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CD Projekt Red has announced a remake of the first Witcher game in Unreal Engine 5 is on the way, so here's five Witcher mods to get back into Geralt's shoes!

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As part of a string of recent announcements from CD Projekt Red - including new Cyberpunk games, a new Witcher trilogy, and an original IP in development - a remake of the first Witcher game has now been announced utilising Unreal Engine 5 instead of CDPR's in-house game engine. Holding up perhaps the least well of the trilogy graphically (and some would argue mechanically), it presents an exciting opportunity to raise it to Wild Hunt's standards - so let's dive in to Geralt's adventure with five mods for the trilogy!


By magun

Deceits screenshots

Geralt travels to Lan Exeter, summoned there by the Esterad Thyssen himself. Having crossed Kestre mountains, the witcher reaches a peaceful valley. where he is delayed by some unexpected events. This award-winning mini-adventure mod features seven new impactful quests, over a dozen new NPCs, and for bilingual users, language support in both Polish and English - a solid, all-around must-have for Witcher fans.


By fantasta


The witcher, tired after a long day of travel through Temeria, arrives at a village, which seems like any other. He wants to stay for a night at the local inn and to move on, but he will have to face a serious danger. He will find himself entrapped in the village and the way out will not be peaceful. This mod is something of a classic from 2009 but proves the new Witcher remake will have big boots to fill, with its predecessor having a committed modding scene that created plenty of extra content for fans.

Master Witcher Redux

By 1ndig0

Sign Defence

Formerly based upon FCR2 during the initial portion of development, it has since branched off and come into its own with a slew of changes. The highlights revolve around combat. These include improved parrying, free-form targeting, focused attack, and combat-based experience points to name a few. Most of the new abilities are acquired through character ability development. The player level cap has been extended to 96. So it is possible to completely fill the entire skill tree. Leveling will also slow down towards the higher levels due to progressive XP requirements

A Short Story From The Trail

By ahtenya

Image 4

Some Witcher custom quest mods are gigantic in scale, adding hours of content and expanding the storyline considerably. Other mods are gameplay oriented, making sweeping changes to an entire game's sandbox. A Short Story From The Trail is a smaller mod, focused on telling one little tale and giving you many ways to complete it. It won't change all of Witcher 2, but it'll slot in a neat experience to distract you in your playthrough.

Witcher 3 - Complete Modpack

By [Skaim]

Image 5

When one mod isn't enough, modpacks pick up the baton of combining many great mods into one unique package. This modpack by Skaim combines over forty mods intended for maximum compatibility and also preconfigures every mod for the best combination right out the gate. If the concept of putting together your own complicated collection of mods seems daunting, this pack might be a great place to start your Witcher 3 journey.

Wind's Howling

The Witcher is the series that, for many, defined CD Projekt Red's gaming output - establishing the company as a heavy-weight in the RPG space that from the get-go, had a talent for world-building and presentation. The Witcher (the first game, we mean) made an impact that allowed CDPR to grow the franchise with sequels that grew to a peak with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and though the game has some visual and mechanical jank that makes it a little tougher to get into today, news of a remaster from CDPR based on the new Unreal Engine 5 means perhaps the first of Geralt's extended adventures will be easier than ever to revisit anew.

Latest Screenshots

The Witcher was CDPR's first foray into the dark fantasy
universe full of monsters and grim decsisions

No Lesser Evils

This announcement comes on the back of a number of news items from CDPR. Riding a wave of popularity from a resurgence in Cyberpunk 2077's fortunes, a new Witcher trilogy has been announced centring on Ciri, a new Cyberpunk game is coming too, and an original IP is in the works. Some are sceptical following the Cyberpunk debacle, but there's also cautious optimism that perhaps CDPR has learned their lesson, and a return to the Witcher may also mean a return to form.

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Strogglet15 - - 1,379 comments

Funny, I've just replayed Witcher 1 and right today I've won it.

It's truly an amazing game, I don't mind combat much, the story itself was just wonderful, I dare say it's even better in every way than Witcher 3 or let alone Witcher 2.

I can wait for this Remake knowing that I loved the original Witcher 1 so much, I might replay it to yet again, two or even three times, perhaps pick the other choices that I have taken in other playthroughs.

Whoever was in the development team for The Witcher 1, you deserve undying respect, friends!

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