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Some changes in the levels, news about multiplayer and a new musician.

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New levels

The appearance of the levels in Bob the Blob has gone through some significant changes lately. Originally we had a vision of a cute little platformer where the most important part were fun and innovative levels, but it somehow changed into a storyline-heavy game, where playing felt gameplay-wise rather pointless and restricted, instead of the experience we originally strived for. This was visible in the levels when we designed them thinking how we could advance the storyline with them. We noticed that the new levels had become really plain and hard to design and realise, so we decided to take a few steps backward and get closer to our original plans.

SteamWorks Screenshot #4

Now the game has a single main dimension, Block Heaven, where most of the levels take place. It was intended to be a tutorial-type level, but it's look and atmosphere worked surprisingly well, so now most of the game will consist of it. (as our coder, Sami actually originally planned). We have also kept several other dimensions in the game for some variation, but they have significantly smaller roles now.

SteamWorks Screenshot #3

Also the multiplayer mode has taken several steps forward. We have decided that players have to be able to modify the settings of servers and gametypes as much as possible, for example the host can adjust the settings from time limit to time dilation and music. The server traffic will probably happen through Steam, so the servers are created and joined from there. We'll probably also allow modifying the gameplay through mutator scripts.

SteamWorks Screenshot #2

We have also gotten some fresh blood here at BetaDreams, with Acino who replaces Datafox who had to quit because of private issues. Acino has been making music for the last 4 years, producing hundreds of songs. He does everything between house and dance, and there's also some hardstyle coming up. Here's some samples we'll share with this announcement.

SteamWorks Screenshot #1

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