailer to the AAHeatSeeker2E & AirtoGroundMissilesE

- Added OreTruckHarvest to The Chrono Miner, War Miner & Slave Miner

- Altered the Blue & Purple Chosen colors

- Added new loading screens for each team, Created by lefthand

- Force Shield Cooldown Timer is now displayed like regular superweapons it is also not not disabled when Super weapons are

- Both allied & Soviet dogs are now trainable, The also can now detect Stealthed units

- The Paradrop plane now has a new Voxel

- Added Crewed=yes to all Allied, Soviet & Yuri units


- Increased cost of Battle fortress to 2600 > 2000

- Increased Size of the Cannon Ball Projectile the Grand Cannon Fires

- The Robot tank can now become Veteran & Elite its has a new weapon which is good vs Armor Moderate vs infantry & Structures

- new look for the German Tank Destroyer bigger and badder
New Voxel Art

- Altered the Animation when the Mirage tanks projectile hits an enemy unit


- Apocalypse Tank now attacks infantry with its mammoth tusks weapon instead of its orgiginal
increasment in HP from 800 > 1100
New Voxel Art

- Crazy Ivan is now Trainable, Gains an elite Weapon, Has a throwing Bomb instead of planting it & now explodes when he is Destroyed

- Increased Armor of the Demolition Truck, Increased Maximum Radiation level & Change the Warhead a little now more effective and shakes upon distruction
New Voxel Art

- Rhino tank has a new look slightly bigger
New Voxel Art

- New Tesla tank art TJFrames Mammoth Tesla Tank
New Voxel Art

- Added the Soviet Spy to give the soviets infiltrate abilities

- Increased speed of boris'es MiG's

- Drednaught Missile Ship now uses the Valdamir Graphic
New Voxel Art

- Sentry gun now has new Graphics for a nicer cleaner look
New Graphic Art


- Chaos Drone now has a turret that spins for the Chaos Effect, Increased Strength to 225

- Increased Brute HP from 200 > 300

- Nightmare Trooper has been added to fill the Anti Aircraft infantry role for Yuri

- Added the Gattling Ship to provide an extended navey for Yuri and an Anti Air Boat

- Yuri's Mastermind can now capture a maximum of 2 units and will not overload

- Yuri's Psychic tower can capture 3 units but will start to overload at 4+ units and take damage

- Cloning vats now has a new Graphics looks better and cleaner

- Yuri now has the Intruder Infantry it can infiltrait the enemy bases

- Magnatron now has reduced damage vs buildings
New Voxel Art

- Added the Yuri Shadow Shift can carry 3 Infantry units up to the size of 2, It also has a 20MMRapid Weapon

- Yuri Clone can now hover over water as an added bonus to mix things up

- Added Yuri Aircraft pad to balance out the factions

AI Fixes

- Black Eagle AI fix has been implemented

- Fixed the Broken V3 Task force that tried to use the name V3Rocket

- Enabled Disabled Triggers & Added all easy task forces to Medium & Brutal Dificulty All Mediums To Brutal so the AI has a higher choice of Taskforce

- added lots of AI changes to get the AI to react Quicker and be a little smater and faster which its assults

Map Changes

- Fixed some of the Screw ups in the original Yuri's Revenge maps

- Fixed the AI on Downtown DC it was told to ignore AI global triggers thus the AI did nothing


- Both Translucent=yes & Translucency=50 have been disabled to remove a lot of lag when animations play

- Lowered Maximum Particle Caps on particle systems to reduce lag

- Lowered Translucency= on particles to remove some lag

- Added Trailer=DURASMOKE to both the grand cannon projectile The Aegis Cruiser Medusa & the dragon Projectile Image


- Combined The GGI Deploy sound with the GGI deploy voice for a double sound effect in 1 sound tag

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