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The next entry in the CoD lineup has experienced a minor leak suggesting a return to Steam, and gotten an official release date. Here's five CoD mods to hone your skills!

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The next entry in the Call of Duty lineup is Modern Warfare II (2022) - not to be confused with previous releases under that name, it's a sequel to the reboot series setup in Modern Warfare (2019). After seven years of PC releases exclusively launching on, leaked Steam artwork indicates a return to the most popular online storefront in the world on the also recently announced release date of October 28th 2022. Whilst you theorise about the next title, here's five mods to scratch the CoD itch in older titles!

1936-1939 The Spanish Civil War

By Triby


This mod is the story of the Spanish civil war, between 1936 and 1939, accompanied by approximately 24 missions recreating the most important battles of the war. Some tasks are about the siege of the Alcazar of Toledo, the battles of Madrid, Jarama, Guadalajara, the Ebro or the bombing of Guernica, among others. The mod brings new vehicles where some part of the objectives, there will also be a mission that will use a T-26 tank. Also included are new weapons and new skins.

Operation MarketGarden

By The_Sandeman®

MP Loadingscreen Hartenstein

Taking charge of an immense conflict, this mod's demo is a fantastic peek into the potential that could have been, but a worthwhile taste even in its early form. The premise for the mod took you into one of the largest battles of the war, with catastrophic consequences for those involved, and would see you fight through to the bitter end.

Vietnam Mod

By zeroy

New US Player Model

This Total modification takes COD:WaW and you to the Vietnam War, where you will fight new battles between the NVA/Vietcongs and the US 1st Cavalry. 14 Maps, 38 Weapons, 300+ server option. Welcome to War! Though later CoDs would dive into the Vietnam conflict as well, this mod is a charming take on fan-made imaginings of the period in earlier games, and well worth a play!

Call of Duty: United Fronts

By United Fronts Mod Group

Warsaw Streets

Call of Duty: United Fronts is a single-player mod that combines the campaigns of the original Call of Duty and United Offensive expansion pack with community created maps to form one large continuous campaign. It adds several new weapons and replaces almost all of the original weapon models. The mod requires the United Offensive expansion pack in order to play.

Reign of the Undead - Zombies

By Bipo


This zombie mod goes deeper into survival horror, instead of all-out combat. If you attract too many zombies you will definitely not survive. Later CoDs have explored the zombie mode in a variety of ways, from Treyarch's tried-and-tested formula to innovations by Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward in their own titles, but none of them have ever truly gone down the out-and-out "horror" route and so this mod fills its own competent little niche.

Stay Frosty

On the 24th May 2022, the official release date trailer for Modern Warfare II (2022) dropped, announcing the game's inbound date as October 28th 2022. Being the next entry in the CoD line-up doesn't always come with this much excitement - especially after Vanguard's middling-to-negative reviews - but Modern Warfare is a fondly loved sub-section of the franchise and the 2019 reboot is widely considered one of the best games in the IP in years. The follow-up, then, has some big shoes to fill - and players are expecting, at minimum, the same level of excitement and innovation as its predecessor. That innovation may come in the form of what storefront it releases on - as on the 29th of May, a Reddit post revealed a leaked Steam screenshot of MWII (now scrubbed from the storefront).

Image 2

The sequel will see the return of numerous fan-favourite
characters, such as Captain Price and Soap McTavish

Going Dark...Again

It's still some way off until we receive further details, though more info regarding the game is expected to drop in June. Coming in the wake of the Microsoft/Activision deal, there's a lot of eyes watching for Modern Warfare II (2022)'s reception as the last two entries in the series fell short of fan expectation. Many feel a strong nostalgic attachment to Modern Warfare, and so we'll have to see how it lands come October this year.

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Seeing how Microsoft now owns both Blizzard and Activision, I wonder if if some of if not all of Blizzard's titles will also appear on Steam? 🤔

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Pliz showcase Rooftops 2 Campaign

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