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Some new moves,weapons,balanse,skins and much more features.I realy like original boiling have naice level but it have no new gameplay tweaks.this edition make to add tweaks to cool action packed level.also includes new soundtrack

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-all original Boiling features,without Granny bonus level
-new shootdodge anims from CoG minidemos
-bulletdodge from CoG minidemos
-shoot shotgun anims from Kung Fu Evolution Demo
-new kicking anims from MI:New Dawn,and one another by Iron Fred
-new camera effects from Boiling GE and CoG minidemos
-new dodge backward-right,dodge backward-left and dodge forward anims from Kung Fu Evolution Demo
-new jump forward-right and jump forward-left anims (from Hall of mirrors mod)
-new dodge forward-right and dodge forward-left anims from VEMP2
-wallflip from CoG minidemos
-quik reloads on dodge forward,dodge forward-right,dodge forward-left,and wallfilp
-beretta replaced to Colt 1911 (sound model and textures from Kung-Fu Evolution)
-desert eagle replaced to m29 Devil (model,textures and sounds from VEMP2)
-pump shotgun replaced to USAS-12 (model,textures and sounds from Kung Fu Evolution Demo)
-sawed shotgun replaced to 1887 Winchester (model and textures from Payne Effects 3)
-mp5 replaced to hk-G36k (model,textures and sounds from Canada_Dry's weapoms pack)
-ingram replaced to Scorpion (model,textures and sounds form Criminal Underworld-Chronicles of Drestan)
-colt commando replaced to m60 (model,textures and sounds from VEMP2)
-SteyrSSg replaced to AMP DSR-1 (model,textures and sounds from Payne Effects 3)
-new hud
-new menu
-new soundtrack (used Silent Hill 2 OST,Devil May Cry 3 OST,Max Payne movie OST)
-new bullet time
-new balance
-new player skins (model from Payne Effects 3,retextured and little reworked by AntiEvil)
-new enemyes skins (soldier models from Call of Duty-Modern Warfire 2-download from, and converted to Max Payne 2 by AntiEvil)
-new main evil character model
-new mona skins
-now you can play DMW maps with this mod
-reworked flashbacks
-translation to russian
-new loading screens,chapter arts etc..
-new crosshairs (from Hall of Mirrors mod)
-new font (now it's red)
-new blood decal
-new particles (from Boiling GE)

1)Marilyn Manson - If I was your vampire instrumental (Max Payne Movie OST)
2)Akira Yamaoka - Promise reprise (Silent Hill 2-OST)
3)Akira Yamaoka - Angel Thanatos (Silent Hill 2-OST)
4)Akira Yamaoka - Overdose Delusion (Silent Hill 2-OST)
5)Akira Yamaoka - Ashes and Ghosts (Silent Hill 2-OST)
6)David Baker, Shawn McPherson - Devils Never Cry (Devil May Cry 3-OST)

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