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Blender is a open source, 3D modeling & graphic engine.

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Blender is widely used in creating free 3D models, one can do animations, movies, 3D models, textures and high quality render images. The different with other software that at first may seem easy to learn compared with blender, but lather you need to do animations. That feature is not available in other simple software, so you still need to come back to blender and learn it any way. Often the short cut consume more time then the longer approach. There are a lot of tutorials that explain how the software work and the development team do constants updates to make it simple and easy to work.

I posted as a feature of the project not that I'm developing any particular piece of plug in for blender but is a tool that the project use to work with, and so i will post interesting tutorials that i find for this tool.

blender web page :

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