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In this article, we'll have a look at the advanced specials your hero can learn.

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There are three advanced specials that each require a basic special as a prerequisite. You can learn up to two advanced specials, one at level 20 and one at level 30.


You can pick Warcry when you have learned the special Power Strike before. Warcry depends on Strength and is helpful in situations where you are surrounded by a bunch enemies. When activated, it deals heavy physical damage to all nearby creatures. Additionally, there is a chance that those creatures will get weakened, reducing the physical damage they deal by 50% for quite a while. That means that you'll get more time to defend yourself and makes Warcry extremely helpful when fighting against heavy damage dealers, too.

Health Boost

Health Boost is the big brother of Regeneration. When activated, it instantly heals an amount of Hitpoints your character has lost so far. It even heals more than Regeneration heals you on the same power level (which depends on Endurance). Health Boost is the perfect fit for Endurance builds but will definitely help any other build in many situations.


As we have already seen in previous articles, Speed builds are powerful characters and they are fun to play. They have way more tactical options than slower characters and they will hardly ever get cornered or surrounded. But there certainly are situations where high Speed - even combined with Haste - won't help you out. That most certainly will be situations where you'd beg for having the special Flash handy. Flash can be learned when you've already picked Haste and let's you instantly move on a tile in your visible range, allowing you to escape from battles that you wouldn't have a chance to survive.
But that's only one part. Flash can be used offensively, letting you warp right to those pesky ranged enemies that you wouldn't reach otherwise. The secondary effect of Flash - irritating enemies around the destination tile - makes such an offensive move even more effective.
Lastly, Flash can be used to avoid a battle. There are numerous locations where a horde of monsters guard an entrance to some dungeon you might want to get into quickly. Why not just flash there and skip the fighting?


The advanced specials in Battlepaths are all pretty powerful. Note that when you don't choose any passive specials, you'll even be able to learn two of them. Also, remember that you'll only be able to learn 4 specials in total. These 4 specials will have a big influence on how your character plays. This holds even more for Willpower builds that heavily depend on using the right special at the right time.

Having said all that, you won't get far without the right equipment. As with the specials, you can choose your equipment to compensate for any shortcomings your character build might have, or to amplify its strengths. And then there is the alchemist offering a bunch of powerful potions. We will have a closer look at character equipment and potions in our next articles.

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