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Find out now what sort of features Winter Solstice will have for you...

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Today people, I will tell you what features Winter Solstice has, but first here is a quick note:


Winter Solstice was first designed by Manio31, a leader of FrostReaper Entertainment and this mod was being made with its own Maps (Custom Maps, Melee Stuff) but it had a story of a campaign for each one but since manio31 never replied back to us and many of our team members don't awser us or aren't active, we decided to kick every member that doesnt want to awnser us, including Manio31 that didnt want to talk to us as well. This was necessary, so that we can now make progress with this mod. So, today we are fully active with this mod, there are no more members that actually don't do anythingn so now let us begin with the features the mod has.


The most important feature of this campaign will be that it is not singleplayer, but co-op !
This campaign will have a very advanced trigger, so that it will load each map for both of the players to keep on playing in the gmae and thus, you don't have to load each map. If this doesn't work, we will ask someone very skilled with C++ or some other language, to make a little program for this mod in order to let it load each map and so on. Yes! this Campaign will be a 2 Player Moddification, so you may enjoy this with your friends!

In this campaign you will see that most units and Heroes are new. (Except a few stuff will be from the original WarCraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne) You will also see that you will play with races you never have got to play before (This means that the races will be mixed, so you will be playing with different races on your adventure. Each system we use will be made by ourselves or will be used from people that gave us permission to use his/her modification. For example - You will get a very unique, new and powerful chatting system from us.


We are currently searching for Active members that have skills with WarCraft 3's Engine that may help us, though only in this specific Mod. (We are not currently hiring anymore members for our Company.)

-All the Best in the Future
-Vrah2,Leader (Leader of this Project Only)
-Kerloc,Co Leader (Of this Project Only)
-Jeno, admin of FrostReaper Entertainment (spellingcheked this text)

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