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Explaining Carry Weight, the new mechanic introduced in Escape from the Afterlife 1.54 - Paths edition (latest version)

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Carry Weight is an innovation mechanic which comes as a way to balance how many Charms/Erebus Seals a character can hold in his inventory. Why this is very important? Please read the upcoming article about the Erebus Seals & Charms to get your answers. In a few words though, Erebus Seals can roll as Magic and Rares with affixes that can roll in almost every other item in game, making them extremely powerful. Furthermore, since EftA has some really nice rare gear that for the most part is not even picked up, Carry Weight comes to address that and with it, to make toot choosing a lote more interested and thoughtful. So lets get into the details.

Every unique/set item and every charm-like item (Charms/Erebus Seals), has now a varying Carry Weight negative value. That value is represented in the Stats Screen and you start of course with a 0 value (no bourdain). As you progressing in the game and loot drops, each charm-like item that you will hold to your inventory and its equipped unique/set item, will make heavier and inevitably slow, really slow, even slower then walking. And the mobs in EftA wont forgive such a weakness.

In vanilla Diablo and probably in every other mod, when you pick up a unique weapon or armor, no matter how many rares dropped from the same kind, you dont even bother, you just wait for the next unique drop. Ignoring that rares can roll great affixes. Introducing the Carry Weight will make you care, cause Rares and Magic items (except Quivers) are weightless, allowing you to carry more Erebus Seals and Charms in your inventory.

And this is the fun part of this mechanic, the player needs to choose, do i keep my unique piece and throw a useful Seal? Do i wear this nice Rare instead of this unique piece to hold more Seals & Charms? Which of those three items has the stats that i need? Which combination of them do i keep? Loot dropping is suddenly engaging and meaningful. Of course they are items, recipes, runewords in game that increase your Carry Weight ability. To give a more flexibility.

So i hope you enjoy this new mechanic in Escape from the Afterlife 1.54 - Paths edition (latest version)

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