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A little list of features of the mod.Possible updates.

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TBF means To Be Fixed.

More recoil and damage for almost every weapon.
More fire deviation and less zoom deviation "forces" to aim down the sight
Edited most sounds.
Added weapons:G92 Submachine Pistol,M95 Barrett Sleight of Hand(faster reload-TBF),Flare Launcher(some kind of a laser pointer),M67 with fuse set for 1s(doesn't work anyways-TBF abandoned).
Edited SRAW and Eryx missile-made it heat-seeking so it can work with Flare Launcher.

Added every map from BF2 and SF.
Nothing else yet :)

Tweaked python-more points for teamwork eg. flag capture
25 vs. 25 bots.
Tweaked kits.

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