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Part of readme contents. It's a detailed list of changes for user interfface, game mechanics, character attribute, mercenaries, levels, monsters, items and vendors.

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Updated to Version 3.51

User Interface

  • New loading screen.
  • New border frame for 800x600 resolution.
  • New life orb and mana orb.
  • Clearer fonts for “+” and “5”.
  • Diablo 2 beta character screen with advanced stats.
  • Mod version on credits screen.
  • Language support for Chinese (Traditional).

Game Mechanics

  • Disabled access to close and open
  • Expanded private stash to 100 pages.
  • Added shared stash with 100 pages.
  • Added shared gold.
  • Allowed multiple instances.
  • Auto gold pickup (within 3 yards out of town).
  • Higher resolution (1024x768).
  • Fast loading for multiplayer.
  • Infinite loop CPU bug fix.
  • Ctrl + left click item extended to inventory, stash, cube and ground.
  • Shift + left click potion extended to belt.


  • Increased maximum level to 100.
  • Increased experience gained after each kill and removed experience penalty after level 72.
  • Added sounds and overlays to most skills.
  • Removed cast delay of all skills.
  • Greatly decreased run/walk speed and increased stamina drain.
  • Greatly decreased shield blocking.
  • Decreased life and mana leech in hell difficulty.
  • Slightly changed life, mana and stamina increase of each class per level.
  • Slightly changed mana regeneration rate of each class.
  • Greatly changed effect, damage, mana cost and synergy of all skills.
  • Mana orb turns purple when mana is degenerating.
  • New skill description and effect display.
  • Added player corpse indicator.


  • Increased maximum level to 99.
  • More item slots, less hiring costs.
  • Slightly increased life regeneration rate and all resistances.
  • Act 1 Rogue Scouts:
    => crossbows are allowed weapons.
    => 10% chance of dodge, avoid and evade.
  • Act 2 Desert Mercenaries:
    => all subtypes cast assassin buffs: Combat (Burst of Speed), Offensive (Venom), Defensive (Fade)
    => 25% damage resist.
  • Act 3 Iron Wolves:
    => Fire Bolt in place of Inferno for fire subtypes.
    => Chain Lightning in place of Charged Bolt for lightning subtypes.
    => 15% chance of shield block.
  • Act 5 Barbarians:
    => added new skill (Shout) and subtypes: Offensive (Bash), Defensive (Stun)
    => 20% chance of weapon block.
  • Added active greeting (at first sight in town) and talking (60 seconds idling out of town).


  • Added and changed background music for certain areas.
  • Greatly increased monster density and monster types.
  • Slightly increased number of champions and bosses.
  • The Secret Cow Level:
    => allowed unlimited runs.
    => simple transmuting formula without Wirt’s Leg: Scroll of Town Portal = Cow Portal
  • Disabled Wirt’s Leg in Tristram.
  • Nihlathak portal persists after quest completion.


  • No drops of potions and scrolls.
  • Greatly increased drop rate of high-end runes.
  • Disabled life and mana leech from the undead.
  • Greatly increased species, resistances, immunities and skills.
  • Disabled all skills in normal difficulty.
  • Immunities cannot be broken and incerase with difficulty level: no immunity in normal, single immunity in nightmare and double immunities in hell.
  • Greatly increased experience gain in nightmare and hell difficulty.
  • Lesser Evils (Andariel, Duriel, Belial, Azmodan) and Prime Evils (Mephisto, Diablo, Baal) can return missile damage and resist chill effect.
  • Prime Evils retaliate attacker with freeze effect when taking damage.
  • The following monster skills deal magic damage:
    => Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 Acid Beast spitting
    => Act 5 Imp bolt, Baal (and clone) Inferno/Nova
  • Added super unique bosses from Diablo 1:
    => The Butcher, Skeleton King, Warlord of Blood and Archbishop Lazarus.
  • Removed global blocking except shielded types, Izual, Ghom, Cydaea, Rakanoth and Lesser/Prime Evils.
  • Added a new champion type "elite" which is spawned only in Act 5 Worldstone Keep and Throne of Destruction. Elites have no special bonuses but they can't be altered by "AI-switching" skills. Besides, ranged attacks of elites are immune to Slow Missiles.
  • Disabled immunities and monster properties of the Summoner, Nihlathak and the Ancients—they are human enemies now.
  • Removed insane death explosion of Bone Fetishes.
  • Disabled overly dramatic missile animation of Shenk death.
  • Ancients drop high-end runes, potentially Zod in hell difficulty.
  • Act bosses regenerate hit points.
  • Added sounds for neutral state to certain monsters and unique bosses.


  • New graphics and sounds for set items and unique items.
  • Enabled tempered items (via cube recipes) for additional item upgrade.
  • Greatly increased transmuting formulae for the Horadric Cube.
  • Enabled herb (+25% movement speed, 30 seconds).
  • Added 4 types of temporary augments (use only one at a time):
    => Codex of the Angiris (+1 to all skills, 120 seconds)
    => Book of the Nephalem (+5% to maximum life, 140 seconds)
    => Note of the Horadrim (+5% to maximum mana, 160 seconds)
    => Annal of the Sanctuary (replenish life +3, 180 seconds)
  • Added auto-mod to rebalanced items:
    => axes: 1-3 level to 1-3 random barbarian skills
    => hammers/maces: 1-3 level to 1-3 random druid skills
    => bows/crossbows: 1-3 level to 1-3 random amazon skills
    => wands: regenerate mana 10-25%
    => staves: regenerate mana 50-100%
    => crossbows: -20~35% target defense
    => circlets: +5-15% to experience gained
  • Changed auto-mod of necromancer shrunken heads: +7-90 to stamina.
  • Rare items and crafted items have only 1 socket by sockets-adding formula.
  • Disabled oskill, procing and charged items.
  • Disabled effect of blind, freeze and flee on missile weapons.
  • Unique items can drop more than once per game.
  • Greatly increased chance for premium prefixes and suffixes.
  • Greatly changed crafted items properties and removed item types restriction.
  • Enabled hidden modifier "permanent quiver quantity" for bows and crossbows, and thereby arrows and bolts are not consumed.
  • Decreased strength requirement of elite armors, except druid/paladin/necromancer specific items.
  • Increased 50% defense of elite shields except class-specific types.
  • Totally changed all unique items and added new ones.
  • Slightly changed attributes, stats and items allowed for all affixes.
  • Enabled hidden prefixes and suffixes and added new ones.
  • Greatly changed attributes or properties of gems, runes, set items and rune words.
  • Set “Cow King’s Leathers” can be collected out of the Cow Level.
  • Enabled ladder-only and hidden rune words.
  • Slightly decreased block percentage of shields.
  • Armors drain more stamina and decrease more run/walk speed.
  • Ethereal armor socket bug fix.
  • Changed maximum sockets of armors and weapons. One-handed weapons have 4 sockets at most, and circlets always have 1 socket.
  • Throwing weapons (excluding amazon-only javelins) can have 1 socket.
  • Wands and orbs are not blunt weapons. With faster attack speed, they lose a bonus of 50% damage to undead.
  • Increased damage bonus from strength for paladin shields by 10%.
  • Increased damage bonus from strength for one-handed axes by 10% and for two-handed axes by 15%.
  • Increased damage bonus from dexterity for crossbows by 50%.
  • Increased damage bonus from dexterity for one-handed swords by 20% and for two-handed swords by 25%.
  • Decreased healing effect of full rejuvenation potion from 100% to 50%.
  • Simplified cube recipes for rejuvenation potions:
    => 2 healing potions + 2 mana poti minor rejuvenation potion
    => 2 super healing potions + 2 super mana poti major rejuvenation potion
  • Removed max resist bonus of thawing potion and antidote.
  • Scrolls cannot be carried on belt.
  • Scroll of Town Portal, except use in the inventory, has cast delay of 20 minutes.
  • Increased maximum quantity of arrows/bolts to 500.
  • Increased maximum quantity of throwing weapons to 250.
  • Increased maximum quantity of throwing potions to 50.


  • Greatly decreased selling price and gamble cost.
  • Greatly lowered the ceiling imposed on buying price from merchants (1000 in normal difficulty, 3000 in nightmare difficulty and 5000 in hell difficulty).
  • Items for sale are upgraded in accordance with difficulty level—normal items for normal, exceptional items for nightmare and elite items for hell.
  • Increased chance of gambling for rare, set and unique items.
  • Added refresh button for trade and gamble screen.
  • Lysander and Alkor sell throwing potions in nightmare and hell difficulty.
  • Potions for sell are the same in all difficulty levels.
  • Herbs are available in potion stores.
  • Class-specific items are available in most stores (miscellaneous page).
  • Added items sold by Jamella:
    => premium items: perfect gems, jewels, runes, charms, circlets
    => special utilities: Standard of Heroes, Token of Absolution
    => temporary augments: Codex of the Angiris, Book of the Nephalem, Note of the Horadrim, Annal of the Sanctuary
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