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This is the list of bugs that I have complied after play-testing Pulse: Episode One Beta 1 a year ago. This covers quite a lot of bugs that have hindered the gaming experience of the mod.

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If you were ever wondering if I picked up on a lot of the bugs in the Beta 1 release of Pulse, then I hope this clears up that question for you. Below is the list of bugs per map for the Beta 1 release that I found and documented while play-testing the Beta about a year ago. If you have noticed any other bugs, please report them in the comments or send me a message.

The Bug List

- Fix pistol model to have silencer.
- Make mapping architecture better.
- Fix textures for walls where doors slide in.
- Lessen number of monsters in corners.
- Stop enemies from being carried over from map to map (in some cases).
- Turn enemies to face the direction that the player will be going at them (in various places).

- Intro music will not play as expected in Steam version of Half-Life.
- Timing of scripted sequences are off in Steam version.
- Make stating hallway a bit more interesting.

- Fix backwards texture on "Secure Access" door.
- SCI_MISSION sound file lags before playing.
- SCI_MISSION sound file must be louder.
- Get rid of alarm sound in Supply Room (or lower it a little) and possibly in other rooms too to hear SCI_MISSION better.
- Add song in Supply Room once you first get your suit (the song for Half-Life when you first get it).
- Alien slave spawns from previous map in ground.
- Grate is visible on ground when it moves, lower it into ground a bit.
- Water cover glass door needs to be pushed back, too. It shows in the wall when moving.
- Lower water from hole a bit so that it doesn't disappear when it hits the ceiling.

- Fix texturing of ceiling in sewers.
- Make waterfall and water move down.
- Make waterfall sprite.
- Change water colors from blue to green.
- Fix vent texturing.
- Make water protector move back faster after valve is turned.
- "Secure Access" door goes outside of wall as it rises.
- Reduce amount of AAA textures (should reduce lag).

- Make water green.
- Fix "Secure Access" door's texture on the top.
- Fix texture of wall that is seen right after "Secure Access" door.
- Fix texture on floor of vent.
- Make vent easier to get into.
- Add a push function to push player through vent and down into floor with alien slaves.
- "Surface Lab A" sign texture extrudes from rotating door when it's opened.
- Fix zombie room a bit.
- Lessen number of fast assasins in yard.
- Extend wall around yard to hide unwanted objects outside of map.
- Health and suit can be gotten through back of crate.
- Put railings on towers.
- Make button smaller in 2 areas.

- Change side slidings for rolling doors.
- Change textures for tops and bottoms of rolling doors.
- Texture sides of catwalks.
- Change side slidings for metal doors.

- Func_ladder protrudes too high in home-made latter.
- Explosive boxes don't actually explode.
- Reduce amount of soldiers a bit.
- Get rid of turrets.

- "Node graph out of date" message appears.
- Retexture steering wheel properly for car (make it black).
- Seeing distance problem.
- Reduce amount for monstermaker to spawn lesser copies of soldiers.
- Fix nozzle on turret.
- Add a gate near the create that rotates, then when the button is activated, have gate roll back, then crate rotates.

- Explosion sound does not work at beginning of map.
- Reduce number of alien slaves on side walk.
- Reduce number of zombies in enclosed catwalk.

- Grid that separates explosive lift can be seen in floor and ground when moving.
- Fix hole above conveyor belt.

- Fix narrow mountain passage near supply area.
- Fix mountains sticking out in supply area.
- Fix lighting on mountains in supply area.
- Leak in corner of mountains near beginning of map.
- Make clip at top of mountains further out to prevent player from getting on top.

- Place G-Man behind locked door near security area.
- Add more architecture to Xen specimen area.
- Fix protruding piece of mountain wall coming into the walkway.
- Add more to waiting room.

- Add more to Barney's hideout room.
- Show barney shooting a zombie down, or a dead zombie lying in the room.

- Reduce number of soldiers a bit.
- Replace invisible wall at beginning of map with something more realistic.
- Fix leaks in corners of both soldier rooms.
- Place spotlight on red button for more visibility.
- Add more architecture to soldier rooms.
- Take soldier at the immediate right of the second room, and move him to the left instead.
- Add medkit somewhere in second room (preferably near button).

- "Node graph out of date" message appears.
- Put "caution" tape around red railing near slope.
- Make retinal scanner reset after being used by the player.
- Make "East" door stay open permanently after being opened from the inside.
- Add more detail to long hallways.
- Change number of alien slaves in map.
- Make sounds for retinal scanner activation.

- Caution texture is used on ground in Maintenance Station.
- Fix last area when trying to get up on pipe.

- Add more things in Barney's Hideout (as mentioned for pls10.bsp).
- Fix slanted button.
- The object that the button is on protrudes out of the wall in the hallway behind it.

- Make lift activation button smaller.
- Make lift doors open and leave a lip (not go into wall completely).
- Make boxes in fast assassin area easier to break.
- Fix some box textures.
- Fix tram rail tunnel to look better.

- "Node graph out of date" message appears.
- Fix texture near door to "dark room."
- Add little blobs of toxic waste at bottom of vat (will show when it empties).
- Fix toxic waste so it does not go through wall near control button.
- Put glass cylinder between two large cylinder pieces, and have toxic waste in them.
- Tilt barney on an angle when he is activating retinal scanner.
- Place some "caution" padding around the entrance of the ladder in the large toxic waste room.

- Platform 3 goes into the lambda core piece.
- Tilt monsters in Bay "B" to face teleporter.
- [Maybe] Put ladders to platforms with railings in both Bays (A and B).

- Add more architecture to lambda core room.

- Extend trigger_once to make wall break earlier than it currently does.
- Set wave level to "0" for this map.
- Turn alien slave to face the player.
- In the crawling pipe, place a grate at the other end of the pipe and put the white steam behind it.

- Fix bottom grid for door that is opened with button in beginning of map.
- Lessen number of alien slaves and alien grunts in later hallways (and shorten the hallways).
- Add some cracks in the walls or missing tiles in the longer hallways.
- Place some sort of security room with ammo or something in the hallways (for variety).

- Door takes too long to break after laser is on it

So, there is the bug list that I have composed. Now, please understand that I am not going to get around to fixing these bugs and releasing another Beta for quite some time (due to the lack of time in my schedule, which I discussed in a recent news article). When I have the time, I'd love to fix these bugs and release another Beta. Some of these items on the list above aren't actually bugs, but are features or changes I would like to make to certain maps in the Mod that I want to remember for later.

This was posted to assure everyone that the bugs with Pulse have been recognized, and they will be fixed at whatever time in the future I get around to it. I do hope that it's sooner rather than later.

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