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For those who are wondering, this is the buglist. The downloads posted are WAAYYYY out of date, and seem to be causing confusion.

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K-wing Squadron appears to only have two units per squadron, but really has 12
Missile Frigate has no view distance (should be fixed)
AI doesn't build all new units (mostly slved)
GC bombing runs crash for some new units
And speaking of galactic conquest:
Courkrus crashes at random points
Corruption tactical maps won't load
Wayland still displays 5 space levels (when it should be 2)
Hutts/Pirates not fully usable (yet)
Inquisitorium doesnt spawn Inquisitors (aka Adepts) (probably needs a code overhaul... Commander165?)

Some unit's special abilities lack effects (oh well, we would have to add them to the model)

SFX for some units don't match up (TIE voices for droid bombers, Boba fett voices for montross)

Anything else will promptly be displayed or removed according to status.


That's a good amount, but hopefully most of them are fixed before the initial release. Otherwise, we'll wait for a patch :P

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DarthNerd Author

Most seem to be on their way to being fixxed. The bombing run is minor, SFX is minor, I fixxed the missile frigate, etc.
Remmer, this is only the beta!

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DarthNerd Author

my stupid keyboard doesn't seem to want to speal rite

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