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I have outlined what I would like the Republic Campaign to look like when I finally start making it. If this is something you guys would like to see, let me know. As always, leave suggestions!

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Republic Campaign ideas:

Start with a few planets, and most of the galaxy locked.
Tech research is removed, and new tech is added based on missions in the timeline.
Make it so the AI doesn't really do anything at this point.

Start with a hero unit of Obi Wan and Qui-Gon and make the mission to escort them to Naboo for negotiations.
Once they get there, despawn them and add the audio from the movie of when they get attacked.
Skip through some audio and get to the point where they make the plan to attack the city.

Next objective is to build republic militia to attack Naboo.
Once the city is taken, unlock some of the planets and have the CIS be more active, but don't give them the ability to build big ships.
Possibly make a battle happen here where the republic gets some N1 fighters and you have to destroy a single Lucrehulk.
N1's need to have proton torpedo abilities here and possibly make it so the lucrehulk doesn't have shields.
Have a hero unit kid Anakin that must survive the battle.

  • Side mission:
    Give the republic Nym.
    Objective is to attack the CIS controlled planet of Lok with Nym.
    Upon victory, give the republic the ability to build the Lok Revenants (including Mere Cruisers).

Next objective is to escort Obi-Wan to Kamino.
Once he gets there, change Kamino's allegiance from neutral to Republic.
Give Republic ability to build clones and acclamators and give them a good amount of starting units.

Next objective is to build a force and attack Geonosis with Yoda.
The space of Geonosis will have a Saboath Destroyer and a few Hex Deployers (Possibly make a custom Cavik Toth unit for the destroyer).
The CIS will have troops similar to the movie so a large force will need to be trained.
After the battle, the planet should remain in CIS control.

Then the missions based on the old clone wars game will occur.
Audio will play from those missions and the next objective is to send Anakin and Obi Wan (A single unit at this time) to Raxus Prime.

The next objective is to send Anakin/Obi Wan to Thule.
Give the CIS Cydon Prax on this battle, and following the battle remove him from the game.
Give the republic a few Venators and the option to build them.
Give the CIS some starting ships and the option to build ther rest of them.
Add the remaining Jedi to the game.

Following this battle, the next mission is to assemble a force and attack Christophsis with Anakin and Obi Wan.
After this battle, split the two up and add Ahsoka to Anakin.

Next mission is to attack Ryloth and free the Twi'leks with Mace Windu.
After Ryloth, give the Republic the option to build Freedom Fighters and give them the option to build Geonosis troopers.

Next mission is to assault the Malevolence with Anakin.
Give the Republic the ability to train Shadow Squadron.

Next objective is to assault Geonosis again (Point Rain) and make the CIS have the super tanks defending.

Have the CIS take control of Rishi and warn the Republic that an attack is incoming on Kamino.
Start a short timer then begin the attack, mostly infantry but also with Grevious and Ventress in command.
After this battle, change all trainable clones to Phase 2.
Remove Ahsoka from Anakin and make her a seperate hero.

Next objective is to build up a force and attack Umbara with Anakin.
Give the CIS a lot of Umbaran forces defending.

Next objective is to move Anakin and Ahsoka to a neutral Onderon to train locals.
Once they arrive, give the Republic a special infantry unit of Onderon militia and make Onderon CIS controlled.
Next objective is to attack Onderon.
Remove Ahsoka as a hero and possibly play the audio of her leaving the order.
Remove Ventress as a CIS hero.

Begin the Outer Rim Sieges.
Give missions to take over Mygeeto, Felucia, and Saleucami.

Once those planets are held, give a mission with a timer saying the CIS is massing a fleet to attack Coruscant.
Once the timer is over, give the CIS a large fleet with Grievous in command to attack Coruscant.
Remove Dooku as a CIS hero.

Play the audio of the council discussing Kashyyyk and give a mission to bring Yoda and an army to defend.
Once they arrive, have the CIS attack with mostly enforcer tanks and a few gunships and spider walkers.

Once battle is over, give a mission to escort Obi Wan to Utapau.
(Change the battle to make it more like the movie).
Remove Greivous as a CIS hero.

Play the audio already in RaW about moving Anakin and Palpatine to Coruscant, then execute order 66.
Remove all Jedi from Republic and reform it into the Empire.
Possibly the "end" can happen with another mission moving Anakin to Mustafar.
Once he gets there, change allegiance from CIS to Empire and remove Anakin from the game.
Add Darth Vader, the Emperor, and Grand Moff Tarkin.

More to follow...


Sounds good!

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Having a more story driven campaign option like this would be pretty cool.

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