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This is the change list I have currently put together to keep a reminder of whats done Got feedback? Just post a comment or PM me, Like to request a feature or a fix comment or PM me :) Hogo

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Old Changes are shown below, This will be updated with the new ones shortly :)

Change wrote: General Changes

- Has UMP Fixes that come with the rulesmd File in the Dev Pack
- Also has the fixes that can be made manual all 48
- scorches and craters work properly
- Added Another General fix Put TeslaTankMoveStart On Both Allied, Soviet & Yuri Harvesters
- Added some exsisting but unused Guardian GI Deploy Voices
- Changed build speed from .7 to .5 to create a faster pace enviroment
- Changes to Growth Rate and Price of Gems and Ore
- Paradrop now falls quicker
- Changes have been made to the veteran Ratios, It now takes longer to gain veterancy but it pays of better when you do
- Buildings now Auto Repair
- Can now start with up to 25000 Credits and 25 MAX units
- Can now build next to any of your allys buildings besides Defenses
- Changed around the chance of a certain crate powerup to display have enabled some disabled ones too
- Changed countires Specfics Such as ArmorMultiplier and Speed Multiplers diferent counties have diferent combo's
- Defenses now have HasRadialIndicator=true so you can see their range
- Big explosions such as Nuclier Explosions Demo Truck Explosions cause the screen to shake
- Ore Trees have extracting sounds
- All landing crafts Have small Changes which make them unique
- Ore is Spread when ore refinerys and Ore Purifiers are destroyed
- Enabled previously disabled crates such as " One time Nuke Strike", Cloak, Shroud, & others also changed the chance of getting certain crates
- All Prerequisite Overrides have been removed
- Made Changes to prices of Refinerys for Economic Purposes & Scounting Purposes
- Global Change to all battle labs, Price increased to 4000 So lower tier units are used for slightly longer than just fast teching
- all battle labs have increased strength from 500 to 1250 allowing them to be less of a target for harrier & black eagle squads
- Changes to all 3 Teams main battle tanks make them slightly more unique compaired to each other

Allied Changes

- Moved The spysat to the tech tab instead of the Armory tab
- Spysat price increased to 2000 from 1500
- Dropped the Robo Control centres TechLevel to 4 from 10
- Changed the Spysats tech level to 8 from 9
- Allied dog can now gain veterancy
- Robot tank has been changed, Now fires missiles that are good vs Tanks its not trainable, Costs a little more and has a little less armor
- Increased Chrono Miners speed & can now hold 30 instead of 20 Ore
- Patriot Missile can now attack dropping paratroopers
- Ore Purifier now explodes when destroyed just like the oil derrick
- Pill Box, Patriot Missile, Prism Tower & Grand Cannon are now able to get veterancy and a slightly better weapon
- Grand Cannon now has a trail Animation attached to its projectile
- Sniper Tech level increased to justify its level on the sidebar, ROF Decrease also
- Both Harrier & Black Eagle have increased Speed , Attack Damage & Strength ammo also capped at 2 instead of 1 now
- Tanya Has had her price increased to 2200 and had her HP increased
- Most allied infantry can now garrision buildings and they use their primary weapon mostly
- Increased Price of Prism tank to 1800 to prevent Spamming
- Increased Mirage Tank price to reflect its high tier weapon
- Increased Battle Fortress Price but increased speed by 1 and Strength slightly
- Allied tank destroyer has increased Strength A slightly higher cost and a higher tech level to show its place in the unit tiers
- Allied tank destroyer now has a turret so it can attack on the move
- Allied grand cannon has a small HP increase and now requires Tech lab to be buildable, Weapon changes also applied

Soviet Changes

- Increased V3 rocket Projectile speed, Reduced Reload time and Increased price by 400
- Terror Drone gain now gain veterancy
- Soviet Dog can now gain veterancy
- Increased Speed & Storage of The war miner now can carry 50 was previously 40
- Increased hp of the Terror drone slightly
- Flak cannons can now hit falling paratroopers
- Sentry Guns, Flak Cannons & Tesla Coils are now able to get veterancy and a slightly better weapon
- Demo truck has increased armor and speed, a slightly more damaging death weapon also
- Changed Sea Scorpians Weight to 4 so it now sinks instead of explodes
- Increased Speed of the Kirov Airship
- Boris has had a price increase to 2300 & a weapon Damage inscrease and small ROF decrease
- Most soviet infantry can garrision buildings they use thier primary weapons mostly
- Soviet Nuclear Reactor now costs 2000 Previously 1000
- Apocalypse tank price increased but also a slight speed increase and slight armor buff
- Seige Chopper price increase slightly Strength buff and speed increase
- Soviet Zeplin Speed increase but a slight armor drop to compensate for having increased speed
- Changed Drednaughts Image to the Vladamir Command Ship Voxel
- Added new Apocalypse Graphics
- Added a new Tesla Tank graphic, Also changed the Tesla tanks Strength Speed Cost & Weapons Slightly
- Tesla Trooper has had a range increase and minor weapon tweaks, HP increase and slight Cost increase
- Desolator has increased Speed Cost & Hp, Weapon ROF Lowered + small damage increase, Slightly more effective vs units
- Apocalypse is now using its Mammothtusk weapon to attack infantry instead of using its primary

Yuri Changes

- Moved Cloning Vats to Tech Tab From armory
- Slave miner & Slave are now slightly faster and can collect and gather more resources
- Slave miner costs 1800 instead of 1750 & has an adjusted build time
- Increased chaos drones speed and Hp also dropped its cost 200, Last it now has a DeathWeapon
- Cloning vats now explodes when destroyed like the Oil Derrick
- Increased Brutes speed & Lowered ROF, Also has directrocker to flip Units
- Magnatron Now hovers & Requires Tech lab, This allows more freedom with Units Deaths Range against buildings also increased
- Boomber Sub has had some reductions most of all it has had its CruiseMissiles Removed but it regains them after Battle lab
- Yuri prime has had price increase to 2500 and had its hp upped a little
- Most Yuri infantry can garrision buildings they use thier primary weapons mostly
- Floating disk slight price increase but also a small armor buff and speed increase
- Mastermind Small price increase Slight Armor buff & Has had its weapon reworked to a maximum of 3 captures, Swaped weapon with psychic tower
- New Magnatron Graphics to try and suit its new hovering movement, Can now do small damage to infantry

Tech Structure Changes

- Tech Oil Derrick HP incresed to 2000
- Tech Repair pad hp increased to 2000 & has a better weapon
- Airpad has increased HP to 2000
- Tech Powerplant has increased hp to 2000
- Tech Machine shop has increased Hp to 2000
- Tech Hospital has increased Hp to 2000
- Changed around the Free Tech you get from a secret lab added more units and buildings to the lists
- Changed Secret tech labs HP to 2000 to match the other tech buildings

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