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Wellcome back to Carmageddon 2, here is a little simple MOD made to be closer to the first game of the series, some changes to the mecanics were made, new cars, new opponents and new tracks The idea its to make C2 closer to C1, more races, more wastes, no more missions and a few balanced opponents, APO and points.

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-No more missions (every mission now its a race from C1)
-96 car in total to buy and play
-Balanced and a little harder Opponents to waste
-Very limited APO system (to encourage the player to always buy new cars)
-Every 3 dificults levels are the same (close to the normal mode)
-New cars received a default garage image one by one
-Starter races will have 6 opponents to 20 in the end of the game
-Intro and Ending movies originals from C2.
-Psycho Pitbull now its a tier 5 opponent.

Greetz to AdR, C2S, ChevyII, Coffeycup, CWR, Deep_Blue, Econobrick, Errol, Harmalarm, Hazardic, hifi, helomyname, The Joker, Mastro, Mad_Maxine, MorbidAnge, Toshiba-3. And all the modders that created cars, tracks and tools to make this mod work ^_^

Have Fun and join us on discord:

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