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These are the features of the already existing Blaster Universe Mod (latest version). For version 3.4 the features will get updated as soon they are finished.

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Features of 3.2:
Gekolia system added
Ozrail system added
Nomad HomeWorld system added
Market Zone system added
Admin system added
Intro screens added
Intro music added
Bullpup mk1 added
Bullpup mk2 added
Bullpup mk3 added
Ceptyr added
Elder added
Ragnarok added (admin ship)
Hydra mk3 added
Redemption added
scourge added
seething fury added
shifter mk1 added
Phoenix Project Cannon gun added
Static Weapon Series added
new main menu background animations added
new weapon effects added
cruise speed set to 500
Speed clock limit unlocked
Maximum Money is 2,000,000,000$
new asteriods added
cockpits for ships added
Paris system added
Many more ships
fixed several Bugs
4 new systems added
4 new Ships added
War Of The Worlds Ships added
Firebase Ships added
Mancers Ship Pack 5 v110 added

Features Of 3.3:
Bug Fixes
Order Ship Upgraded
Mission Pay Raised
Docking Easier

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